Heating Options For Your Home

There are many different options available when it comes to heating your home. Some people opt for traditional methods like wood-burning fireplaces, while others prefer more modern solutions like solar panels or geothermal systems.

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Bridget Houlihan


Jan 21, 2021

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There are many different options available when it comes to heating your home. Some people opt for traditional methods like wood-burning fireplaces, while others prefer more modern solutions like solar panels or geothermal systems.

No matter what type of heater you choose, it’s important to make sure that it’s the right size for your space and that it’s properly installed. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most popular heating options to help you make the best decision for your home.

Central heating

Central heating is a great way to keep a home comfortable--especially during winter. While it can be expensive to install initially, many people are surprised by how cost-effective it may be in the long run.

Central heating works through the boiler heating hot water, which is then sent through a network of pipes to the radiators. There is now a huge range of radiators available, from column and vertical radiators to those with mirrors or designs printed on the front.

By focusing on efficiency, central heating systems can provide steady warmth while using less energy, leading to reduced bills. Furthermore, they can save homeowners time as they don't need to relocate heaters around the house or use costly space heaters.

Radiant floor heating

Radiant floor heating is an efficient and effective way to warm up any room. By installing heated coils or pipes beneath your floors, heat is able to radiate upward without wasting energy on drafts.

Not only does it provide controlled and consistent warmth, but it can also save you hundreds of dollars in energy costs by operating at lower temperatures for longer periods of time than traditional forced-air systems. Additionally, unlike other forms of heating, radiant floor heating will not circulate dust and allergens through the air, making it much healthier for those living with allergies or breathing issues.

Baseboard heaters - electric heaters that are mounted on the wall near the floor

Baseboard heaters are an energy-efficient alternative to traditional central heating systems, making them a popular choice in home and office buildings. Not only do they provide compelling cost savings, but they also help to increase comfort levels through superior temperature evenness. Installation requires minimal effort as these electric heaters are specifically designed to be mounted on the wall near the floor.

Once up and running, baseboard heaters are easy to maintain and can provide zoned warmth for any space by just adjusting their wattage or thermostat setting. If you're looking for a reliable heating system with convenience and cost-effectiveness in mind, baseboard heaters may be just the solution you need.

Space heaters - portable devices that can be used to heat up a single room

Space heaters are a great way to take the chill out of any room. These portable devices come in a variety of shapes, sizes and wattages so that you can find the one perfect for your needs.

They're incredibly efficient, often using up to 50% less energy than your regular heater in order to warm up a single room—all you have to do is choose the size and wattage suitable for your space and get ready for instant warmth.

Space heaters not only provide quick convenience but can save you money on your energy bills at the same time!

Fireplaces and wood stoves - a more traditional way of providing warmth in your home

Fireplaces and wood stoves offer a cozy, rustic charm that sets them apart from the usual home heating systems. Nothing compares to the delightful aromas of burning logs and a crackling flame, all within the comfort of your own home.

Although electric, gas heaters and central air conditioning continue to be popular forms of heating in many homes, fireplaces and wood stoves will always remain as a more traditional way to provide warmth to your family and friends.

Whether it is an open hearth or a masonry fireplace with colourful tiles or marble, some people prefer enjoying the nostalgic ambiance experienced when cuddling up close to the radiant heat produced by fireplaces and wood stoves.

Solar panels

This renewable source of energy can be used to heat your home. Solar panels are a great way to tap into renewable resources and provide your home with sustainable energy. With the installation of photovoltaic cells onto your roof, you can capture the sun's rays and convert them into electricity which can then be used to power different parts of your home - including heating systems.

Depending on the location and size of the setup, solar panels can generate enough electricity to heat up an entire house without having to use regular sources of power. They're also incredibly cost-effective as they require very little maintenance or upkeep over time. Moreover, since solar energy is an endless resource, the savings from installing these solar panels will only increase over time.

Geothermal heating

Geothermal heating is a unique home heating system that utilises the natural, underground temperatures of the Earth to provide warmth. This method is incredibly efficient as it uses up to 70% less energy than traditional central heating systems, making it an extremely cost-effective way to heat your home.

By installing geothermal wells in your basement or yard and connecting them to pipes, you'll be able to tap into these underground temperatures year-round for steady and consistent comfort. Plus, since there are no burning fuels involved - like with fireplaces or wood stoves - you won't have to worry about any potential air pollution from these geothermal wells.

Our roundup

There are a variety of different heating systems to choose from, each with its own unique benefits. Whether you're looking for an affordable and convenient space heater or want to install solar panels to take advantage of renewable resources, there's a perfect home heating system for everyone.

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