6 Things to do in Galloway, Ohio

Whether You Want Family Fun, a Date Night, or Some Outdoor Adventures, Galloway, Ohio has Got You Covered!

An aerial view of a small neighborhood with fields and trees in the background.


Meghan Zonno


Jan 21, 2021

Galloway, Ohio is just a short 14 miles outside of the state capitol of Columbus. That being said, the town offers so much to do that entering the city isn’t even a necessity!

Galloway is a small, unincorporated community just west of Columbus but still in Franklin County. The population is almost 30,000 people with the median age being young 30s, so there's plenty to do and see for young people.

In Galloway, fun is never far, so let’s see what the town has to offer:

  • Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park
  • Battelle Darby Nature Center
  • Trap History Museum
  • Food
  • Golf
  • Darby Creek Horse Farm LLC
A dirt path curves between tall threes that line either side.
The Battelle Darby Park is a great place for a nice stroll or some exercise with a run.

Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park

(614) 370-6254 | 1775 Darby Creek Dr, Galloway, OH 43119 | metroparks.net/battelle-darby-creek

Battelle Darby Park is a hidden gem in Galloway. You can enjoy wetlands, prairies, and a forest all in the same place! With over 7,000 acres of land, there is so much to explore. The park goes along both the Big and Little Darby creeks for 13 miles. The creeks are state and national scenic rivers, so you don’t want to miss checking them out. Surrounding the creeks are restored wetlands and prairies.

A great addition to the park are the bison that were reintroduced. These bison live in two enclosed pastures where they are able to roam peacefully and freely.


The park has endless opportunities for those looking for an adventure and for those simply looking to spend a nice day outside. These activities include:

  • Backpacking
  • Biking
  • Canoeing and Kayaking
  • Cross Country Skiing
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Nature Centers
  • Ice Skating
  • Sledding


The park includes 14 different trails to choose from. These trails range in length from 12.5 miles (Camp Chase Trail) to .2 miles (Riffle Run Trail). Other trails include Cobshell, Ancient, Dyer Mill, Hawthorn, and many more.

That being said, do not let the short length of some of these trails fool you! The Riffle Run trial is a difficult hike down a steep gravel trail. It brings you down to Big Darby Creek.

Ancient trail is just shy of two miles and is an easy to moderate hike. It includes grass and gravel and runs alongside Darby Creek. It also loops through fields and woods, providing great scenery.

Hawthorn trail is an easy .8 miles and loops around a picnic area. This makes the perfect spot for a walk after a nice lunch.

Terrace trail loops through a forest in two miles. This trail is a moderate to difficult hike. 

The longest trail is Camp Chase at 12.5 miles. This is another easy to moderate hike that can accommodate bikes and pets. This trail is paved and complies with ADA guidelines.

There are trails of all lengths and levels of difficulty for all park goers.


Battelle Darby Park also provides many options for shelters. There are three reservable and three non-reservable options.

Reservable options include Shagbark, which can hold up to 80 people. It comes with a kitchen, a charcoal grill, electricity, and a large serving counter. There are horseshoe pits and a swing set as well as ADA accessible restrooms. 

White Oak has many similar attributes as Shagbark, but also has a volleyball court.

The last reservable shelter is slightly smaller, but has many amenities like a stove, outdoor grills, and a deck overlooking the Big Darby Creek.

The non-reservable shelters include Indian Ridge Picnic Area, Cedar Ridge Picnic Area, and Little Darby Day Use Area Offers. These shelters all have grills, restrooms, and tables. Between the three of these there is also an ice skating rink, horse shoes, trail heads, playgrounds, and fields to play in.

No matter what you choose to do at Battelle Darby Metro Park, there is surely fun to be had.

A paved path leads towards a modern building. The path is lined by small grassy hills. The sun is setting, leaving the sky and clouds a faint pink color.
The nature center is fun and informative. Photo courtesy of Arch Daily.

Battelle Darby Creek Nature Center

 614.878.7106 | 1415 Darby Creek Drive Galloway, OH 43119 | metroparks.net/naturecenter

The Battelle Darby Creek Nature Center is a beautiful, 14,000 square foot building dedicated to celebrating the beauty our natural world has to offer. It is located within the Battelle Darby Creek Park. 

The center provides visitors with an educational and interactive experience. Through the center, visitors are able to learn and grow in their knowledge of the wildlife within the park. The park has a very diverse ecosystem, so the center has an extensive amount of information. 

One of the best features of the center is the 53 foot living stream that snakes its way through the building. Habitats have been reproduced inside, along the stream to engage visitors in nature. There are also other interactive exhibits to help entice people into learning about and appreciating the world around them more. 

The center overlooks one of the park’s bison prairies.

The building was designed to not distract from its surroundings, so it recedes into the landscape allowing visitors to take little notice of it while wandering the grounds outside.

To continue to incorporate life back into the building, there is a green roof with native vegetation as well as nesting birds. The building also was made to pass rainwater runoff back into the environment through the wetlands.

Due to the building's environmentally friendly design, it will use half the energy of a building of similar use and size. This is for several reasons, one of which being the geothermal ground-source heat pumps and another being the windows that are made to provide coolness in the summer and heat in the winter based on the sun’s location.

This beautiful nature center will not only provide wonderful information regarding the natural life within Ohio but also show how our buildings can help sustain our environment.

Several old animal traps on display.
The Trap History Museum provides a look into the world of trapping. Image courtesy of Auction Zip.

Trap History Museum

(614) 878-6011 | 6106 Bausch Rd, Galloway, OH 43119 | traphistorymuseum.com

The Trap History Museum is a great place to go if you are interested in trapping and its history. With over 4,000 traps on display ranging from mouse to bear, you will never be bored. There are also items from the fur trade like early tools, animal bates, a large library of books regarding the subject. 

