Meet The 8 Best Furniture Stores Medina, Ohio Has to Offer

Medina, Ohio has a few great places where residents and visitors can purchase high quality furniture.

The inside of a store with living room furniture on sale with kitchenware behind it.

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Image courtesy of Vox

Often when you move, and sometimes when you’re just in the mood for new surroundings, you might be in the market for some new furniture. A place can easily feel brand new when it is decorated with new furniture. The joy of buying new furniture can easily be dampened if you choose to shop at the wrong place. You need to make sure that you get yourself quality furniture that looks about as good as it functions.

Finding new furniture you enjoy that is of good quality can be a difficult process. The process becomes a lot easier when you know where to shop. When you’re in the market for some new furniture, Medina, Ohio is a great place to visit. This city has several great furniture stores that will benefit you to visit. Here are the top 8 furniture stores!

Eastwood Furniture

This store’s furniture is all handmade.

Handmade wooden furniture.

This office space was handcrafted. Image courtesy of Visit Medina County

23 Public Sq. | Medina | eastwoodfurniture.com

Eastwood Furniture is a family owned handmade Amish furniture store. It has been operating since 1994. This furniture store is different from any of the usual furniture stores that you’d find on the market. They don’t use cheap manufacturing to make large quantities of furniture. They work exclusively with Amish craftsmen. These craftsmen make high quality furniture built to last for generations by hand. 

At Eastwood Furniture, you’re not forced to choose from a limited selection of furniture pieces. Since everything is made by hand, you get to have a greater say in how your furniture turns out. This store provides their customers with lots of options and top notch service. 

You will get the chance to be in touch with them as they work on creating your furniture. They believe that you shouldn’t have to settle for anyone else’s dream furniture, but that the furniture you buy should be tailored to suit your specific tastes. They have all the resources necessary to give you what you need, and they encourage you to reach out to them so that you can get your perfect product!

The Interior Design Studio

These interior designers have lots of experience making homes look better.

47 Public Sq. | Medina | interiordesignstudiooh.com

The Interior Design Studio has a team of designers who bring fun, creativity, and care to all of their projects. They all collaborate so that they can create the ideal environment for each of their clients. Each of the designers has over 40 years of experience combined, and that experience certainly shows in their work. They can handle projects of any size, including for both commercial and residential spaces. 

On their website, you can find tons of immaculate photographs that display their past work. They showcase unique and tasteful designs for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. It is clear that they can pull off various fun and vibrant styles. 

While you can get custom made furniture at The Interior Design Studio, you can also get some ready made furniture at their sister store, JK Gift Shop. This gift shop sells furniture, jewelry, baby gifts, and a “fun bar.” This store has a rotation of seasonal items and a positive atmosphere that keeps customers coming back. The shelves are always filled with awesome and unique merchandise. 

Wallace Home Furnishings

This store offers great custom made furniture.

A metallic couch outside in front of a low concrete wall.
This couch will look great in a number of spaces. Image courtesy of Wallace Home Furnishings

833 North Court St | Medina | wallacehomefurnishings.com

Wallace Home Furnishings is a family owned business where value meets style. This business was founded in 2020 and provides their customers with a large and eclectic selection of affordable products for their homes. They offer items that suit all tastes and budgets. Their furniture is American made and that includes items made right in Medina, Ohio. It is made by local artists and woodworkers among others. They even offer Amish-made furniture that is made in Ohio’s local Amish country. 

Wallace Home Furnishings has buyers search the world in search of the latest home style trends. They are knowledgeable of how to carry out those trends, some of which include traditional and contemporary. They likely know how to pull off any style that you may wish to emulate in your own home. 

At this store, you can order custom made furniture. They have a selection of couches, love seats, and sectionals that can be ordered with one of over a hundred different fabric options. You can also have any wooden furniture built with your wood of choice and get them in different heights and widths. They can also custom mix stain colors to fit your vision or have your new furniture match your old furniture. 


This commercial furniture store has a large online presence.

849 N Court St | Medina | overstock.com

Overstock is a well known furniture store with several locations throughout the country. This store has a large online presence, with many customers ordering from their extensive website, but several in-person stores still exist in many places. One of those places is Medina, Ohio! Shopping for furniture online can be very convenient, but it is always great when you get to check out the furniture that you may want to buy in person. 

You can always check out their store online to figure out what you may want to check out in person, or even order your furniture off of their website. Overstock is a large company with the resources to provide a large selection of furniture that is ready to be shipped out right away. 

Overstock provides name brand furniture at a discount compared to most other commercial furniture stores. They sell furniture for all rooms of a home and they offer that furniture in many different styles. The styles they offer include farmhouse, industrial, rustic, modern, boho, French country, Scandinavian, and coastal. You can outfit your entire house with all the amazing furniture that you can find at Overstock at prices that are cheaper than average. 

