Residential Properties and Areas around Columbus, Ohio with a View

An important aspect to picking out a home is making sure it has a great view. Check out some of these homes around Columbus that provide just that!


Jarred Stoy


Jan 21, 2021

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Finding a home, as anyone who has experience knows, is much more difficult than it may seem. From finding a home with great schools to ensuring it doesn’t break your budget, there are seemingly endless factors to consider.

One commonly overlooked factor, however, is the view the property has. Whether it’s a view of a beautiful body of water or luscious forests, you’ll be looking at it every day! Considering that, ensuring your potential home is accompanied by a beautiful view is of utmost importance!

We have assembled a list of seven different properties available around the area of Columbus, Ohio. Some properties have views of the beautiful rivers flowing throughout Ohio. Others are situated right in the heart of green forests teeming with wildlife. The complete list of properties includes:

  • 695 Parkedge Dr, Columbus, OH | $669,000
  • 5285 Highpointe Lakes Dr #3405, Westerville, OH | $554,900
  • 7650 Long Rd, Canal Winchester, OH | $699,000
  • 5388 Red Bank Road, Galena, OH | $735,000
  • 27600 S Side State Rd, Canal Winchester, OH | $2,100,000
  • 7256 Oliver Winchester Dr, Canal Winchester, OH | $219,900
  • 4935 Olentangy Blvd, Columbus, OH | $798,500

695 Parkedge Dr, Columbus, OH | $669,000

An image of the property at 695 Parkedge Drive.
An aerial view of the beautiful property that comes with this house. The amount of greenery available just behind the house is nothing short of breathtaking. Image courtesy of

About the home

Boasting five bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms, this home is perfect for larger families. It sits on three acres in the Gahanna area. It is a three story house with multiple home offices, perfect for virtual learning or working. Its kitchen has a beautiful granite countertop with stainless steel appliances. For rest and relaxation, it even features a luxurious jet tub to bathe in after a hard day's work. 

About the view

The view can be plainly seen within the picture above. The house is nestled right in the heart of some beautiful forests and well-maintained landscaping. The amount of greenery available to the eye just outside the window is great for mental health and provides plenty of space to play for children. It also sits not far from Big Walnut Creek to mix in stunning aquatic life with the luscious greenery.

Nearby bonuses

This property sits within Columbus’s property lines meaning you get all of the bonuses associated with the city of Columbus. On top of that, there is an elementary, middle, and high school all located within two miles of the house. This gives children attending school an easy commute and makes it much easier for the parents to drop them off!

5285 Highpointe Lakes Dr #3405, Westerville, OH | $554,900

An image of the property at 5285 Highpointe Lakes Drive.
A drone shot of the beautiful view available at this condominium. It includes putting greens, a golf club, and a well-maintained pond. Image courtesy of

About the home

The unique aspect to this property is that it is situated in a condominium. This means that you will still own the property, but also have shared living spaces with other property owners living within the condo. Specifically, this condo has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, with an open floor plan and a balcony overlooking the golf course of Little Turtle Golf Club. For parking, there is a secure underground garage with an elevator meaning you’ll never have to worry about parking!

About the view

The main factors of this view are the golf course and the pond. Little Turtle Golf Club is currently under construction but, as you can see by the putting greens, aims to be a high end course perfect for those serious about their golf stroke. The pond is beautifully maintained by maintenance workers adding the benefit of never having to mow the lawn!

Nearby bonuses

One main bonus to this condominium is its closeness to local parks. Namely, it sits just South of Shafer Park, a beautiful park perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

On top of that, this property is located very close to John Glenn Columbus International Airport. This is great for any person or family who tends to travel a lot for either work or pleasure. Never underestimate the usefulness of having an airport close to home!

7650 Long Rd, Canal Winchester, OH | $699,000

An image of the property at 7650 Long Road.
A superb shot of the stunning landscape surrounding this property. With fields and trees galore, you can truly connect with nature. Image courtesy of

About the home

This property is unique in the fact that the land it sits on is as valuable, if not more, than the home that sits on it! That being said, the home itself is still a great asset to the property. It features almost 2500 square feet throughout. It has a back porch looking out onto the beautiful woodland. There is also a two car garage perfect for family vehicles.

About the view

The view itself is a stunning mixture of untouched woodlands and agriculturalist fields. The amount of greenery seen throughout this property is simply unrivaled to anywhere else in the area. If you’re the kind of person who loves forests and nature in its raw form, this is certainly the property for you!

Nearby bonuses

Considering the surrounding area is almost all woodlands, you’d expect a considerable drive for neighboring schools, right? Nope! There are schools for all ages within three to five miles away, an easy drive considering the property itself. As with all of the properties on this list, it is also closely located to Columbus meaning you get all the bonuses of the city as well!

