Thanksgiving Decorating Trends for This Holiday Season

Decorate your home with popular decorations, color palettes, and more!

A Thanksgiving Display


Kyle Reyes


Jan 21, 2021

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Image courtesy of Stauffers of Kissel Hill.

It is that time of the year again — Thanksgiving is upon us! With family and friends, delicious meals, cold weather, and time off, it is the perfect time to spruce up your home to reflect the merry holiday. How much or how little you add to your home is a matter of personal preference — if a few well-placed pumpkins, candles, and bringing out the heavy blankets make the perfect space for you then that’s what you should do! 

If, however, you wish to add some trendy decorations to your place this article will share some of the most popular Thanksgiving decorating trends for this holiday season!

Color Palette

A Bouquet of Flowers Inside a Decorative Pumpkin
There are many color palettes to choose from this Thanksgiving. Which trendy palette will you choose? Image courtesy of Elle Decor

One of your first steps in decorating your house for the holidays is to pick your aesthetic. Thanksgiving is an amazing holiday filled with family and friends and happy visitors to your abode. The decor should reflect that! There are many options to choose from, and picking a color palette will make that task a little easier! 

Autumn colors are wide-ranging and let you accentuate the season with accent pieces and decorations. There are many palettes to choose from, each one bringing a different aesthetic to your home. Here are four popular fall color palettes.

Earthy Tones

A neutral, earthy palate is always in style. This palate is based on the colors you see outside, from the browns of tree bark to the greens of grass, to clay, orange, and caramel. This palate is full of muted and vibrant colors that build off one another to create a relaxing and cozy space. Thanksgiving is, in part, a celebration of nature, and an earthy palate is a great way to bring a slice of nature into your own home!

As with any palate, spend some time planning out what colors you are looking for before you begin decorating. A great way to do this is just to take a walk outside! Bundle up, enjoy the air and look for these colors and how they mix naturally between the grass, shrubs, and trees. 


Blush brings a light accent to your rooms and is a great decoration for Thanksgiving time. These light-hued rosy reds are welcoming and comfortable in this season of gratitude and giving thanks. The beauty of blush is just how light it is — it can almost be considered a neutral color and it does not dominate the room’s palate. It is a soft, pretty accent that can accentuate many other color palettes. 

Blush is a great companion in relaxing rooms with gold and silver colors and can be added in as big or as small ways as you want. Pillows, blankets, side chairs, and flowers are great ways to incorporate blush into a room, but the sky's the limit! Keep blush in mind this holiday season — it might be the finishing touch to your Thanksgiving decor. 


A terracotta palette lends itself to a traditional, fall aesthetic. Fill your space with burnt orange, shades of pink (blush, perhaps!), and other neutral colors in your terracotta-themed room. This goes very well with pumpkins and other green and orange gourds placed in baskets or resting on mantles and tables throughout the room. The addition of fresh plants is an excellent addition to any decorations you place around the room, be they throw pillows, blankets, or anything else! 

Rich, Saturated Colors

What is your knockout decoration for the holidays? The one that draws the eye of all your guests and makes them say “wow, that’s beautiful!” as they filter in. If you aren’t certain, think about how a richly colored object can be that focal point. A beautiful flower centerpiece with reds, yellows, and oranges is one way to create that focal point but the options are endless. 

The object itself is not the whole story, either. When you’ve found your rich, saturated focal point make sure to decorate the room to accentuate it. For example, think of what other color palate featured here would go best with your showstopping decoration.

Patterns, Fabrics, and Textures

A table set for Thanksgiving
Impress your guests with an amazing tablecloth and napkin set on your table. Image courtesy of Elle Decor

Once you’ve found a color palette that suits your home or are going forward with the room’s natural palette, you can figure out how you are going to decorate them! Picking out your materials to lay around the room is a great step before picking out decorative lights, plants, and more to finish out your spectacularly decorated room. 

A Bridge Between Fall and Winter

A few days before the first of December, Thanksgiving lies at the end of the fall season. It is one last hurrah for pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin patches, and corn mazes before the weather gets well and truly frigid. With that in mind, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to bring out your best and brightest Fall decorations to celebrate the end of this season. 

As Thanksgiving is so close to Wintertime and the end of the year, feel free to dip into some of your Winter decorations, colors, and aesthetics as well! You can, for instance, dress up your hearth with pumpkins and gourds, with white candles, leaves and pinecones. Or, if you are feeling wintry, switch out those pumpkins with small evergreen boughs and a bright candle. Read on, and in no time you will be ready to transform your living space into a cozy place to relax, entertain, and enjoy this holiday season. 

Warm and Cozy Fabrics

With the cold weather, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to bring out some of your heavier, knit blankets and your coziest fabrics. This fall season, a lot of people are mixing fabrics and patterns to add their own personal touch to rooms, sofas, and other decorated furniture. Think about how you want your room to look to your guests, and what mixture of fabrics would make everyone the most comfortable this Thanksgiving season. 