There are five different sections of the museum: Newhouse room, mouse trap room, European trap room, modern trap room, and the main section.

They also have a loan from the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission called the NATCA Museum. This collection includes 150 pieces of extremely rare trapping equipment.

The museum is Tom Parr’s personal collection. Check out more information about the museum at their website.

A burger and fries are set on a wooden serving tray.
Looking for some delicious food after a day in the park or at the museum? Galloway, OH has got you covered!


We’re in Ohio, so of course there will be a large selection of American food like pizza and wings from pubs, taverns, and distillery, but there are also a lot of great options when looking to eat something from another culture. 

Los Galapagos

(614) 878-7770 | 378 S Grener Ave Columbus, OH 43228 | losgalapagos.com

Looking for some Latin American flavor? Look no further than Galloway, Oh. The dishes are 100% authentic and prepared fresh every day. While there, make sure to check out the drinks and snacks from all over Latin America to get your taste of several different countries.

The restaurant is owned and operated by the Fajardos who are Ecuadorian. The restaurant serves dishes from countries like Colombia, Peru, Honduras, Mexico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and many more. With outdoor seating, vegetarian friendly meals, and great reviews, there is no reason this should not be the spot for your next date night.

Galloway Tavern

(614) 870-7239 | 1954 Main St Galloway, OH 43119

Looking for a night out? Galloway Tavern has you covered! With hours from 11 am to midnight, you have time to grab a meal and a beer with friends, family, coworkers, anyone looking for a nice night out. 

The tavern is located right alongside a bike trail, making it a perfect stop after a long day of cycling.

With a menu of burgers, pizzas, wings, and great apps, you will have no trouble finding something delicious to eat.

Eat Greek Express

(614) 465-9993 | 1693 Holt Rd Columbus, OH 43228 | eatgreekohio.com

With a mouth watering menu, Eat Greek Express brings the Mediterranean to the middle of America. The restaurant opened in 2013 and has been pleasing the people of Galloway ever since. It is family owned with takeout, delivery, dine in, and vegetarian options giving everyone an opportunity to enjoy a delicious Greek meal. 

Some standouts on their menu include Spicy Feta, Kabobs, Gyros, Baba Ganoush, and create your own options. 

Next time you’re in the area make sure to check them out!

Two women are on a putting green. One is putting, the other holds the flag near the hole.
Galloway offers several pristine golf courses to choose from. Come enjoy a day out on the green!


Thorn Apple Country Club

(614) 878-7703 | 1051 Alton Darby Creek Rd, Galloway, OH 43119 | thornapplegolf.com

Opened in 1966 and designed by Jack Kidwell, this course provides a fruitful and challenging golf day. The back tees cover over 7,000 acres with a difficult par 3, 245 yard hole.

A great addition to this course is the wildlife sightings. Redtail hawks, ducks, geese, and deer have been spotted by golfers throughout the years.

The club is host to several events such as the Franklin County Amateur, which is an annual golf tournament.

The Men’s Golf Association also makes sure to have an average of two events a month at the course from April through November. These events are all separate tournaments, so there are plenty of opportunities to play and compete throughout the golf season.

Call (614) 878-7703 with any questions. To see standard rates, click here.

Mentel Memorial Golf Course

(614) 645-3375 | 1111 E. Broad Street, Suite 101 | crpdgolf.com/mentel_memorial

Mentel Memorial has a hole for everyone. There are water hazards, sand traps, three large lakes, great turf, and tree lined fairways. There are also four sets of tees so that everyone, regardless of skill set can enjoy a day out golfing.

The clubhouse is 20,000 square feet with wonderful amenities. If you are looking for a place to host a wedding reception or another large event, look no further. There is a banquet room that can hold up to 300 guests and a grill room that can host up to 150 people. 

If you are new to the game, Mentel Memorial offers golf lessons through their junior golf academy, though adult options are also available. The academy has PGA professionals ready to train those who are interested with events and camps throughout the entire year. Mentel Memorial has many options to make sure everyone can find the right fit, so check out their camps, clinics, and group lessons here.

If you have any questions, contact Mentel Memorial at (614) 645-3375 or mmusser@columbus.gov

A woman is riding a horse.
Horseback riding is a fun adventure that can last a day or a lifetime! Image courtesy of Condè Nast Traveler.

Darby Creek Horse Farm LLC

(614) 296-5280 | 2391 Darby Creek Dr Galloway, OH 43119 | facebook.com/darbycreekhorsefarm

Darby Creek Horse Farm is here to provide you with anything you need. They provide riding lessons, riding clinics, a riding arena, boarding for your horses, and horseback riding.

With an extremely skilled trainer, Britiani Brown you can grow in your confidence around horses and excel whether you are a beginner or advanced. There are also several camp opportunities throughout the summer. They run from May to July with four different date options.

The facility runs along Darby Creek. The stalls are 12x12 with windows and floor mats. 

For more information contact Darby Creek Horse Farm at (614) 296-5280 or darbycreekhorsefarm@yahoo.com

A bison stands in a filed of grasses. Behind him is a forest.r
Galloway, OH has a great wildlife scene so close to a bustling city. 

Columbus may be close by, but Galloway has plenty to do. Come enjoy the incredible wildlife in the Battelle Darby Creek Park and nature center. Discover the region's history in the Trap Museum. Enjoy food from all over right in middle Ohio. Take a trip to the golf courses or the Darby Creek Horse Farm. 

The town is a great place to live and relax, so answer their call and get to Galloway!

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