Staging Success: How Self Storage Can Enhance Your Home's Marketability

Selling a house can be an expensive and stressful process, especially when it’s necessary to make some home improvements to better attract potential buyers.

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Matt Lyons


Jan 21, 2021

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Selling your home requires revamping to make it more attractive to potential buyers. Proper staging is essential to showcase the property's best features and allow your client to imagine themselves living in the space. However, this step can be challenging, especially due to accumulated furniture and other items that cause clutter. 

Utilizing self-storage is one of the best solutions to successfully stage your home. Contrary to common belief, self-storage isn't just for hoarders or those in between homes; it can be a highly strategic tool in home staging, enhancing your home's marketability. Here's how it works. 

Understanding The Role Of Self-Storage In Home Staging 

Staging aims to present your home in the best way possible, allowing buyers to see the living space's full potential. This process involves decluttering and depersonalizing to provide a clean, expansive, and more appealing interior. As you remove your personal items, you need a safe space to store them. 

Renting a self-storage unit is a practical way to temporarily remove excess belongings and prepare your home for staging. If you're looking for self-storage solutions, search for local self-storage facilities or visit  

Maximize the Benefits Of Self Storage 

Being strategic and organized is imperative to maximizing the benefits of self-storage for home staging. You can take advantage of self-storage to help you in the following processes: 

  • Decluttering And Depersonalizing: Begin by identifying items that don't contribute to your home's functional or aesthetic appeal and setting them aside. These typically include seasonal items, bulky furniture, personal memorabilia or collections, and spare household items like extra linens or kitchenware. By storing these items, you create an inviting, neutral space ready for redesigning. 
  • Utilizing Self Storage During Renovations: Home staging often requires renovations to enhance functionality and boost value. These projects can be messy, with dust and potential hazards that may damage your belongings. Self-storage provides a safe space for your possessions during this period while allowing easy access, so you can retrieve them quickly when necessary.  
  • Aiding In The Transition Process: The period between selling and staging your home and moving into a new house can be chaotic. Self-storage can be an invaluable tool during this transition, providing a temporary space for your belongings while showing your house to potential buyers. It also gives you the flexibility to move items gradually, making the final moving day less stressful. 

By removing personal items and decluttering, you're enabling potential buyers to view your home as a blank canvas they can personalize when they move in. This strategic use of self-storage can enhance your home's marketability, potentially resulting in quicker sales and higher offers. 

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Choose The Right Self-Storage Facility 

Finding the right self-storage facility is crucial for the success of your home staging project. Here are some critical factors to consider in your search: 

  • Location: Look for a storage facility in a convenient location for better accessibility, especially if you'll be retrieving items frequently.  
  • Security: Check the security measures in place. Does the facility have 24/7 video surveillance? Are there individual locks on each unit? How about on-site security personnel? These factors are important to ensure that your items are well-protected. 
  • Size Of Units: Facilities offer storage units of various sizes. Carefully evaluate how much space you'll need to avoid paying for unused storage. Conversely, ensure the unit is the right size to prevent overstuffing and damage to your belongings. 
  • Access Hours: Does the facility allow access 24/7, or are there limited hours? Depending on your schedule, you may need the flexibility to access your belongings at any time. 
  • Pricing: Consider the cost and billing cycle. Storage facilities typically charge monthly, but rates can vary significantly. Ensure the price aligns with your budget and that the services offered provide good value for your money. 
  • Climate Control: Depending on what you plan to store, a climate-controlled unit may be essential for items sensitive to extreme temperatures or humidity, like artwork, electronics, or antiques. 
  • Flexibility: As decluttering progresses, you may need more or less space than initially anticipated. A facility that allows you to switch units or adjust your rental terms can save you money and stress. 
  • Customer Service: A responsive, helpful customer service team is an asset. If you run into any issues or have questions, you'll appreciate having access to friendly and knowledgeable staff. 

Understanding your specific needs and doing some research will lead you to a facility that best suits your requirements, making your home staging and selling process more convenient. 

Organize Your Storage Unit 

After selecting a facility, it's time to organize your unit. Effective organization ensures that your items are easy to find and retrieve. You can do this by labeling boxes clearly and creating an inventory list.  

Additionally, consider using shelving units to make better use of vertical space. Doing so can free up valuable floor space, allowing for better organization and easier access to your items. 


Self-storage is a valuable tool for home staging, increasing its marketability. It provides a safe space for your beloved items as you declutter, organize, and redesign your property. It also eases the transition process, making it less stressful and more manageable. When preparing to sell your home, maximize the potential of self-storage to stage your house for success.

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