Once the cold sets in, warm blankets, space heaters, and hot beverages will be appreciated at any time of the day. Large cotton, wool, or fleece blankets are very popular this year.  

Trendy Textures

Just like the blankets you are breaking out, the coming cold weather and holiday season means you have plenty of opportunity to refresh the textured decor in your living space. While getting new furniture is a lot, swinging by for a few pillows, rugs, furniture covers, or small pieces of decoration are all great ways to implement some trendy Thanksgiving textures into your room’s decor. Some of the most popular textures are: 

  • Velvet —  Bring a touch of luxury into your home with a velvet pillow or even a piece of furniture. This classic look is making a comeback this year.
  • Tarnish — Muss your home a little with this unfinished look on some of your Thanksgiving decorations. Looking for a project this season? You can take any piece of furniture and distress it yourself!
  • Wicker — As the weather gets cold wicker baskets and other decorations are a must! These simple elements are excellent companions and often very practical in any home.
  • Brass and Gold — These metals keep a touch of warmth in your home and add those deeper colors that are a perfect accent to a neutral color palette. 

Spruce up your Living Space with These Trendy Decorations

A set Thanksgiving table
Don’t forget to set a beautiful table! Thanksgiving is a special holiday and Thanksgiving dinner is the perfect time to impress your guests. Image courtesy of Elle Decor

Decorations are a fun, easy way to bring trendy Thanksgiving decor into your home! After you’ve picked out the color palette, brought out some blankets, and picked some fun fabrics, it is on to the decorations! These are what turns your aesthetically pleasing rooms into ones celebrating the end of fall and the start of the holiday season. 

Decorations are a versatile, open-ended way to prepare your home for the holiday season. They are only limited by your imagination! Take these ideas we present here as inspiration for your perfectly decorated Thanksgiving home. 

Plants of all Shapes and Sizes

Plants are always in style! From potted plants to pumpkins to fresh and dried flowers, plants are an amazing addition to just about any room. Dried or fake leaves, garland, pinecones, and berries bring mantle pieces and table centerpieces to life. They add life and color to your room. Take a walk through the main rooms you are decorating. Look around and we’re sure you will find plenty of places where a few plants can add a bit of added decoration.

Thanksgiving is a great holiday for pumpkins and gourds throughout your home. Placing them in small piles, in baskets, or on their own brings light color into the room, as well as a nice fresh smell (as long as they don’t start to rot!). 

Candles, Lanterns, and String Lights

Adding fun and fancy lighting to rooms indoors and out is another popular fall decorating trend. String lights, lanterns, and lamps have steadily gained popularity and there are now many many options to choose from. Some of our favorite Thanksgiving lighting ideas are to —

  • String small lights on the mantelpiece, around plants, pumpkins, and candles. Having multiple soft sources of light warm up the room without making it too bright. 
  • Candles are a great addition to any room with that warm light and pleasant fragrance. How your room looks is only one piece of the puzzle. Adding a pleasant, seasonal smell will always heighten the room’s overall aesthetic to both you and your guests.  
  • Lanterns are easier to maintain than candles and are even more versatile! They can go indoors or outdoors and with many design options there is the perfect lantern to match your Thanksgiving decor aesthetic.

These options are cheap, easy additions to your decor plans and are a popular way to add a new dimension to your Thanksgiving decorations. 

Horns of Plenty

Searching for a centerpiece? Cornucopias are a trendy and traditional decoration and an amazing addition to your table this holiday season. This classic decoration has a lot of potential, from the material of the cornucopia itself to what you place inside of it. Cornucopias are a great reminder of what this holiday is all about.

Outdoor Decorations

This year’s Thanksgiving trends don’t stop at your front door! Spending some time decorating your property to get yourself, your neighbors, and your guests into a fine Thanksgiving spirit. Just like inside, there is plenty of room for creativity in the decorations to keep your house looking its best. Pumpkins, squash, and gourds, and corn are king in the outdoor decoration scene. One, a few, or a whole patch can transform a porch into a Thanksgiving sanctuary. You can get fresh ones, but getting fake pumpkin decorations is another excellent option. You can keep them for the next year, arrange them however you like, and there’s no chance of them rotting!

Think about a leafy, fall-colored wreath to place over your front door. Wreaths are inviting and warm, and work excellently as a door decoration. Adding some lanterns or string lights around your porch or walkway will light up your porch with a warm light and show off those pumpkins and other decorations you’ve placed there! While these are just a few examples, any fall-themed decorations you place on your porch work wonders on preparing your house for Thanksgiving. 

Remember to Have Fun!

Inundated with friends talking about the lengths they are going to decorate their houses and full Instagram and Twitter feeds of Thanksgiving decor, it is easy to lose sight of what Thanksgiving decorating trends are all about — enjoying the holidays! Decorate your house to the level you want to, and find the decorations you like the best! 

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