HER, REALTORS® Named #1 Selling Real Estate Company in Ohio

Real Estate Flourishes In Ohio With A Balanced Marketplace in 2019

HER, REALTORS® team standing in front of a HER, REALTORS® office


Allison Shearer


Jan 21, 2021

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Real Estate Flourishes In Ohio With A Balanced Marketplace in 2019

Hero image Courtesy of Activerain.com

RISMedia released the annual Power Broker report this year, revealing the top selling real estate firms nationwide in 2019. Realtors across the United States restlessly waited for the analytical report results to see where they stand this year in sales.

The comprehensive report includes real estate firms closed transaction sales by units and volume in 2018. This year, HER, REALTORS® was awarded the title of #80 nationwide and #1 realtor in Ohio in the field of units and volume sold. HER, REALTORS® is recognized as an innovative, unique, and experienced company that educates the community about the real estate market.

Good news for home buyers and sellers in OH-- real estate is flourishing in 2019! Image Courtesy of Entrepreneur.com.

What Is The Power Broker Report?

The 2019 Power Broker Report ranks the nations top 1,000 real estate firms by sales volume and units sold.  RISMedia is a leader in the residential real estate industry by providing annual reports that dissect relevant information on current marketplace conditions. RISMedia started the report in 1988 and went on to become the most trusted source for real estate news and facts. RISMedia is also the publisher of Real Estate Magazine and a blog called Housecall to inform followers of industry practices.

The report includes industry trends to close deals, agent predictions based on numbers, and the power broker confidence level when selling real estate. The research and data charts make it easy to navigate through the extensive report.

The Power Broker report states that the real estate market has shifted from a sellers market in last year’s report to a balanced market in 2019. This means that with inventory increasing and buyers decreasing, the market stands at a much more balanced rate.

The report shows insights and forecasts to the current real estate industry and ranks the most prestigious firms that have sold the most units and volume. The power broker perspective includes the greatest challenges to business and how firms are utilizing their money.

The lack of inventory remained the number one challenge real estate firms face in 2019 as well as 2018. Developers are behind on demand and this is creating a huge challenge when it comes to the needs of clients in purchasing real estate. Economic uncertainty is reported as the second largest challenge facing the real estate market in 2019. Economic concern affects consumers purchasing ability and their outlook on budgeting finances.

RISMedia stated that 25% of the power brokers reported that the economy was a challenge this year as opposed to just 1% in 2018.

Power Brokers also report that recruiting employees, training, and technology are at the forefront of what they invest in for their firms in 2019. The report shows that 59% of broker firms are cautiously optimistic when it comes to their confidence level.

HER, REALTORS® has been named #1 on the list of top Realtors in Ohio. Image Courtesy of DeeSign.com  

HER: The #1 Realtors in Ohio

With $2,534,938,640 in sales volume, HER, REALTORS® is ranked the top firm in Ohio when it comes to selling real estate. HER has gained momentum since its creation in 1956 and has climbed through the ranks each year.

Real estate in Ohio is booming with the hottest trendy neighborhoods and cost-effective cities that reside in the state. The market is in demand with a fast growing population. Many Realtors agree that this year is the time to invest in real estate in Columbus, OH.

HER, REALTORS®, named after the late Harley Edwin Rouda Sr., has been making waves in OH real estate for for than 50 years. Image Courtesy of Facebook.

HER History

Founded by the late Harley Edwin Rouda Sr. in 1956, HER, REALTORS® grew to be the top ranked real estate firm in Ohio today.  Rouda Sr. was a graduate of the Ohio State University and is known as a pioneer in the real estate industry for his innovative achievements.

Rouda Sr. started his real estate career at Ralph Greer agency in Ohio in 1953. Quickly after that, HER began in Rouda Sr.’s home in Columbus, OH.

Rouda Sr. was recognized as a real estate legend for growing his own business to be the largest independent brokerage nationwide. With 82 offices, HER, REALTORS® provides unique services to their clients to represent their best interest. Rouda Sr. earned many accolades such as the lifetime achievement award from the Fisher College of Business at the Ohio State University and created a scholarship fund at the University for students to receive real estate education.  

HER, REALTORS® truly makes a difference in the lives of their clients by providing a high level of customer service satisfaction. Agents are looking to build lasting relationships with their clients to ensure that all of their needs are met. If you are moving to Ohio, check out HER, REALTORS® for more information and link up with an expert agent that will help you achieve your goals throughout the process of finding a home.

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May 3, 2019
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