Mexican Restaurants in Mansfield, Ohio

Mansfield, Ohio is a city that is known for several great things.

A street in Mansfield.

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Image courtesy of Destination Mansfield

Mansfield is a city in Ohio that is known for several different things. It is the seat of Richland County in Ohio, and it is known as the carousel capital of Ohio. Aside from that, the city is also known as the fun center of Ohio and as the racing capital of Ohio. This city is simply full of identities and fun things to do. It is also the filming location of the movie Shawshank Redemption. 

This city has several options for restaurants, shopping, theaters, and fun activities for kids. If you’re in Mansfield, you definitely need to check out some of the best Mexican restaurants that the city has to offer!

Rancho Fiesta 

This restaurant has an amazingly long menu full of great things to eat. 
Three tacos with three containers of sauce.
All of this food will certainly leave anyone satisfied. Image courtesy of TripAdvisor.

1360 S Trimble Rd | Mansfield | ranchofiesta.org

Rancho Fiesta is one of Mansfield’s best Mexican restaurants. They offer authentic foods with great Mexican flavors that are easy to love. They have an extensive menu and a full bar with tons of options. They are known for their food’s delicious flavor as well as their healthy portions. You will get more than your fill of food from Rancho Fiesta. 

This restaurant’s extensive menu includes several dips. You won’t find this many dips at most other Mexican restaurants. Those dips include guacamole dip, cheese dip, spinach dip, and bean dip along with two others. They have soups, salads, cheeseburgers, burritos, tacos, and fajitas. There is a portion of the menu just for chicken dishes, which include pollo asado, pollo fundido, and pollo ranchero. Their steak menu includes carne asada, el grande burro, and gringo steak. They have a seafood menu with shrimp fajitas and arroz con camaron, and a vegetarian menu with spinach quesadillas and bean burritos. There is also an extensive list of house specials. 

At this restaurant, there is also a good list of desserts. Those desserts include sopapillas, fried ice cream, cheesecake chimichangas, and banana chimichangas. There is also a lunch menu that includes several menu items for a much cheaper price. It makes the food even more of a steal since it isn’t very expensive in the first place!

“Everything was delicious. We have been looking for a good Mexican restaurant for almost 3 years in central Ohio. Pollo la crema and the enchiladas were perfect. The Texas margaritas were tasty and refreshing. They have a great kids menu with good variety. We will be back!” -- Yelp Review

El Charrito 

This restaurant serves well-recognized Mexican American food. 
Five different plates of Mexican food.
This spread can get anyone excited to enjoy a feast. Image courtesy of Uber Eats

80 W Hanley Rd | Mansfield

El Charrito is a Mexican restaurant that serves great food. They serve the standard Mexican food that you can find in American Mexican restaurants. Their food is amazing and flavorful and keeps their customers satisfied. They provide quick as well as friendly service. Their portion sizes are also huge, so it’s tough not to be satisfied when ordering a meal from El Charrito. The place also has a casual vibe that keeps their guests comfortable. 

The food is very well priced, so a visit to this restaurant will not break the bank. Visitors get a whole lot for their money at El Charrito. Many visitors also come for the drinks. This restaurant has great drinks and especially great margaritas. The drinks are also very reasonably priced just as everything else on the menu. 

The food here includes tacos, burritos, fajitas, and combination platters among other foods. The menu is extensive and also has a short kids menu available for small kids who can’t handle the really large portions. You can even get amazing desserts like flan and other great Mexican restaurants. The atmosphere is colorful and casual and a place where you can really relax with the people you know. 

“I'll start by saying if you're a fan of flan this is a must try. Could possibly be the best I've ever had. I also enjoyed the fajitas carnitas. The dish was very tasty and I couldn't finish it. There was so much on the plate. Their salsa is also very good. It has a roasted flavor to it and I went through two bowls. ” -- Yelp Review

Panchos Tacos

This Restaurant serves authentic and American Mexican foods. 

1344 Lexington Ave | Mansfield | panchos-tacos.business.site

Panchos Tacos is a casual Mexican restaurant that uses the freshest of ingredients for its meal creations. They specialize in authentic Mexican and American Mexican foods. Their main specialty is authentic al pastor, which is tacos made with spit-grilled pork meat. It is a meal based on lamb shawarma, which was brought to Mexico by Lebanese immigrants. 

The other menu items include cheese dip, chicken and rice bowl, ceviche, and fajita taco salads. Some of their menu items are more unique and won’t be found at the average Mexican restaurant. Those unique food items include shrimp pizza, BBQ Mexican pizza, Hawaiian fajitas, and tofu burritos. There are many more fun and interesting foods that you can choose from on the menu. They also have many vegetarian and vegan options to choose from. 

The menu is so long and varied, there isn’t much of a chance that you can’t find something that you’re interested in having. There is also a children’s menu that has a few great kid-friendly choices on the menu. They also offer a choice in margaritas. You can have one frozen or on the rocks, and there are many different options in flavor available. They have melon, blood orange, green apple, espresso, habanero, spicy mango, pumpkin, and so much more! They have more margarita flavors than most restaurants. 

