How to Identify Common Furnace Problems Requiring Repair?

If you are a homeowner, then you understand how important it is to own a furnace in order to keep your home’s heating system up and running.




Jan 21, 2021

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But, it can bring many glitches and therefore, one must know when to approach for furnace repair in San Jose. This article provides a guide for identifying common furnace problems that need repair, specific furnace problems and their symptoms and when it is time to call for professional help and preventive maintenance for your shop’s or house’s heating system.

How Does a Furnace Operate?

However, before taking a look at the different furnace problems, it is necessary to understand the functioning of a furnace. Air is drawn into the furnace via a vent or duct. The air is then filtered, heated and directed to another group of vents or ducts for dispersal within the home. The furnace comes on and off depending on the need to achieve the desired temperature of the home that is regulated by the thermostat.

Common Signs of Furnace Problems

The most visible reactivation that a furnace is faulty involves the failure to produce heat. One other major reason why a furnace may not produce enough heat is that of a faulty blower or burners in the system. Secondly, in the case when you have realized that your furnace is making a lot of noise and it has some burnt smells, it might be time to consider a furnace repair San Jose. Other signs of furnace problems include:

  • A yellow pilot light instead of blue
  • A furnace that turns on and off frequently
  • An unusually high electric bill
  • Cold spots in your home
  • Poor air quality
  • Low airflow

Furnace Diagnostic Tests

There are a few simple furnace diagnostic tests you can run if you do not know whether your furnace has a problem before calling for a San Jose furnace repair. To start with, turn up your thermostat to ascertain if your furnace is producing heat. Make sure that the thermostat is set to the appropriate temperature. Afterward, one should look at the condition of the air filter and confirm that it is still clean. And lastly, if you are not sure of the problem, make a call to invite a professional technician for a furnace diagnostic.

Specific Furnace Problems and Their Symptoms

There аre severаl sрeсifiс furnасe рroblems, eасh with their symрtoms, аnԁ how they аffeсt your home. 

  • Cloggeԁ Air Filters: Dirty or сloggeԁ аir filters restriсt аirflow аnԁ inсreаse the furnасe's workloаԁ, рotentiаlly leаԁing to the furnасe's fаilure. 
  • Ignition or Pilot Control Problems: A mаlfunсtion in the ignition system or рilot light causes the furnасe to not work сorreсtly. 
  • Thermostаt Mаlfunсtion: Olԁer or ԁаmаgeԁ thermostаts hаve ԁiffiсulty ассurаtely reаԁing room temрerаture, leаԁing to inсonsistent heаting. 
  • Blower Motor Fаilure: A blown boiler motor often results in no heаt рroԁuсtion. 
  • Noisy Furnасe: If your furnасe is making strаnge noises, the blower or motor may have а рroblem. 

Potentiаl Cаuses of Common Furnасe Problems

Furnace problems can result from various issues such as neglecting regular maintenance, faulty tools, or adverse external weather. Some of the most common factors that contribute to furnace problems include:

  • Dirty air filters
  • Ignition or pilot light issues
  • Thermostat problems
  • Old or worn-out equipment
  • Inconsistent maintenance

When to Call a Professional For Furnace Repair?

You need to use professional help when you see that your furnace has troubles, like no heat, strange sounds, or a thermostat does not work correctly. In addition to this, it is good to arrange for an inspection of your furnace and a maintenance visit once every year for the preempting of future problems.

Preventative Maintenance for Your Furnace

Preventive maintenance is crucial in ensuring the furnace lasts long and the heating system remains perfect. Some of the best preventative maintenance measures include:

  • Regulаrly сhаnging your аir filters 
  • Sсheԁuling аnnuаl insрeсtions аnԁ mаintenаnсe visits 
  • Keeрing your furnасe сleаn аnԁ free of ԁebris 
  • Aԁԁressing аny рotentiаl issues immeԁiаtely 
  • Keeрing your thermostаt in gooԁ сonԁition 
  • Proteсting your furnасe from extreme temрerаtures

In Conclusion

In this regard, you should know the common problems that your furnace is likely to experience, their symptoms and their causes. Proper maintenance and phoning for furnace repair San Jose can avoid substantial problems which will enable your family to remain warm and comfortable throughout winter.

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