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Realtor Care Day is Beautifying a Neighborhood Near You Soon

Realtor Care Day on June 6th, 2018 is co-chaired this year by Ben Hemmert of HER, Realtors®. Join other volunteers during National Homeowner Month for a day of community service and neighborhood improvement. Sign up for the 14th annual Realtor Care Day in Columbus, OH.


Connor McCoy


Dec 23, 2019

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What is Realtor Care Day?

Realtor Care Day, on June 6th, is your way to give back to the community. Every year during the month of June, also known as National Homeownership Month, Columbus REALTORS® hold a day of service in order to give back to the communities in which they live and work.

Beginning in 2005, REALTOR® Care Day is responsible for over $443,000 worth of community improvements and hundreds of hours of volunteering to communities in the central Ohio region. The main project of 2018 REALTOR® Care Day will be focused in the Milo-Grogan neighborhood near Downtown Columbus. Additionally, area realty associations are planning projects all over the larger region.

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How did Realtor Care Day begin?

The annual day of community service began in 2005 with just one service project. Since then, the project continues to multiply. Last year 604 members of the community worked on 45 separate community service projects. Together, these projects contributed $75,000 worth of improvements. It is truly noteworthy how much can be accomplished in a single day with the hard work of REALTORS®, their associates, friends, family and other community members.

The primary project is in Milo-Grogan this year, but past projects improved areas all over the city such as the neighborhoods of South Linden, University District, Joyce & Woodward Avenues, the King Lincoln District, Framingham Village on Innis Road on Columbus’s North Side; as well as the Children’s Hospital residential community, the Hilltop area, Franklinton, Reeb-Hosack, and Hungarian Village on Columbus’s South Side.

man and woman standing by a Little Free Library in a yard
REALTOR® Care Day 2017. Courtesy of Columbus Realtors

What makes Realtor Care Day possible?

Founded in 1908, Columbus REALTORS® is a not-for-profit professional trade association of over 8,000 real estate professionals who assist buyers and sellers with sales of over 32,000 homes annually.  Columbus REALTORS®  engage in:

  • residential sales and leasing
  • commercial sales and leasing
  • property management
  • appraisal
  • consultation
  • real estate syndication
  • land development

REALTOR® Care Day is funded by the Columbus REALTORS® Foundation. Other industry trade or area realty associations can apply for matching funds up to $500 each in order to help fund their service projects for the annual event. Many individuals and companies kindly offer additional assistance through monetary donation and of goods and services.

These significant financial contributions make the annual REALTOR® Care Day event possible, along with the donations of supplies, tools, services, and food from REALTORS®,  associates and local businesses.

In 2014, the REALTOR® Care Day Weiler Grant was created to recognize Area Realty Association projects exemplary of the principles of REALTOR® Care Day. Every year, one or two of these associations are rewarded with an additional $500 of funding that may be used toward their REALTOR® Care Day project during the following annual event.

What has Realtor Care Day included in recent years?

New Parks and Curb Appeal in Hungarian Village

group of people with shovels standing next to Realtor Care Day sign
REALTOR® Care Day 2017. Courtesy of Columbus Realtors

2017’s main project was the improvement of the exteriors of 10 properties and the creation of two parkettes in Hungarian Village in Columbus’s South Side.

24 groups undertook 45 projects with 604 volunteers! 23 area realty associations held service projects that re-invested over $73,300 into the communities of central Ohio!

The 2017 REALTOR® Care Day Weiler grant was awarded to both the Northwest Area Real Estate Association and DKLM (Delaware Know Licking Morrow) Suburban Realty Association in order to honor their 2017 REALTOR® Care Day projects. Learn more about their projects.

Community Garden in Reeb-Hosack

two women gardening with bushes and fountain in background
REALTOR® Care Day 2016. Courtesy of Columbus Realtors

2016’s main project worked on a community garden and 12 homes in the Reeb-Hosack area of Columbus’s South Side.

23 groups undertook 40 projects with 484 volunteers! 22 area realty associations held service projects that re-invested over $38,257 into communities of central Ohio.

The REALTOR® Care Day Weiler grant was awarded to both the Greater Worthington Area Real Estate Association and the Tri-County Area Realty Association in order to honor their 2016 REALTOR® Care Day projects. Learn more about their projects.

Beautifying W. Broad Street

large group of people standing behind large blue Franklinton sign
2015 REALTOR® Care Day. Courtesy of Columbus Realtors

2015’s main project included beautification projects on W. Broad Street in Franklinton, in Columbus, OH.

22 groups undertook 29 projects with 475 volunteers that re-invested $32,656 into the communities of Ohio.

The 2015 REALTOR® Care Day Weiler Grant was awarded to the Pickaway County Realty Association for their work at the Marvin Webster Memorial Park in South Bloomfield. Learn more about their project.

Beautifying Long Street

woman carrying two plants with people gardening in the background
2014 REALTOR® Care Day. Courtesy of Columbus Realtors

2014’s main project made enhancements on Long Street in the King Lincoln District of Columbus.

21 groups undertook 30 projects with 531 volunteers that re-invested over $45,000 into the communities of Central Ohio!

The 2014 REALTOR® Care Day Weiler grant was awarded to both the Tri-County Realty Association and the Greater Worthington Area Realty Association in order to honor their 2014 REALTOR® Care Day projects. Learn more about their projects.

town homes with blue sky

How do I sign up for Realtor Care Day?

The links below provide the registration for each individual shift.

All Day Shift (9am-4pm)

Morning Shift (9am-12pm)

Afternoon Shift (1pm-4pm)

This year, REALTOR® Care Day falls on Wednesday, June 6th. We understand not everyone is able to take a day off to volunteer! However, if you do manage this beneficial, highly appreciated and kind act, there are options for when you would like to help out. There is a morning shift, an afternoon shift, and an all day shift. The more help received the more we can get done! Even though you help the community every day just by existing, join us for REALTOR® Care Day and help us keep Columbus beautiful.

If you can’t give us your time and manpower for REALTOR® Care Day, don’t worry, you can contribute by donating!

Donate now!

June 4, 2018
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