Most Trusted Payment Methods in Online Casinos Canada

The degree of trust that people have in online casinos is essential. That’s normal, considering that players share their most private information on these platforms.



Jan 21, 2021

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That’s why every gambling site heavily invests in its security and the types of payment methods it offers. In this article, we’re going to discuss the most trusted payment method casino players use in Canada. There are more payment methods available than what is mentioned here, but these are among the most trusted ones by Canadians.

Pay By Phone Bill

Pay By Phone bill is a newer type of payment casino method that is increasingly becoming popular. It allows players to make instantaneous deposits via their monthly phone bill. It’s safe to assume that pay by phone bill casino Canada is going to become more popular in the future. It’s simply too practical and instantaneous. Players can easily make their deposits and have fun playing their favorite slot games.

Pensive man holding credit card and browsing smartphone on street in daytime


Another Canada-exclusive payment method for online casinos is Interac. It steadily spread across Canadian gamblers as one of the most popular payment methods. This payment method is not available in other parts of the world because the company is based in Canada. Consequently, it was primarily interested in the local market. Over the last couple of decades, it became popular not only in the gambling industry but in other businesses as well.

Payment Cards

Tradition is always strong. This goes for culture, business and generally in life. Humans like using what is widely popular, accepted and trustworthy. That’s where VISA, MasterCard and Maestro come into play. These payment methods are widely used across Canada and remain trusted to this day. As they’re among the most popular ways of making payments, people turn to them in online casinos. It’s the most accepted payment method in online casinos. You’ll rarely find a gambling site that doesn’t accept VISA or MasterCard.

Apple and Google Pay

Apple is shifting its focus to the payment world. The company has already made it possible to make payments with Apple Pay, and so does Google. It’s a practical form of payment because it’s on your phone. As millions of players play at online casinos using their phones, it’s a practical way of making deposits and, in some cases, even withdrawals. As both these companies are heavily invested in making payments easier, we’ll likely see more online casinos in Canada accepting these payment methods.



Crypto is increasingly becoming popular. Its steady growth keeps happening as more people are getting into space. Its security, transparency and safety are essential for its popularity. That’s why so many people turn to using it. As such, online casinos are following trends and are implementing them as payment methods on their sites. There are dozens of reliable online casinos that support cryptocurrencies. When more counties regulate them, we’ll see more platforms accepting them. Eventually, due to their speed and low fees, millions of people will start using them more often.


Last but not least, e-wallets are very popular among Canadians, like in other parts of the world. They add another security layer on top of debit cards, as players don’t have to input private details whenever they’re making a payment. That way, they know that their private data is always secure, as e-wallets play the role of a middleman.


Online casinos always want to instill a high degree of trust in their customers. One of the best ways is to offer reliable, safe and quick payment methods. The one mentioned meets all the expectations. All casino online users who want a trustworthy payment method will opt for one of the above mentioned options.

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