How Can a Realtor Find New Clients?

In this guide, discover the art of welcoming home buyers while leaving them eager to embark on their new chapter.

How Agents Can Help First-Time Home Buyers


Matt Lyons


Jan 21, 2021

The work of a realtor is to constantly search for clients. It doesn't matter if you are an experienced professional or a beginner who is just getting started. It will be interesting and useful for every specialist in this field to learn about whether it is possible to receive leads online without "cold" calls and how to do it. This article will introduce you to useful tips used by leaders in the real estate industry.

Definition Of the Target Audience

Initially, it is necessary to clearly identify the areas of the target audience. The key to achieving any goal is a clear understanding of who your activities and business as a whole are aimed at. Each person respects loyalty and loves when they find an individual approach to him. Ordinary advertising, which is used for everyone indiscriminately according to the method of the law of probability, does not take it, but knowledge of the consumer's situation and the ability to offer a personal option is a storehouse. We recommend asking yourself a few questions to help you identify your goal.

  • What is your goal?
  • Find clients who are planning to buy their own home for the first time or those who are already looking to replace an existing one?
  • Where do your potential clients live?
  • What professional activity do they belong to and what position do they hold?
  • What is the client's monthly income? What interests and hobbies does the consumer have?
  • What landmark is in front of you: newlyweds, singles, couples with children?

It is best to clearly write down the answers to these questions in your planner and, based on the final picture, create a unique effective speech messenger.

Control Your Reputation

​​Any, even not very advanced user, when choosing a service or product, initially monitors reviews. Statistics show that 60% of buyers check this aspect first. We recommend that you pay special attention to reputation and regularly check responses in search engines. This will help you gain the trust of your customers. For this, you need to play with the right cards, like in poker. You need to practice the art of gambling, that’s why PlayAmo gives you the opportunity to practice your skills on their platform, from roulette online to online poker and blackjack, you have all to become a real expert.

Creation Of a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

All owners of real estate agencies are overly trying to stand out from the competition. No one is surprised by this statement, since there is a very large flow in the real estate sector. Many new agencies open every day and a large proportion of them close after a couple of months.

The main mistake that realtors make is the main focus on the technical characteristics of the products offered and their prices. Devoting time to this aspect, agents forget about the importance of conveying information about why the consumer should choose you and cooperate with your company, and not go to a competitor.

Ask yourself, “What unique benefits does the client gain by using your services?”. You may have many advantages which, at first glance, you do not even know. Think carefully about this question and include the answer to it in the text of your USP.

​​Improve and Become the Best Expert In the Industry

Any client will first of all appreciate disinterestedness. Your proposal must necessarily include some useful new information and a free consultation. Even if the interlocutor at the end of the conversation refuses the offer for any reason, then be sure that he will remember your conversation when life pushes him into the real estate industry.

We recommend that you pay very close attention to this aspect and give extensive and at the same time the most useful and understandable answers to each question of a potential client.

The other advice is to create a list of the most common questions of the interlocutor. Then put everything harmoniously into one article that can be posted on the website. This practice increases visibility among search engines and raises your portal to the top.

Share Success and New Beginnings

​​Joy and success must be shared. Actively share your achievements on social networks: letters of praise and photos from happy buyers, successfully completed major transactions, or uniquely quickly sold houses/apartments. Back up facts with numbers and thereby increase your reputation.

Creating unique posts for the target audience

Create unique content in your social networks and forums. We recommend that you create a photo of the area yourself in those areas where you sell real estate and, if possible, make a mark of the place. In this way, you will attract new consumers and indicate the possibility of buying real estate in this particular area. For example, the Instagram network, which is now considered one of the best-selling sites. By specifying the location in the description, you will increase the results of the search query and it will be easier for the future client to find you.

Creating a Personal Content Database

We recommend using SEO services. That is, to create unique content that will be united by common links and painted with the help of keys - keywords for issuance. Articles should be interesting and useful and smoothly transfer the reader to visit your site and call for action. Content topics can be anything indirectly related to real estate. For example: historically important buildings in the city, unique architectural structures, elite areas of the city - there is no limit to fantasy.

Such a service can be either completely free or at minimal cost - it all depends on what resource you will use to write and publish.

This technique brings good results and it is definitely worth using it.

Find Your "Golden Point" and Become a Leader

It is more difficult for business beginners, but at the same time they have a greater chance of achieving the highest result in this business. Beginners should get ahead of their already experienced predecessors and in search of productive methods they begin to master already modern methods. We encourage you to ask yourself a few questions. The answers to them will allow you to create an overall informative picture and find a very promising industry for yourself.

What segment of the population are your potential buyers?

What percentage of them are families with children?

What percentage of them do not have children?

How often do your clients move?

What percentage of people in your area move regularly?

What percentage of people change regions when moving?

Show the Benefits of Your Work

Potential buyers love live reviews and real facts. Show the audience the result you have done: expose the property you have already sold.

For example, if a person has chosen a certain area and is looking for housing options for himself there, then you will demonstrate to him that it was you who recently sold the object there. This will increase both credibility and make it clear about your experience.

Do not forget to include in your posts a link to your main page, where there will be a call to action and additional information about the services provided.

Be active in communicating with social media users

Your business and method of work must be absolutely transparent and understandable. Simplicity is what attracts users. Share a part of your daily life, tell how your day goes and explain at this time why it is safest and most fruitful to work with your company.

Be active with social media users. It is not enough just to publish a photo and write text under it. Do more, respond to comments, make video reviews. Diversify and color your content as much as possible.

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