Spice Up Your Space This Fall With These Indoor Decorating Ideas!

7 Wonderful Decorating Trends to Try This Fall and Winter

fall decor in a home


Haley Wisniewski


Jan 21, 2021

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Hero image courtesy of Town & Country

Autumn is a wonderful time of year! Decorating a home for the Fall revolves around unexpected color schemes, fall floral patterns, and positioning cozy blankets in an accessible fashion. Fall offers homeowners a fun excuse to put a refreshing spin on their decor while also making the space feel just right for the shifting temperatures. For the Fall season, adding rich textures, colors, and the occasional pumpkin, can help make a space feel crisper. Pumpkin aside, these decor options will work great through the colder months well beyond the fall season. 

Here are 7 simple but amazing ways to update and decorate your home for this coming Autumn season.

Fall-colored leaves can serve as an excellent table centerpiece. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

1. Bringing Fall Leaves Inside 

Bright, colored leaves are an infinite resource for decorating one’s home. A great way to get into the Autumn spirit is to add some beautifully colored red and orange leaves around the home. Adding leaves can bring in a romantic flare to a modern home by leaving a comfy atmosphere and cozy space. There are numerous elegant ways to use leaves in bringing the beauty of the season into your home. 

Filling a large vase with branches of fall leaves is one of the easiest ways to add a warm, minimalistic, natural touch to your home. Take a walk outside and collect some of your favorite fallen leaves. Another way to incorporate leaves throughout the home is as simple as adding garland to railings or adding leaf themed centerpieces. Making garland is as easy as using real or fake leaves to create a string of trim for the banister or mantle. Another creative way to add leaves in your house is by framing them. Leaves look great as wall art! It cannot get any simpler than finding a leaf and framing it to be later hung on the wall. This will give your house a pop of color as well as a true feeling of Fall. Finally, fabric leaves can come in handy as well. You can cut out fabric leaves, color of your choosing, and sew them on to an old throw blanket to give it an updated look. 

These creative and fun ideas in adding leaves throughout the house can give an instant and festive facelift to your home!

You can start warming up your space by adding caramel colored pillows or by adding an accent wall in the color of cinnamon. Image courtesy of Homedit

2. Add a Touch of Warm Caramel 

Using various shades of ambers and caramels serves as a warm-toned contrast to other colors throughout the home. Other colors such as golden yellows and chocolate browns are all seen as season-inspired colors that can bring warmth and comfort to any space. 

Another key factor to keep in mind is that Summer tends to highlight brighter, bolder decor in a home where Fall tends to embrace the deeper, warmer tones. Adding pieces of metallic themed decor can combine maturity and shine for a great fall addition. Maybe consider purchasing metallic glass and other kitchen hardware to add a wonderful contrast to a neutral pallet of any kind. This will give your house some glow!

Another traditional way to add fall themed colors is by adding pumpkins here and there. If you still want that classy feel but need a touch of fall, consider this idea. By adding gold, foiled pumpkins in centerpieces, on mantles, or on the front steps, your home will continue to look classy any month this fall! Pumpkins can also be a fun way to fill old lanterns. By stacking mini pumpkins in old lanterns, a new fun centerpiece is born as well as an easy table-topper. Finally, pumpkin-lined pathways add a great pop of color and are a great low effort, DIY craft. The result is adorable and it gives any home that Autumn feel! 

Orange is the most popular Autumn-related color. You can compliment any warm tone of caramel and amber by adding a few more touches of orange throughout each room. Orange will definitely brighten up the room as well as bring a cheerful, vibrant feel!

 An exposed brick accent wall or an easy alternative option can give your home that rustic Fall feel. Image courtesy of Elle Decor

3. Re-Discovering Exposed Bricks

Exposed brick walls can read as rustic charm, storied industrial decay, or effortless warehouse coolness. Brick walls as accent pieces display endless character, warmth, and texture no matter what the context. This idea can give your home a rustic, Fall feel while also supplying class. If this look is on your interior bucket list for the fall but you don’t feel the need for any extreme home makeovers, here are a few simple DIY ways you can still pull it off. 

Brick wallpaper is an installment of a paper mural. This wallpaper is applied using temporary paste allowing homeowners to remove it whenever they feel necessary. A more detailed project involves faux brick that is created entirely from stucco or mud. This process is more time consuming but bears great results. Finally brick veneers can achieve the look of whole bricks while using thin slivers of brick that are applied to the surface much like ceramic tile. This rustic industrial look can be great as an accent wall!

Whether it be real exposed brick or faux, these simple and real ideas can bring your home to life as well as spice it up for the Fall season!

