Taming the Wilds: A Comprehensive Guide to Metal Garden Edging

Gardens and yards are extensions of our living space. A neatly trimmed lawn, vibrant flower beds, and clearly defined spaces polish and sophisticated outdoor areas. However, these spaces can soon descend into chaotic overgrowth without proper edges a

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Jan 21, 2021

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This is where utilizing quality metal garden edging comes in. It creates crisp lines and neat divisions between planting areas, lawns, pathways, and more, and it also helps restrict the spread of plants beyond their allotted space.

Metal garden edging provides a durable, versatile, and low-maintenance solution for all landscaping needs.

Why Metal Edging?

While traditional edging materials like timber, plastic, and brick each have their merits, metal offers a unique blend of advantages that make it a standout choice:


Metal is extremely hardy, able to withstand harsh weather conditions, heavy foot traffic, weed whackers, and more without cracking, rotting, or becoming misshapen over time. High-quality steel and aluminum edgings can last for decades with minimal upkeep required.

Galvanized steel is one of the most popular choices for durability. The galvanization process applies a protective zinc coating that prevents rusting and corrosion. Stainless steel is another excellent option, naturally resisting corrosion and oxidation over time.


Metal edging comes in various heights, widths, colors, and finial designs, making it easy to match the style you are trying to achieve in your garden. Gentle curves can also be formed to border planting beds or tree circles. The installation process is also adaptable based on your project's needs.

Options include low-profile borders for outlining beds, taller varieties perfect for separating lawns, and extra heavy-duty edging for raised beds, steps, retaining walls, and terraces. You can also select colors like black, green, or bronze to blend in, go classic with galvanized silver, or choose aluminum for a modern vibe.

Low Maintenance

Unlike timber, which needs regular sanding and re-staining, or plastic and concrete products, which can crack and degrade over time, metal edging requires very little ongoing maintenance. Occasional spraying with the hose is all that's needed to keep it looking pristine for years on end.

The slick metal surface also deters weed growth, avoiding the need to dig out grass and invasive plants constantly. Harsh weather, heavy rain, and frost heaves fail to phase quality steel edging, too, thanks to its inherent strength and durable construction.

Clean Lines and Modern Appeal

With neat perpendicular or rolled tops available, metal edging lends a refined, contemporary look to garden beds and borders. The finishing flair offered by optional decorative finial tops also adds charming detail.

The variety of color options, from galvanized steel to copper tones, beautifully suits both traditional cottage-style and sleek modern garden designs. Mixing metal finishes can create lovely two-tone effects. For the ultimate modern edge, stainless steel or aluminum products imbue spaces with an eye-catching industrial vibe.

Choosing the Right Metal Edging

With a variety of metal edging options available from garden edging specialist, FormBoss, selecting the perfect one for your needs requires some consideration. Here are some key factors to keep in mind:


The most common and affordable option is galvanized steel, which is known for its longevity and durability. For a more decorative look, aluminum edging offers refined lines, finishes, and solid rust resistance. More expensive metals like bronze and copper will weather to take on a classic aged patina that some homeowners find desirable.


This is determined by the purpose the edging will serve. Short borders from 2"- 4" work well for outlining planting beds and pathways. Taller 8" - 10" edging is better suited for tidy lawn separation and preventing grass and weed encroachment. Steps, retaining walls, and raised beds may require 12"- 18" high edging to provide definition and containment.


The gauge refers to the thickness of the metal banding used. Generally, thinner metal from 16 to 20 gauge offers budget-friendly options well-suited to straight borders and gentle curves. For edging materials with rigid shapes, wide diameter curves, or decorative finial tops, choose 14 to 10 gauge for the heaviest thickness and sturdiest construction.

When pressure is applied, heavier gauge edging is less likely to become dented, bent, or warped out of shape. This superior resilience also provides better anchoring and stability in the ground. Considering its exceptionally long lifespan, paying a bit more for quality thick steel or aluminum edging is worthwhile.


Metal edging style encompasses the profile shape as well as any extra ornamental features. Choices like rectangular tops, round tops, and teardrop profiles provide different aesthetic looks. Decorative finishing caps range from basic shapes to elaborate scrolls, allowing for plenty of customization to your space. Matching corner pieces and connectors finish the polished, planned appearance.

Consider the overall look you're trying to achieve - symmetry and clean lines suit a contemporary scheme, while softer curves or antique-style finishes give a more traditional cottage garden feel. Mix and match elements for unique flair!

Beyond the Basics: Creative Uses for Metal Edging

Metal edging's versatility extends far beyond basic borders. Here are some creative ways to put it to work:

Raised Garden Beds

For building raised planting beds, thicker steel edging is anchored into the ground and then stacked to the desired height. Enclosed sections are filled with nutrient-rich soil mixes to grow flowers, herbs, or vegetables in conveniently accessible spaces. Consider including decorative finial post caps for an elevated look.

Tree Rings

Protect the areas around young trees prone to lawn mower and weed whacker damage by bordering them with circular metal edging. Leaving this tree "moat" covered in mulch also reduces competition for water and nutrients as the tree matures. For accent trees, choose edging with ornamental flair.

Pathway Edging

Line either side of your stone, brick, or gravel walkway with low-profile steel or aluminum edging for a cleanly defined border that contains the pathway surface material. This prevents spread into the lawn or planting areas and keeps the lines looking crisp. For winding paths, flexible aluminum works beautifully.

Water Feature Borders

Rubber-lined galvanized steel is the ideal edging choice for ponds, streams, and other backyard water elements. The bendable flashing material prevents water from escaping underneath and is safer for wildlife to access than stone or masonry alternatives. Customize streams with freeform edging shapes.

Creative Designs

Get creative with shaped edging installations! Use curved pieces to outline elliptical planting spaces, combine various heights and finishes to develop multi-tiered platforms, or make zig-zag and wavy lines for fun. Finial tops make attractive freestanding garden features, too.

The possibilities are endless when using metal garden edging to customize your landscape. With proper planning and some physical work, you can craft outdoor spaces that will bring joy for years.


Metal garden edging offers versatility, durability, and style for functional and decorative landscaping needs. With the right edging choice for your specific needs and proper installation, you can achieve clearly defined lawn and garden spaces that maintain their tidy precision for decades.

Whether opting for economical galvanized steel to tackle basic borders or indulging in ornate bronze accents and finials to take your garden design to the next level, quality metal edging solutions check all the boxes. With some planning and elbow grease, you'll be on your way to a flawlessly framed outdoor area to be proud to enjoy and maintain.

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