Keeping Your Home Winter Protected

Living in the north has its quirks, like experiencing winter. Winter weather can be tough on your wallet but we’re here to help make this season as painless (and cheap) as possible.

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Amber Kanoza


Jan 21, 2021

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Winter can be a tough time. Everyone gets sick, snow needs to be shoveled, and worst of all, it can create havoc on your home. Home maintenance can be so expensive, and it can be painful to spend the necessary funds for home repairs. Being proactive is always a good idea, especially when it comes to protecting your long-term investments. HER has the perfect home that you can make your own this winter.  

In this article we will explore:

-Drafty windows and doors

-The importance of furnace filters

-When to adjust the thermostat

-Fan usage in the winter

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Drafty Doors and Windows

No one likes that freezing cold air in a cozy living room. It can ruin the mood very quickly. Luckily, it is a very easy fix. Before the weather gets even more crazy, go through every room in the house and check for any subtle cracks in your windows and doors. You’d be surprised how much air can get through.

window seal
‍Courtesy of the Home Depot

One solution is to invest in storm doors and windows. They are a lot more durable and help ensure your family's warmth in the winter. If you don’t feel like spending that kind of money right now, a cheaper alternative is a weatherstripping kit. They range from $10-20 but that’s a lot cheaper than brand new windows, plus this will help save a couple bucks on that intense heating bill on freezing winter nights. Also, another tip is to keep you drapes closed, that can help keep the cold air out as well.  

Furnace Filters are the true MVP

To be comfortable in the winter, your furnace is your new best friend. It not only keeps your house nice and toasty, but it also keeps all the vital functions of your house still functioning. Furnace care is super important. I highly recommend having your furnace inspected every once in a while, hopefully being able to foresee any possible upcoming issues to prevent something from happening. It would be a huge bummer to not have a functioning furnace in the middle of winter. In order to help maintain your furnace’s happiness, change the filter.

Furnace Filter
‍Courtesy of

As an alternative to changing the filter every few months, you can always get the type of filters that you can just hose off when they get too dirty. The reusable filters may cost a little more upfront but you won’t have to keep going to the hardware store to get replacements.  

Hack the Thermostat

The thermostat is the key to lowering your heating bill, but it is also necessary to be comfortable during the winter months. We all know that the heating bill can give us a migraine, so instead of freezing, we can find some nifty alternatives.


If you’re feeling fancy, there are programmable thermostats. These babies keep your temperature consistent (which saves some moolah by the way) and you can program it to get lower or higher during certain times. So if you’re not home, the temp will automatically drop. You can even get one controlled through wifi!

However, if you’re not quite feeling buying a whole new thermostat, just adjust the temps manually.

Fans are useful too!

Plot twist: fans are not just for the warmer months. Of course, there are some people that sleep with a fan year round but that is beside the point. Fun fact, if you adjust your fan to go clockwise on the lowest setting, it will push the warmer air down and force the colder air to stay up. That way you can enjoy the warmer air you deserve without spending a dime.

Winter can be a miserable time of year, but with these house tips it should save your wallet a few bucks and increase your comfort levels. So go ahead, read a book and light a candle and take advantage of the hibernation of the season. Don’t forget to contact your HER, REALTORS® to find a home where you can try all of these tips and make your house extra cozy!    

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February 7, 2018
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