How Do You Save Money When Taking Local Moving Services?

We move out occasionally in search of better opportunities and needs per the given requirements. Moving can be a headache compared to the tasks associated with it. 

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Jan 21, 2021

From finding the perfect moving company to packing your stuff, loading it, and unpacking, there's a lot of work! And moving is not just about your stuff! You look forward to decorating your new space, meeting your new neighbors, and turning that space into your home. But, it's essential to consider the price associated with moving. This is a cost-saving guide to help you save money on local moving services, from selecting a reliable moving company to many more tips. 

Moving Costs of Local Moving Services

Moving costs are not fixed. No one can give a rough cost estimation without knowing a few factors. They can be the location, the time, the distance of the move, and the availability of the local moving services. Understanding these aspects can help you know the cost and how to minimize it. 

The cost of moving is highly dependent on what you want! You can avoid the professional moving cost if you prefer moving yourself without relying on any moving companies. That being said, you must have a van to load your things, and it comes with a cost breakdown: 

  • Cleaning Services
  • Moving Insurance
  • Moving Trucks or Vans
  • Packing Supplies

Even if you DIY, this equipment is a must for moving. Another cost factor is the distance. 

For example, the transportation cost of your items across the city is less expensive than out of the state. Local moving services can cost an average of $1700, even for professional movers, whereas moving to a different state includes an additional cost, making it an average of $7,000 or even more. While DIY is brilliant, we still recommend contacting a moving company. Professional movers play an important role, which we will be discussing further.

Role of Professional Movers

The main decision you've got to make is whether to use a professional moving company or DIY. 

Let's explore a few advantages to hiring professionals!


Moving is a great responsibility that comes with significant risk. A moving company here ensures that your things are protected and gets the work done for you. They'll be available at your doorstep and handle all your issues with care at your convenience. You don't have to worry about an injury or any accidents with the moving company. 

Reduced investment

Earlier, we mentioned the necessary tools and equipment for a DIY move. The kit also costs you a lot. And if you're moving infrequently, those purchased items might no longer be used by you. The advantage of hiring a professional local moving services is the reduced investment. You don't have to invest in renting a moving truck or purchasing any moving boxes, tape, or bubble wrap. They will do everything!

Mold Prevention

While moving to a distant place, often your furniture gets affected. For preventing mold, what you can do is ask the local moving services to pack your furniture in clean storage. Mold is said to breed in moist areas. As a result, the dust and dirt on the furniture provide food for mold. Inorder to prevent that, ask your local moving company for a clean storage.

Saving Money on Your Move

Local moving services are a better option when it comes to moving. They offer safety, security, ease, convenience, and a balanced investment. Here, we have listed a few things you can do on your own or a few actions to reduce the moving costs!

  • Request Multiple Quotes

There are a number of moving companies available, and each of their prices might differ. You can request an estimate from multiple providers to make the best decision. This ensures that you select the moving company that fits all your needs and offers the service at the lowest rate. 

Requesting quotes from several providers will also help you get an estimation of how much the move will cost, which will come in handy when you decide on your moving budget. 

  • Move During Off-Season

Moving during off-peak times will also help you save money. Many moving companies even offer discounts on moving during off-peak times. These companies charge more money during the summer and weekends when demand is high. Opting for a time during the winter somewhere on the weekdays can also help you save up costs there. 

  • Sell Unnecessary Items

There are tons of items in your home that are consuming space and are no longer in use. So, when you decide to move, you can get rid of those items by selling them and collecting them for your moving budget. You can place these themes on the website alone. It is also a great way to declutter before moving and ensure that only the necessary items move to your new house. 

Because long-distance moves vary depending on the weight of the inventory, decluttering will also reduce your final price. 

  • Pack Yourself

When you select a moving company, you can ask them if you can pack yourself. While hiring professionals to pack all your belongings might seem tempting, it also comes with an extra price. So, when you pack everything yourself, you're also saving money. And this step significantly reduces your overall moving expenses. 

  • Select the Right Moving Truck

Instead of using the truck back and forth for moving, you can select the right type of moving truck depending on your vehicle. Rental trucks are available in various sizes. You must determine the truck's size and whether all your items will fit! A big truck is associated with a high price, so you must want to sell it only if you need more than a medium-sized truck to place all your homes. 

  • Negotiate with Your Moving Company

A bit of negotiation does not hurt! You can ask for discounts from your moving company. 

While you can try negotiations, it is important to understand that only some professional moving companies will negotiate. You can give it a chance to save money on your move. 


Moving can be hectic, and we understand it! There are many factors to consider and many things to take care of! Moving also costs you money! So, when you opt for a moving company, you want to know how to save money. While DIY is also an option, we suggest moving with local moving services as they offer better service, safety, and security. 

They also come with insurance and a warranty, so it's a relief even if something goes wrong! DIY has some hidden costs associated with it. Having a professional by your side will help you move more quickly & efficiently.

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