This traditional decor item has made its way back and will definitely be trending in the Fall of 2020. Image courtesy of Italian Bark

4. Textile Art 

Research has shown that textile art is one of the oldest forms of art in human civilization. Textile art originally started as a somewhat practical use for hanging clothing. It later developed into the sophisticated works of art that we see today. Adding a piece of textile wall art can add something that is eye catching to an already accented wall. Want to try something different? Consider buying a handmade piece of textile art to be hung as a focal point. If you want something extremely original and perfect for Fall, try a bold statement rug with a high intensity graphical pattern. This rug would not be used on the floor but instead hung on the wall. This will give the room a refreshing fall vibe. 

Kids can get involved as well! Whether it’s a family activity or something to keep the little ones busy, fall crafts will surely fill your home with plenty of color. Handprint spiderwebs is a great way to keep the kids entertained for a while. All you need is a paper plate, paint, string, googly eyes and a hole puncher. You can have the kids start by painting the plate and adding two handprints making the spider’s body. Then you can punch holes in the paper plate and weave string back and forth across the plate to create a web. Then to finish you add googly eyes! This is a great homemade piece of artwork that can be easily hung on the wall to give the house a fun, fall ambience. 

Textile art, whether handmade or bought, brings something special to any room. The right piece of art can bring a sense of colder weather, changing leaves, and the well known orange and reds of the Fall.

Autumn colors, prints, and patterns should be expected to be extremely trendy in the Fall of 2020. Image courtesy of Homedit

5. Patterned Curtains 

Looking to introduce autumn colors into your living room? Changing to Fall themed curtains could be the best way to do just that. Adding gorgeous autumn-styled drapes can change a room’s atmosphere entirely. To help you get the perfect overall setup for your living room, I will provide you with some tips!

When thinking about decorating for fall, plan ahead. Don’t wait until October to start your Fall decor operations. The longer you take to plan ahead, the longer you’ll have to decide on color combinations, types of drapes, and overall type of look you’re trying to achieve. Planning ahead also gives you plenty of time to order all of the supplies you will need. Another tip is to consider the color scheme. The traditional colors of red, brown, orange, and yellow follow the rich hues of Autumn. These colors will make your home feel extremely festive! Finally, when choosing curtains, you’ll also need to consider the pattern. Autumnal motifs such as leaves, acorns, and yes pumpkins, would all work well for patterned curtains. It is important to keep in mind the size of the patterns as well. Large prints will draw the eye to the curtain and turn it into a focal point. For a more balanced and harmonious look, smaller prints would be the go to.  

The right curtains have the ability to show the perfect festive imagery of the fall with the addition of colors you would associate with pumpkins. The right curtains will give you the comfortable environment you’re looking for. 

DIY stenciled Fall doormats will be the new craze for Autumn of 2020. Image courtesy of Lolly Jane.

6. Revamp that Modern Area Rug 

We are currently experiencing a renaissance in modern area rugs. All design experts know that the right rug can aid in building a cozy environment and bring warmth as well as define a space. A colorful rug can animate any room through designs and color. Fall is the perfect time to look closer at home decor as something to experiment with. There are many trends in 2020 that can help in the decision making process for purchasing a rug. Here are a few things to keep in mind while buying a rug. 

Consider investing in handcrafted rugs and accessories made by local artisans. Not only will you get something unique and special, but you will also offer support to small businesses owners. It’s a win-win deal for you and for independent craft workers.

As we have become more aware of the environment and the effect we have on it, the need for an environmentally friendly interior is in high demand. The eco-friendliness of a rug should play a huge role in the purchasing process. There is nothing more ecologically friendly than a colorful, vintage rug that can be reused repeatedly.

Another trend that goes hand in hand with eco-friendliness is natural materials. We are seeing more natural materials in interior designs. Natural fibers in a rug can give your home a luxurious dimension while also creating a festive vibe. When choosing the rug, pay special attention to the composition. The composition will tell you if it will be a good investment in years to come.

Finally, neutral tones such as browns will provide the greatest range of flexibility for all seasons, especially Fall. The combination of earthy tones will leave your home feeling calm and relaxing.  

Brightening a room can be achieved through an olive green paint or accent. Image courtesy of Wow

7. Olive Green Is In

Green is always a great color for any space. Green is a gorgeous color that brightens up a space while also keeping things cozy. Green hues are ideal for the fall season and if you feel daring, a patterned green wall might be perfect for you. If painting a wall green seems to be too permanent don’t fret! There are many options for adding a pop of green to a room. 

A green, elegant chair can take up the drama in just about any room. Another option that can add dimension to a room are green-hued curtains. Green curtains would look great with a neutral fall color such as brown. Green goes perfectly with the theme of fall and gives any room an inviting presence. 

Overall, these Fall decor trends are everything in 2020 and are all major crazes. Whether it be giving your home a facelift or adding a festive feel to a room, these 7 decorating trends for the changing seasons will give your house a little extra spice this Autumn.

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