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Here’s Who You Need On Your Home Buying Team

The Five People To Call When Dealing With A Fixer Upper.


Sam O'Connor


Dec 23, 2019

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Are we talking teams? Having the right people under your belt can prevent disasters from worsening and emergencies from occurring. Here’s who you should have on speed dial when investing in a fixer-upper, LEGO Edition.

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Learning the ropes with a new home can be difficult. Dealing with a fixer-upper can be even worse. Don’t go it alone, get all the help you need by making sure you have the right team behind you. They’ll help heal the hurt, offer some solid advice, and maybe even give you a discount. Every house will be different but hopefully, your team can stay the same. Trying to learn more about homeownership in general? Knowledge is a click away with HER!

Let’s go LEGO and see who’s on your go-to list:

  1. Real Estate Agent
  2. Exterminator
  3. Electrician
  4. Plumber
  5. Contractor

Don’t go anywhere without them in your pocket!

1. Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s just your real estate agent. That’s right, your real estate agent is  #1, they are your ICE contact. They are most important, and everyone else only comes after they do. The reason you need this go-to person is because, without them, you may have an issue identify if your house is worth the investment. They are the one who tells you, “Go, stop, or slow down.” Houses, and especially fixer-uppers, require a lot of resources, and you can save yourself a lot of those by making sure the house is worth it. Hire a good one and listen to their recommendation. It could just save your life!

2. Exterminator

Exterminator Lego

Make sure it’s just “me, myself, and I” when moving in. If you think you see an infestation of any sort, call your buddy Mr. X to come drop by the house. He’ll do a thorough job and --God forbid he does find proof of pests-- will clean the mess up with care. It’s his job! This is an important friend to have even if you don’t necessarily see pests at first glance. All types of critters could be running around underneath the floorboards completely unnoticed, especially if the previous owners seemed to let things go a little. Don’t wait, exterminate!

3. Electrician

Electrician Lego

If you watch HGTV at all you know that this is probably one of the things that are bound to go in an old house. “Antique wiring” often means outdated, malfunction, and even dangerous. You’ll want to get it checked out right away, or else ignoring the issue now could mean big bucks in the long run. To do so, call your best electrician! They’ll know how to cut away any bad wire, install a new junction box, and make the sure risk of fire is dealt with. Sleep better at night with the lights off, but knowing that they still work.

4. Plumber

Plumber Lego

Smell something funny? If it’s not the “new house smell,” it’s probably because it’s the old house smell, and an old house smell means there is a sewage problem. These are potentially the most problematic issue you could encounter. However, most can be easily fixed. If the toilets are clogging, a plunger has failed you, and you are unaware if the home has a septic tank or not, make the call. Plumbing Buddy will assist you, fix the issue, and even check for leaky pipes. They’ll likely take a look at water pressure, too. What a nice friend.

5. Contractor

Contractor Lego

Last but surely not least, is your contractor. You can call this person first if you’d like, they’ll give you a survey of the entire home. Think of them as your friend you call when it’s time for an intervention, and you know they’re going to give it to you straight. They’ll tell you what’s outdated, (think kitchen and bath) how much it will cost, and how long it can wait. This is very common to have done, especially in the case of a fixer-upper. You’ll likely want to give your contractor a big hug by the end of their visit. Even if the damage is severe, they are the best person to tell you how and where you can make the most changes for the least amount of money. Money is tight and so is your relationship.

October 24, 2017
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