“This is a legit Mexican restaurant in mid Ohio and a surprisingly good find. The carnitas rice bowl and steak tacos were awesome. The guacamole, and all three of their homemade salsas were excellent as well. Try the horchata too. The cooks are Mexican and know what they're doing back there. The atmosphere of the restaurant is kind of quirky Mexican. I definitely recommend this place over the nearby chains!” -- Yelp Review

Chipotle Mexican Grill

This popular fast Mexican restaurant can be found in multiple locations across the country. 
This meal is both delicious and really healthy to eat. Image courtesy of Chipotle

2470 Possum Run Rd | Mansfield | chipotle.com

Chipotle is a popular fast Mexican restaurant that is beloved across the country. Although there are several locations, each location makes sure to support local farmers in their areas. That way they can always provide fresh food to their customers at any location. That’s one reason their food tastes so great. Chipotle is known for being health conscious. Anyone with a specialized diet or someone who wants to count calories will appreciate this place. 

They offer calorie counts for all their foods, so it's easy to know how many calories you’re taking in with everything you order. On top of offering burritos, they also offer burrito bowls without the wrap. They have options for all types of diets, including paleo, keto, whole 360, and vegan. Aside from all the different toppings you can get in your tacos and burritos, you can get something called a “lifestyle bowl”, which is a bowl that is based on several diets. But of course, you can build your own bowl, which is what Chipotle is known for. 

Chipotle offers catering, rewards programs, and delivery. You can have it delivered from any app or from their own delivery service. This chain is very passionate about the way their food is produced and sold. You won’t be bombarded with artificial foods the way you will be at most places. They believe that real food is best for people and the environment. 

“We order online and pick up in the store weekly.  We have never had a bad experience here.  Portions are always huge, order is always ready when it's supposed to be, staff is friendly, and the restaurant is clean.  Sometimes they even write cute notes on our bowls.  We love this Chipotle!” -- Yelp Review

Taco Bell

This popular fast food chain is where people go for a quick fix. 

1423 Lexington Ave | Mansfield | tacobell.com

Taco Bell is a well known fast food chain that sells Mexican style food. There are several locations all throughout the country, and they often have drive-thru for convenience. Taco Bell serves fast food that is really satisfying when you need it. This chain has been around since the 50s and has grown a ton since then. In the 70s, there were over 300 locations, and now there are many more. This shop is a personal favorite for many people across the country.

Taco Bell’s food is extremely affordable. You get a whole lot for what you pay. They have tacos, burritos, nachos, and quesadillas, along with other unique offerings they created themselves. Some of those unique offerings include crunch wrap Supremes, quesaritos, and power bowls. These are all their own variations on traditional Mexican foods. They also offer nacho fries, along with bowls and burritos with nacho fries inside. 

Taco Bell also tends to come up with cool new menu items. Some stick around and some go away over time, but some of the newer options include Cinnabon coffee, deluxe craving boxes, and cherry sunrize frosties. There are several menu items that are under two dollars as well. You will definitely be full after visiting Taco Bell. 

“Frankly, this Taco Bell is actually better than some of the so-called authentic Mexican restaurants here in this town. It is very clean, and the wait staff is very friendly and helpful. Plus, if you have the app, you can order online and won't have to wait that long.”--TripAdvisor Review

Los 3 Mayas

This place sells high quality Mexican food. 

A skillet on a wooden board filled with food.
This plate is very substantial and looks quite delicious. Image courtesy of Cumpas

569 Ashland Rd | Mansfield 

Los 3 Mayas is an authentic restaurant that sells authentic Mexican food. It has a great and colorful atmosphere that makes customers feel an upbeat vibe, along with a nice and friendly staff. A lot of their furniture and décor appears to be hand-crafted and hand painted. It makes for a casual and fun atmosphere. 

When you visit this restaurant, you’ll find plenty of authentic Mexican foods made with fresh ingredients. You’ll find tacos, burritos, and salads, along with several other foods. They also provide a variety of sauces to choose from that go great with their meals. The amount of food you get is a lot for what you pay. They offer very substantial meals at low prices. 

They also offer many great beverages to customers. If you come at a certain time in the day, you can get those drinks at lower prices during happy hour! The drinks they offer include long islands, margaritas, and Jose Cuervo shots. Any time spent as Los 3 Mayas is bound to be great. 

“I really liked this place! Service was great, attentive, and funny. I love the atmosphere! all of the chairs/booths/tables look handcrafted and hand painted beautifully with Mexican and colorful themes. The food was quick to come out, and really delicious. Got a steak burrito and it was more than enough for the price. Would love to come back if I'm ever in the area.”-- Yelp Review

Mansfield, Ohio is filled with many great Mexican restaurants that will fill you up and make you feel great. Whether you want to order in, dine-in, or order catering, these restaurants will give you just what you’re looking for!

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