Ten Pizza Places that Everyone in Springboro Must Visit

Cause pizza is always a good idea!

Which pizza is your favorite? Image Courtesy of Pixabay.


Javier Luna


Jan 21, 2021

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Pizza is a guilty pleasure to many people of all ages across the United States. There are many kinds of pizza: affordable, and ostentatious, full of meat, or vegan. It can be cooked on a fire oven or a traditional oven. Our passion for pizza has made us explore the idea of what pizza can be. In other words, we are obsessed with it! A recent study reveals that 98% of Americans eat pizza, and 54% claim to love pizza. So if you are a pizza lover or just looking for a new place, here is a list of the best pizzas in Springboro, Ohio.

Cassano's Pizza King

The legacy of a humble man from Kettering, Ohio

Cassano's Pizza King
One of the most romantic gifts out there. Image Courtesy of Cassanos.

 49 N Main St, Springboro, OH, 45066 | +1 888-294-5464 | cassanos.com

Founded in 1953, in Kettering, Ohio. Cassano's started in a 20' x 15' room in the back of a small grocery store owned by a family friend of the founder, Vic Cassano. On the opening day, they sold 400 pizzas, and the business has been growing ever since. Cassano's pizza is well known for its crispy and flavored thin-crust. Carry-out, delivery, and pick-up are available in most locations. One of the favorites is the heart-shaped pepperoni and cheese pizza. A great option for a romantic date! And what a better way to finish that meal than with a sweet and delicious colossal chocolate chunk cookie. You are going to love it as well!

I was about nine years old the first time I rode my bike here alone. Believe it or not, the pizza has not changed. Still the same wonderful taste it had far too many years ago to mention. Yelp Review

Jet's Pizza

Pizza flavors you would have never imagined!

Jet's Pizza
Cauliflower crust for those who like low-carb. Image Courtesy of Detroit Free Press.

228 W Central Ave, Springboro, OH 45066 |+1 937-748-5555 | jetspizza.com

NY Style, Aloha BBQ Chicken, Chicken Parmesan, and Veggie hand-tossed round pizzas are some of your options to order in this place. The BBQ Chicken Pizza is one of the favorites, with grilled chicken, bacon, red onions, and mozzarella. One of these pizzas' unique features is that you can order the crust of your pizza with garlic, parmesan cheese, poppy seed, or butter. Also, you can build your own crispy and thin gluten-free pizza that comes with six pieces. It's not recommended for those who have celiac or gluten sensitivities cause it may be exposed to gluten from other foods. However, the pizza itself is healthier than pizzas with gluten. Try them out!

My go-to pizza place lately. Thick, crunchy, buttery Detroit style pizza. They don't skimp on the toppings or cheese, and whenever I pick up, the pizza is always fresh and delicious. Yelp Review

Dewey's Pizza

Pizzas and salads for the party people

Dewey's Pizza
Fresh made pizzas following safety measures. Image Courtesy of Dewey's Pizza.

3600 Rigby Rd. Austin Landing, OH 45342 (937) 859-7777 deweyspizza.com/

Most pizzas come in four different sizes: 11",13",17", and 12" gluten-free crust. Their specialties include Tito Santana Pizza, Taco Sauce, Chihuahua cheese, mild cheddar, red onions, crumbled corn chips, seasoned ground beef, and chipotle ranch and diced tomatoes after the bake. If you have any specific ingredients in mind, you can create your own pizza of any size. Some of the gourmet toppings that you can choose from include Italian meatballs, goat cheese, all-natural chicken, caramelized red onions, and house-pickled jalapeños. Party salads are available as well; they serve 10 to 15 people. A great choice for you and your friends!

Superb specialty pizzas! Finally! Goat and gorgonzola cheeses, fig jam (NOT overdone here!), fine fresh meats and veggies...just wow your taste buds. Yelp Review 

Old Scratch Pizza

Wood-fired pizza and craft beer

Artisanal pizzas cooked on a wood-fired oven. Image Courtesy of Old Scratch Pizza.

(937) 886-4513 | 440 Miamisburg Centerville Rd. Centerville, OH 45458 | oldscratchpizza.com/

Crafted with 800° wood-burning ovens and served with local craft beer. Old Scratch Pizza is an excellent option for those who are looking for "not an average pizza." Gluten-free and vegan options are available. One of the favorites is the Mr. Scratch Pizza; it comes with tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, basil, housemade sausage, caramelized onions, and Calabrian chiles. The meatballs and overroasted olives are great appetizers to enjoy while you wait for your pizza. Curbside carry-out is available and highly encouraged; you can place orders online, in person, or through their mobile app. Gift cards are available as well. 

This place is absolutely extraordinary the staff is amazing. And let's be honest this is the best pizza I've probably ever had and it tastes like real authentic Italian pizza and I love that. Yelp Review

Roma's Pizza & Pasta

Fresh homemade pizza and pasta dishes

Roma's Pizza & Pasta
A vast variety of flavors. Which one is your favorite? Image Courtesy of Uber Eats.

282 W Central Ave, Springboro, OH 45066 | (937) 790-1000| romaspizzaspringbo.wixsite.com

With over 20 years in the pizza business, these fresh homemade pizzas are very well known in Springboro. If you're one of those people who go out with friends and like to share dishes to try more than one thing, you are going to love this place. The vast diversity of pasta dishes come with baked garlic rolls and a side salad. You can try the Three Brothers, that comes with meat lasagna, stuffed shells, and manicotti. You can also order the spaghetti with marinara sauce, sausage, meatball, or meat sauce, or try the meatball roll with homemade meatballs and cheese. Extra-large orders are available upon request when you call in advance. Take out, call-in, and carry out are all available. 