Perfectly Charming

This store’s furniture is vintage and hand-painted.

Whimsical small decorative items on top of a white painted dresser.
This furniture will add a unique touch to any room in your home. Image courtesy of Perfectly Charming Medina

248 S. Court St. | Medina | perfectlycharmingmedina.com

This furniture shop is located in Medina’s historic shopping district. They bring the public affordable vintage furniture along with unique accessories. This is a small shop that has a quaint style to it. They sell many smaller items that can be used for decoration as well as furniture. Their decorations are nicely displayed in ways that let their visitors see how those items can be displayed in their own homes. Anyone who has unconventional tastes will love this store and all the unusual pieces that it offers. 

There are lots of small sculptures of chickens, rabbits, insects, and eggs. There are signs with creative images and pictures on them, real and fake plants, birdhouses, and clocks. You’ll find decorative storage jars, fake fruit, and bird cages. There is a lot there for the inside of your home as well as your yard. 

The furniture pieces have been skillfully repainted, and you can tell that the designers put a lot of effort into their work. Some items are painted one color and some are painted with unique designs. Shopping for furniture at this store is sure to give your space an interesting vibe. 

Mattress Firm Medina

This store specializes in comfortable mattresses.

4055 Pearl Rd | Medina | mattressfirm.com

Mattress Firm Medina is a store that specializes in mattresses. They have a wide array of mattresses of many kinds. You can easily find a mattress to fit anyone’s preferences there. Mattress Firm is a popular American chain. This chain was started over 30 years ago and has long been a top choice for people on the hunt for new mattresses. It is the largest mattress retailer in the nation. 

Over the years, this store has matched millions of people with the best mattresses for their sleep styles. They recognize that everybody is different and they strive to accommodate anyone who visits their store. They make shopping for a mattress easy despite their large selection. They also offer lower prices than many typical mattress shops. They even offer to beat the price of comparable mattresses that you may find elsewhere. 

They have memory foam mattresses, box spring mattresses, and hybrids. They have mattresses from many reliable brands. Some of those brands include Sleepy’s, Serta, tulo, and much more. Mattress Firm even offers a 120 day return guarantee. If you don’t like your mattress before 120 days are up, you can easily return it for a refund! They will also help you find a better fit if that’s what you prefer. They also offer free shipping on what you order!

The Original Mattress Factory

This store’s mattresses are all made in the USA.

A row of mattresses on different bed frames inside a store.
One of these mattresses will be ideal for you. Image courtesy of Cleveland Classical

1170 N Court St | Medina | originalmattress.com

The Original Mattress Factory is a chain mattress store with several locations spread out across the country. This mattress shop is popular for good reasons. They provide quality mattresses at great prices. They make every mattress that they sell in their own factory. The mattresses are all American and locally made. They have a factory in every city that they serve. 

If you visit The Original Mattress Factory, you can even get the chance to tour their facility and see how they make their mattresses. They have made their mattresses so well for so long that seeing how they get it done can be a further selling point. 

This store prides itself on providing its customers with the best experience possible. They do not have sales on their mattresses since they are already so well priced. They provide high quality for decent prices and will even let you return any mattress that isn’t working out for you. They care so much about your comfort, they even have sleeping tips on their website! If you have any trouble sleeping even with your great new mattress, just check out their tips to figure out what you could do to improve your sleep sessions at night.

Big D Glass & Mirror

This store specializes in glass creations.

2425 Medina Rd | Medina | glassshopclevelandoh.com

Big D Glass & Mirror is a store that focuses on creating glass furniture. It is a trusted glass shop with glass experts that create just what their customers need. The glass experts make sure that their customers feel comfortable and make sure they know that they’re coming to the right place. This is a glass company that you can certainly depend on. 

This store specializes in creating mirrors. They sell pre-made and custom made mirrors. They even sell mirrored walls for anyone who would like to cover large surface areas in their house with mirrors. If you have a broken mirror, Big D is available to install a new mirror for you. Even if you want a mirror, but don’t know exactly what it is that you want, they will help you through the process of figuring it out. They also make sure that their mirrors are affordable. They can help you out no matter what size or style of mirror you are looking for. 

Big D can  also handle so much more than mirrors. They will take care of your mirrors, shower enclosures, and glass doors. They will even work to maintain the integrity of the glass that you already have in your home. This shop can install full mirrors and even fix the ones that you already have. You can get your whole house outfitted with glass from Big D. Whatever the problem, they will work with you to find a solution. 

Medina, Ohio has several great options when it comes to buying furniture. If you’re in the market for new furniture, and aren’t sure where to search, this Ohio city has several furniture stores that you can choose from.

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April 7, 2022
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