Moving to Groveport Ohio? Here’s What You Need to Know

A booming economy, parks for days, and a community always on the move

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Jan 21, 2021

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Welcome to Groveport! Image via LINK.


Groverport, a central Columbus, Ohio suburb nestled in southeast Franklin County, prides itself on quality of life. The town has it all- a great education program, recreation centers, social services for anything you may need, and even a huge outdoor water park! If you’re considering a move to Ohio, consider the lovely town of Groverport. Here we’ll cover everything you need to know about this historical, growing town.

About Groverport

  • A Horse-filled History
  • Culture Galore
  • School System
  • So Many Parks!
  • A Bustling Economy
  • Facts and Figures
  • Community
  • Weather
An old house

An old building in Groveport, taken care of for posterity. Image via LINK.


A booming business town with old architecture

Groveport was officially incorporated into Ohio in 1847, after the grand opening of the Ohio and Erie Canal in 1831. You can still see remains of the canal in certain parts of the town, and the town’s museum has a whole exhibit on the Canal and its role in town life.

Groveport’s Town Hall building at Main and Fronts Streets was so old that it was restored, now of vital importance to the downtown business area. Groveport prides itself on its economic growth, especially its opportunities for business. Since Groveport’s birth, the town has grown tremendously, now known as a hub for business work.

You’ll see Groverort’s history primarily through its architecture and parks. Many old buildings still stand or have been remodeled, giving the town an old-timey feel to compliment its 21st-century business leanings.

Groveport’s Town Hall houses its Heritage Museum, which holds artifacts and memorabilia from the early 19th century onward. Here you can learn about John S. Rarey, a famous Groveport citizen known nation-wide for his unique and innovative methods of training horses. They call him “The Horse Whisperer.”

Fun fact: the Groveport Madison School District’s mascot is a horse named Cruiser, and it’s all because of John S. Rarey. Cruiser was the name of a horse that John was able to tame, that those before him found absolutely untameable. John S. Rarey’s discipline and courage showcase what Groveport is made of- true grit and a history to back it up.

A young girl painting

Paint and create to your heart's desire- seasonal activities will keep you and your kids occupied.

Culture in Groveport

Activities for all ages and interests, art for everyone

Groveport is chock-full of cultural activities, spanning from the arts to kids’ activities to nature. On the first floor of Groveport’s Town Hall building is its Art Gallery, a space where industry professionals and amateurs alike can display their art in rotating collections and monthly special exhibits.

The Community Affairs Department holds regular cultural and artistic activities for young and old, and they also keep community facilities and spaces clean and available for group reservations. Part of an association that needs a space to hold a team-building activity or a fundraiser? Contact the Community Affairs Department and they’ll hook you up.

The cutest cultural center of Groveport has to be its Crooked Alley KidSpace. As the name implies, this is a space just for kids! They host a plethora of arts and education programs, and also provide a comfortable, welcoming space to host your own parties or meetings. If your child’s in a club or two, they could meet up here for a special event. Scout meetings are commonly held here as well.

The Nature center is also a popular spot for education and fun, with plenty of hands-on programs and activities for your youngsters and family. If nature isn’t your thing, there’s always the Motts Military Museum or the Groveport Aquatic Center, if it’s hot out and you want to indulge in a quick swim. These places and so much more await you in Groveport.

Two children writing

From preschool to high school, Groverport’s got you covered.

School System

So many schools to choose from!

The Groveport Madison school system has loads of choices for you and your family. They have K-12 schools and a charter school, Groveport Community School, for kids in grades K-8, if interested. Middle School South and Middle School Central both earned state awards in 2019. Groveport offers six elementary schools, three middle grade schools, and one high school, so you have plenty of districts and schools to choose from. The school system’s motto is “Our mission is to build a community of learners, leaders, and responsible citizens: Every student, every lesson, every day.”

Popular after-school athletics include football, basketball, softball, and baseball; leagues include freshman, junior varsity, and varsity. The school system even broadcasts live for the major High School sports events!

There are a number of two-year and vocational schools, as well as many colleges in the Groveport area. There is a Technical College, a College of Nursing, and even a Beauty Academy. Nearby colleges include The Ohio State University, Capital University, DeVry University, and the Columbus College of Art and Design.

A park in winter

This is just one of many parks in Groveport. Which one will you do yoga at? Image via LINK.

Parks in Groveport

A million and one parks for you and yours

Groveport, besides being known for business, is also known for its wide variety of parks. The town has more parks than any town has the right to have, making it a great place for the outdoorsy and adventurous. There’s Three Creeks Metro Park, and Walnut Woods Metro Park, Cruiser Park, Heritage Park- and Memorial Park, and the Tall Pines Area! So many parks, so little time. If you live in Groveport, you will have your pick of places to run, play soccer, and picnic, that’s for sure.

The town’s parks are great places to hang out in, walk through, or host community events in. Perhaps that’s why Groveport has so many events year round- they have to keep the parks occupied somehow, right?

A pile of cash

Groveport has a stable economy that’s only bound to get better.


