How to Make Kratom Extract?

Learn the steps for crafting potent kratom extract at home. It will simplify the process, ensuring a rewarding DIY experience.

Kratom Extract



Jan 21, 2021

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The organic green compound kratom promises fantastic advantages to the human body. Hence, many of us want to consume it and avail of its benefits. Kratom is consumed in different ways. While some prefer to chew the leaves directly, others may get kratom capsules and powders from online vendors. The other way of consuming kratom is by making kratom extracts.

Kratom extracts are just a concentrated form of the compound. Kratom extracts are made from different kratom strains. Some of these extracts are made in labs using expensive equipment. However, many people make these extracts using simpler processes at home. 

In this article, we will talk about at-home kratom extraction and other methods. We will also talk about some additional relevant information. 

Methods to make Kratom Extracts

There are three main ways in which kratom extraction can be done. Two of them are quite simple and can be easily done at home. The third method is somewhat expensive and difficult to conduct.

Tea-Based Extraction 

This is the simplest method to make a kratom extract. All you have to do is to add kratom to water and then boil it. As the water boils, the alkaloids stored in the kratom are released into the water. Boiling water for a longer time helps to make a unique and robust kratom extract. 

You can also make this extract flavourful by adding lemon and cinnamon. After heating the water, you can pour the same into a clean container. This can be stored for future consumption as well. This extract will have the same benefits that kratom itself has. However, this extraction has the lowest kratom concentration; only if you brew the tea for longer hours, the concentration might get high.

Water-Based Extraction

In this type of extraction, you have to do more work compared to kratom tea. But after the extraction, you will get a more concentrated product. Let us see the recipe to make water-based extraction:

Things you Need:

  • Kratom powder or leaves
  • Ethanol(80-100 proof)
  • Water
  • Citric acid, vinegar or lemon juice
  • pH measurement tool
  • A large vessel
  • Scale
  • cheesecloth
  • Brown jars for storage


  • Step 1: 

You need to add kratom leaves to the brown jar. You can add 4 ounces of kratom if you don’t know the dosage. 

  • Step 2

Now, add ethanol to the jar. Pour 1 liter of ethanol for every 4 ounces of kratom. Now, stir the mixture well. 

  • Step 3:

Add citric acid, vinegar, or lemon juice to the mixture for preservation. Now, measure the pH using your pH measurement tool. It should reach level 4.

  • Step 4:

Now seal the jar and keep the mixture in a cool and dry place for 14 days. Do not open the container before 14 days.

  • Step 5:

After 2 weeks, strain the solution in a clean container using a cheesecloth. Keep the cloth on the mouth of the container and let the solution evaporate for about a day. Using a new cheesecloth, strain this solution into a new jar. Your kratom tincture is now ready to use. 

This extract will be concentrated. You can also add glycerin to balance the increased acidity in the content. If you are buying kratom online, make sure to purchase it from top kratom vendors only to get the best quality.

Resin Extracts

It is one of the most potent forms of kratom. It is in a semi-solid state. One must follow a comprehensive procedure to make this type of extract. To make this extract, here is the procedure:

Things You Need: 

  • Kratom Powder/leaves
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Measuring Scale
  • Weighing Pan
  • Lime or Lemon Juice
  • Clean Water
  • Oven Pan
  • Step 1: In the mixing bowl, add kratom powder and an equal amount of water. The water must submerge the kratom powder and mix the solution. Add lemon/lime juice to the mix and put the solution in the freezer overnight. 
  • Step 2: Next day, in a separate pot, boil some water and put the frozen kratom mix in the boiling water. Keep the heat medium. Keep stirring until the block melts.
  • Step 3: Remove the pot from the heat when ¼ of the water evaporates. Strain the remaining mixture using a cheesecloth. If you want a smooth resin, repeat the straining process.
  • Step 4: Pour the mixture into an oven-safe dish. Set the oven to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Heating the mixture in the oven will remove the remaining water. It will provide a thick resin extract at the end of the process. 

You can prepare kratom extract from any kratom strain, but ensure the kratom strain you are using is from a reputable vendor. Outlook has listed top kratom brands that provide the purest kratom in powder, capsule, or liquid form.

How do you Store Kratom Extracts?

Storing kratom extracts properly is essential. First, if these extracts are not stored correctly, they will get contaminated, and your entire hard work will go in vain. Secondly, if the kratom extracts are not stored in adequate conditions, they start to lose their properties. Here is a list of a few factors that you need to be mindful of while storing kratom extracts. 

  • Always store kratom extracts away from light. That is why it is advisable to use dark bottles. 
  • The containers used to store kratom extracts must be airtight. 
  • Avoid opening the containers again and again.
  • Use the extracts within 3-4 months of preparation for maximum benefits.

Conclusion: How to Make Kratom Extract?

Kratom extracts are the easiest way to consume kratom. One would prefer consuming extracts instead of chewing kratom leaves. The method of preparation can be labor-intensive. However, the amount of benefits offered is way more than this. But if you are worried about the bitter taste of this extract, then you can add some sweeteners and flavoring agents.

We talked about the methods to make kratom extracts. You can go with the simple ones or make yourself a kratom resin. These extracts are the best ways to draw the maximum benefits from kratom. The best part about these extracts is that they retain and preserve the amount of alkaloids in them. It depends on the user's convenience and the method he wants to use.

We also discussed different methods of storing extracts. Storage is important; otherwise, your efforts will be in vain. 

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