5388 Red Bank Road, Galena, OH | $735,000

An image of the property at 5388 Red Bank Road.
Located just off the Hoover Reservoir, this property has a beautiful view that you get to indulge in. Image courtesy of

About the home

Located on the edge of the Hoover Reservoir, this house boasts four bedrooms and two bathrooms. There are five total parking spots within garages, three in an attached garage and two in a detached garage. It has a completely finished basement, laundry room, and utility space. Its kitchen features quartz countertops and a granite island, perfect for the home chef.

About the view

The view of this property relies on the natural beauty of the Hoover Reservoir. Even better, it’s more than just a view! You can go kayaking, fishing, or boating all along the reservoir perfect for those who love watersports. On top of that, the woodlands surrounding the Hoover Reservoir flow seamlessly aesthetic-wise with the natural beauty of the water. 

Nearby bonuses

In terms of bonuses, this house has a bunch! For recreational use, there is a swimming pool on the property exclusive to the home. Even better, there is a basketball course that can be used by the property owners and a couple of neighboring homes. Along with watersports previously mentioned, it is nearly impossible to not have something to do at this home!

27600 S Side State Rd, Canal Winchester, OH | $2,100,000

An image of the property at 27600 South Side State Road.
This property has over 60 acres of beautiful wetland including three different ponds and a load of mature trees. On top of that, there is a small log sided home for cozy living. Image courtesy of

About the home

While this property does feature a small three bedroom log cabin, the main appeal is the land itself. It consists of more than 60 acres of wetland including three ponds (one of them is pictured above). The land itself is teeming with wildlife and full of lush trees. The property itself can be utilized as a timber investment or for a new area for hunting. While the price tag is certainly steep, the return on investment is certainly something to consider as it has an approved application for preservation. 

About the view

The view itself is representative of Ohio’s natural beauty. It has the staple raw beauty that has attracted so many people to Ohio over the years. There are three separate ponds sprinkled throughout the property that are full of life. There are many pictures included on the website of local wildlife on the property, mainly consisting of white-tailed deer. 

Nearby bonuses

The real bonus of this property is its remoteness. It can be hard to find a property this large that is relatively close to a major city. This property is only 20 to 30 minutes away from Columbus, while still being remote in and of itself. This means you get the benefits of being close to Columbus, while also getting the benefits of privacy and seclusion.

7256 Oliver Winchester Dr, Canal Winchester, OH | $219,900

An image of the property at 7256 Oliver Winchester Drive.
A beautiful picture of the stunning water view available at this property. To make it even better, this house is by far the most affordable on this list! Image courtesy of

About the home

Far and away the most affordable home on this list, this house is great for those on a budget who still want a beautiful view. It is a three bedroom, two and a half bathroom home located in Winchester, Ohio. Its kitchen has a center island, tiled back splash, and a bay window perfect for making cooking memories with the family. It has an outdoor patio overlooking the beautiful water views just south of the home.

About the view

The view of the home mainly comes down to the incredible body of water sitting just behind the house. The backdoor patio, featuring a fire pit, makes a wonderful entertainment area for guests as you can have a cookout while basking in the view of the water. 

Nearby bonuses

This house is located only three miles away from a local school district. On top of that, it is located extremely close to Winchester Meadows Park, a great getaway to enjoy nature and its raw beauty. All of these factors, paired with an affordable price tag, make it a great entry home for new families!

4935 Olentangy Blvd, Columbus, OH | $798,500

An image of the property at 4935 Olentangy Boulevard.
A beautiful picture of the lush Olentangy River running right through this property’s backyard. Better yet, the greenery in tandem with the river makes for a breathtaking view. Image courtesy of

About the home

This is a classic brick-style home featuring four bedrooms and four bathrooms. The house is structured around 2,700 square feet of living space. This takes place over three distinct floors with vintage wooden staircases combining each floor. It has an open concept kitchen that combines white cabinetry with granite countertops. 

About the view

The view of this home, as pictured above, is overlooking the Olentangy River. This river can be viewed from the well-landscaped backyard. Even better, the river is overlooked by a rustic wooden porch connected to the back end of the home. The combination of the landscape backyard integrating seamlessly with the raw beauty of the Olentangy river makes for a stunning view you’ll never get tired of.

Nearby bonuses

The home is located just north of the heart of Columbus, while still staying with city limits. This gives you ease of access to all things Columbus. It has multiple schools within a couple of miles giving you the freedom of choice for your family’s school enrollment. The property’s strategic placement within Columbus gives you plenty of options for entertainment on the weekends!

An image of a sample home with a beautiful view!
No matter where you end up buying a house, a beautiful view of nature is always a plus. Check out any of the stunning homes with a view available around the area of Columbus, Ohio!

Homes with stunning views, especially within city limits, are hard to come by. If you do find one, the price tag is sure to explain just how rare they are. Hopefully, this list has aided you in finding a property perfect for you and your family within the area of Columbus, Ohio. By finding a home with a view near Columbus, you’ll always have something to look at and something to do!

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April 7, 2021
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