A booming economy for a booming populus

Did we mention that Groveport is a popular business town that prides itself on, well, its business? This town thrives due to the businesses and important spots within its confines. Groveport houses the Rickenbacker International Airport and Air National Guard Base, which draws many companies close. Groveport also houses Air Tahoma and Staber Industries, among other big-gun companies. Many organizations do a good portion of their business out of Groveport, including Amazon, FedEx, Gap, Eddie Bauer, Spiegel Brands, American Electric Power, and Vistaprint.

Because of this, job opportunities are endless out in Groveport. With an economy like this, the majority of residents actually own their homes. Median household income hovers around 60k but is projected to grow in the coming years, as more residents come to live in this small but mighty township.

A calculator on top of a chart

If you want the numbers, here you go!

Facts and Figures

Let’s get down to business

As of the 2010 census, Groveport’s population sits at 5,363 people, with 1,471 families living here. The town is 82.1 percent white, 12.5 percent African American, .3 percent Native American, 1.9 percent Asian, 1 percent of other races, and 2.3 percent two or more races. The median age of those living in the village is 39.9 years, with 23.7 percent of the residents under the age of 18. Being a town mainly comprised of traditional family units, these numbers make a lot of sense. Groveport is a family town.

Groveport’s median home value sits less than the $184,700 national average, at $153,200. This makes its rent also lower than the national average, if you’re a young professional looking to start a career here and rent whilst doing so.

Groveport’s “feel” has been described as “sparse suburban,” with 71 percent of citizens owning their home and the other 29 percent renting. Lots are large, making the space “sparse.” Citizens statistically tend to rate high on the town’s safety, so no need to worry about raising young children here.

A park full of people sitting

Always a great day to meet new people in Groveport.

Community of Groveport

Recreations and nature galore

At the hub of Groveport’s fostering of community between residents lies the Groveport Recreations Department. If a whole department is devoted to recreations, there must be some great options, right? Correct.

Groveport Recreations has a multitude of events and programs happening during every season of the year, with certain athletics programs scheduled during the months the sport or activity is best performed at. There are fitness classes and fitness events, and not to mention, the fitness facilities are remarkable. There’s a large Aquatic Center, an outdoor waterpark, as well as an Indoor Recreation Center. You can hire personal trainers to get in shape or learn something new, all while your kids run around and engage in all the activities the center has to offer.

And, as previously mentioned, there are a huge handful of parks to spend time at. Now you have no excuse not to be active both socially and physically- Groveport has both outdoor and indoor areas for you to get your fun on. Lots of Groveport’s events are held in these parks or in their recreation centers, if perhaps rain shows its face.

There’s even a Community Garden, dedicated to community relations and enhancing Groveport’s quality of life. If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry- they host gardening classes so you can figure out how to work a shovel. Planting begins in April, and if your child is involved in Scouts- Groveport has many Boy and Girl Scout troops your child can join- their troop can pledge to take care of their own little plot. Instill saving the Earth in your kid from a young age and they may change the planet. Go green!

The sun


Get your tanning lotion out!

Akin to much of Ohio, Groveport boasts long, hot summers and windy, chilly winters. Temperature tends to vary from twenty-three degrees and eighty-five degrees, rarely going below six degrees or above ninety-two degrees. Makes for pretty comfortable living, if you ask us.

The sweaty summer season tends to last from late May to late September, July being the hottest on record with an average of eighty-five degrees. This is prime time to make use of all those beautiful parks! The cold season thankfully lasts for three months instead of summer’s four, from roughly early December to early March.

It’s drier in Groveport than it is wet, so you only need to buy a few umbrellas for your household. Groveport’s wet season, where rain is falling at an average thirty-one percent a day, lasts from March to August. For the rest of the year, if you’re lucky, you can expect dry, cloudy skies. Groveport is notoriously cloudy. Perfect for cloud-watching with your friends or kids!

Snow lasts from December to March- it’s not too bad or too intense. Sunlight varies over the course of the year and the season, but it’s usually not sad skies. Expect brightness during the summer and clouds during the colder months. All in all, the weather in Groveport is average and comfortable. It doesn’t lean too far in either direction, which makes for comfortable years.

Overall, Groveport, Ohio can be a great, rewarding place to start your career or raise your family. With a weird, zany history involving famous horsemen, Groveport lives up to its founders discipline and strength. The town is artsy as it gets, with plentiful community programs to jump into. Its school system boasts dozens of schools to choose from, with neighboring colleges and vocational schools close by. It is a land of parks and recreation- not like the television show, but close enough- where you will never not be outside or helping to plan the next cool town event. Business is booming, with endless opportunities for you to start or grow your career. And perhaps most importantly, the sun tends to be high in the sky in Groveport.

Truly a happy little place where you and your family, or future family, can thrive, Groveport is a town begging to be moved to. If the above information makes you think ‘huh, maybe Groveport is for me,’ why not give it a try. Moving to Groveport, Ohio, may be the start of a fabulous future.

February 27, 2020
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