This Italian pizza and pasta are delicious. Finally I got some good Italian in the Springboro area. I like their sausage pizza; it has great spice and flavor. Yelp Review

Marion's Piazza

Ranked Number 1 in the Nation of Independent Pizza Restaurants

Marion's Piazza
A large pizza to share with your friends or family. Image Courtesy of Marion´s Pizza

8991 Kingsridge Dr, Dayton, OH 45458 |+19374353300 | marionspiazza.com/

Marion Glass invested his life savings in opening his first pizza restaurant at 460 Patterson Road in Dayton, Ohio. Marion's vision was to create an outdoor cafe, but that wasn't adequate for Ohio's climate, so he decided to name the business Marion's Piazza (plaza in Italian). The founder passed away back in 2006, but his vision remains attractive to many visitors and Ohio residents. Marion's pizza has been voted number 1 of Dayton by 37 newspapers and surveys. 

A very cool thing about this place is that you can add extra-ingredients like double tomato sauce, pineapple, or bacon to any pizza you order. The most famous pizzas from this place are Marion's Deluxe. It comes with pepperoni, sausage, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, and the Vegetarian Pizza, which comes with mushrooms, green olives, onions, green peppers, and black olives. Visit one of their nine locations in Ohio for dine-in, or carry out.

The sweet tomato sauce, wafer-thin and crispy crust, oregano flavor, and bite-size toppings are addictive. If you really want the flavor blast, order only pepperoni. This is the one pizza place that I will. Yelp Review

Centerville Pizza

A small business with big reputation

 9470 Dayton Lebanon Pike, Dayton, OH 45458 | +1 937-438-0223 | places.singleplatform.com

A small family business that understands authentic Italian cuisine and is very passionate about it. The Ultimate BBQ Pizza will blow your mind! It comes with a homemade barbeque sauce, smoked pulled pork, onion, bacon, mozzarella, provolone, cheddar cheese, and mild banana peppers. Pasta and chicken dinners are also available.

We just tried this pizza place for the first time last week and have already been back again!

This crust reminds me of how I remember more pizza being made when I was a kid... one bite brought back instant nostalgia. Yelp Review

Donatos Pizza

Monster pizzas and a glass of wine

Donatos Pizza
The traditional pepperoni pizza at Donatos Pizza. Image Courtesy of Donatos.

764 Gardner Rd, Springboro, OH 45066 | +1 937-748-8686 | donatos.com

With a wide variety of red and white wines, their famous large monster pizzas are a great option for catering if you're planning to have a little gathering or don't want to cook to watch the games on Sunday. The salads and appetizers will complement your pizza and are definitely worth it. If you want to place a catering order, make sure to do it at least 24 hours in advance.

If you want the best cauliflower crust pizza that I've ever had! Go here! Seriously every one of their cauliflower crust pizzas are amazing! I love the bruschetta one, and their sausage is really really tasty and all their ingredients! Yelp Review

Heroes Pizza House

Honoring the heroes of every family

Heroes Pizza House
BLT Pizza: Cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce, mayo, and tomato. Image Courtesy of Heroes Pizza House

92 Edgebrooke Drive, Springboro, Ohio, 45066 |+1 937-790-1351|heroespizzahouse.com

Originally, the founders of these restaurants wanted to call it "Shoots & Ladders," in honor of policemen and firemen, who have been extremely valuable to their family. Soon they realized they wanted to honor other heroes out there, heroes who work as nurses, teachers, doctors, and security guards. 

So the idea of this place is to honor heroes within all of these fields. Some of their specialty pizzas are the Heroes High on the Hog, pepperoni, sausage, ham, bacon, or Four Alarm with spicy tomato sauce, provolone cheese jalapeño pepperoni, habanero, chili sausage, and jalapeño peppers. Also, small individual pizzas and mini corn dogs are available for the little ones. Visit this place and honor the hero within yourself!

I went here this evening with my in-laws! They highly recommended this restaurant & raved about the vegetarian pizza! They also have a decent size outdoor patio, which would be great for outdoor enjoyment! Yelp Review

Doubleday's Grill & Tavern

From Monster pizzas to memorable steaks and burgers

Doubleday's Grill & Tavern
Mucho Monster Pizza covered with sausage, tomatoes, and cheese. Topped with lettuce, tomato, black olives, and jalapenos. Image Courtesy of Doubleday's Monster Pizza.

776 N Main St, Springboro, OH 45066 | +1 937-514-7755 | doubledaysgrill.com

This place is very well known for its lunch specials, quesadillas, steaks, burgers, sandwiches, and pizza, of course. Its massive menu will encourage you to visit them often to try something different. 

The famous Monster Pizza is a vast compilation of exquisite ingredients, including a layer of red or white homemade sauce, pepperoni, sausage, ham, tomatoes, mushrooms, banana peppers, onions, and a layer of cheese. If you're up to a different take on pizza, try the It Came From Outer Greece Pizza, an unusual creation of chicken breast, spinach, marinated tomatoes, onion, kalamata olives, covered with feta and cheese over a blend of Greek vinaigrette and tzatziki sauce. A delightful experience!

Gave this place a try because it's so close to our home and didn't feel like driving all around for a simple meal. YUMMM. PLUS our server was exceptional Yelp Review.

Which one are you wanting to try right now? Are you taking family or friends to join you? Remember that this is a great time to support family-owned and local businesses, so try to support them as much as your time and budget allow you to follow safety measures and social distancing. You will have some delicious food, and these families will very much appreciate it. Have fun and bon appetit!

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