Maximizing Your ROI: Smart Investments for Your Commercial Property

Investors want to maximise the returns of their investments, especially if such investments involve assets as valuable as commercial properties.

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Jan 21, 2021

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That said, it can be difficult—and costly—to make value-adding investments. For many, it can be an added challenge to know how to improve the value of their commercial property, much more execute it.

If you need some inspiration to increase your property’s appeal, you’ve come to the right place.

This article will give you some tips on maximising your property’s ROI with the right balance of smart construction and investments.

Ready to stand out from the competition? Here are nine upgrades that can help give your commercial property a modern and potentially money-generating touch!

1. Interactive Kiosks

Integrating smart technology in a commercial space is a surefire way to enhance its appeal in today’s technologically-driven world—and one of the best forms of technology to add to a commercial space is an interactive kiosk.

An interactive kiosk is a touch-based platform that provides company information, instructions, or services according to a company’s needs. It’s usually situated near the entrance of a commercial space or a designated information counter.

These kiosks provide real-time information that visitors and staff can utilise to get company-specific information or initiate commands. 

For example, it can serve as a Wayfinder and help lead people in the right direction. It can also conduct transactions and orders, helping facilitate purchases, registrations, and ticket sales through an integrated card reader or bill acceptor.

Having an interactive kiosk is an efficient substitute for manual labour, lessening salary costs over time. It also leaves a modern impression on your visitors, which can be a good way to help your company stay top-of-mind to your valued patrons.

2. Outdoor Stall Featuring Seasonal Products

Another great way to maximise ROI is by adding more floor space for products outdoors. If you’ve already maximised your space indoors for shelf space, it’s possible to repurpose your storefront to display some of your best-selling or seasonal products.

If you’re worried about your products falling victim to rain and harsh sunlight, this is often patched up by a shade structure from Greenline and other fabric structure providers. 

These companies give customisable shade structures to help protect your products and make it comfortable for your customers to shop around.

By having an outdoor stall, you’re making it easier for people to browse through your store even if they didn’t fully intend on doing so. This, in turn, can lead to more sales and impressions.

3. Facade Upgrades

Another great way to get people to look at your store is by upgrading the facade. A modern and well-thought-out facade can enhance your company’s curb appeal and make it stand out in a sea of competitors. And there are many ways you can improve your company’s storefront.

For one, you can consider adding new and loud signage at the storefront. Alternatively, you can add accent lighting and make your window display more eye-catching to draw in more customers.

If you have the time and budget, you can also consider renovating your storefront to include eye-catching architectural elements. For instance, you can renovate and attach a marquee to your storefront or put a brand-themed mascot statue outside the store for photo opportunities.

By investing in an exterior that’s distinct and reflective of your brand’s ethos, you can capture the right demographic and catch customer attention. If everything else is done right, this can translate to better business and improved customer loyalty.

4. Outdoor Seating Area

For shopowners who own a store situated in a busy business district, having an outdoor seating area can be a good way to get people to lounge close to your business.

This addition not only helps people relax after walking for some time, but if placed properly, it can also increase the visibility and accessibility of your company—particularly if you’re running a brick-and-mortar store like a restaurant.

An outdoor seating area can also increase the capacity of people waiting to get serviced, which is key if you own service-based companies like a cafe, restaurant, recreation centre, or massage parlour. 

When customers feel comfortable and welcomed, even if they’re not yet served, this can translate to more potential business throughout the day. As such, be sure that you have outdoor seating outside—particularly when your business is doing well enough for a queue to form.

5. Public WiFi Hotspot

If you own a cafe or restaurant, having WiFi available for your guests can be a good way to incentivise people to choose your spot instead of your competitors.

Free internet access is undoubtedly a perk that people love, considering the digital age we’re currently in. It allows people to work, browse, and play while staying connected—and longer hours can translate to a higher chance of people buying more of your products.

Furthermore, as more people linger in your space, you’re providing an illusion of higher foot traffic, which can incentivise a new crowd of people to visit your store out of curiosity.

Furthermore, repeat customers are a more likely occurrence if you have a WiFi hotspot. In short, having internet access is a low-cost addition that can improve lifetime customer value and more frequent customer visits.

6. Landscaping and Public Art Spaces

People love to judge things at first glance, and looking at your building’s exterior generally gives people an idea of whether your place is worth visiting or not.

As such, it’s generally a good idea to ensure that your building’s exterior is in top shape, particularly the front area that’s accessible by public road. 

One way to do that is by investing in landscaping to transform a barren and boring old lawn into something aesthetically pleasing and atmospheric. A touch of greenery and some smartly-placed statues and pathways can go a long way.

Besides that, another way to stand out is by adding visual candy around your property. Public art pieces like sculptures and murals can enrich your commercial space and be a great way to engage the community and prompt them to share the art online.

7. Clear Entryways

It’s important to set up your store in such a way that’s inviting and easy for prospecting customers to come in. One way to do that is by decorating your storefront in a way that makes it clear that it’s open for business.

Having a sign that says Open/Closed is essential to inform customers of whether your business is currently operating. Besides that, it’s also a good idea to have established entryways to make it easier for customers to just go into your store.

A canopy is an easy feature you can add to your frontage that can lure people in. It’s a shade structure comprising a metal frame and fabric that extends to provide shade in a certain area. 

When positioned right, it can lead customers walking down the road to your storefront—making the transition towards a sales generation much more seamless. 

Fortunately, canopies are fairly budget-friendly accessories, meaning even small-scale businesses can afford and take advantage of their allure.

8. Energy-Efficient Lighting

Utility bills can rack up quite fast in businesses, especially those open during the daytime hours. As such, it’s important to optimise your electric bill by choosing products that don’t consume as much electricity as needed.

LED lighting, for instance, is a fantastic lighting option since it’s both sustainable and relatively environmentally friendly. This can help reduce the total utility cost per month, leading to more capital in your business’s pockets for more value-adding tasks.

9. Security Cameras and Mirrors

No one likes to have their products stolen and shoplifted—especially small businesses whose margins are thin.

A good way to stop people from shoplifting is by installing some security cameras or propping up some wide-angle circular mirrors around your store. This can help prevent petty theft from happening, or at the very least, keep it at a minimum.

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