Hair Care Tips: Transitioning to a New City and Climate with Ease

Moving to a new city can be an exhilarating adventure full of fresh opportunities and experiences. But with change often comes one particular source of stress—acclimating your hair to a completely different climate and environment.

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Jan 21, 2021

From humidity to dryness, hair situations can escalate quickly if you're not prepared.

But, with the right knowledge and game plan, you can transition your lovely locks to their new surroundings like an absolute pro. We're dishing out all the genius hair care intel to keep your mane happy, healthy, and flourishing wherever you go.

Get Acquainted with the Elements

First things first; get familiar with the climate you're relocating to. Researching factors like humidity levels, precipitation norms, air dryness, wind patterns, and seasonal variations is key to anticipating your hair's needs.

If you're moving somewhere with intense dry heat like Arizona, you'll want to load up on ultra-hydrating masks and anti-humidity haircare and incorporate regular deep conditioning treatments. Going from dry to humid climates like Florida? Then, it might be time to invest in frizz-defying smoothing creams, shine-enhancing serums, and sleek, sweat-friendly styling products. Also, try to stay cool and comfortable by wearing hats and staying out of the sun during the hottest parts of the day.

Adjust Your Care Routine

The products that worked well for you in your previous location might not be suitable anymore. So, it might be time to discover your type of hair and adapt accordingly. If increased moisture is now a concern, consider swapping out heavy creams and butters for lighter options like hydrating milk or micellar rinses.

Additionally, try incorporating moisture-wicking dry shampoos between washes. On the other hand, if dryness is your new reality, incorporate weekly at-home hair steam sessions and nourishing hot oil treatments. Swap out stripping shampoos for creamy co-washes to help retain moisture.

Seek Out Climate-Smart Products

To streamline your haircare transition, seek out lines and products specifically formulated to thrive in your new climate. If you’re getting ready to battle intense desert dryness, then try hydrating argan and nourishing oils.

If humidity is moving in, cult-favorite frizz fighters like moisture-locking conditioners and smoothing stylers from can be your summertime saviors. For high-altitude areas, use thickening volumizers and scalp invigorators. Climate-smart hair care makes all the difference.

Switch Up Your Styling M.O.

Beyond swapping out products, revamping your hairstyling approach is key, too. If you're moving from dry to humid conditions, loose beachy waves and tousled flowing looks may be swapped for slick low buns, boxer braids, or a fierce top knot to outsmart frizz and unwanted puffiness.

If you’re going from high humidity to parched desert dryness, then air-drying may need to be traded for blowouts and sleek, glossy glass hair looks. Use smoothing serums and upstyles like wrapped topknots or chic chignons to boost the body, contain flyaways, and reduce drying friction. A little air-drying at the roots can create chic volume and texture.

Deep Condition on the Regular

Wherever you find yourself, regular deep conditioning and hair masking is an essential hair-strengthening practice that prevents breakage and brittleness from sudden climate shocks.

Look for intensive hair masks with rich reparative blends like keratin, honey, argan, coconut, or shea to refortify strands from the inside out.

Make a spa-like experience out of your deep conditioning sessions. Apply extra product generously from roots to ends, cover with a shower cap or towel, and then let that magic soak in while you bliss out for 30 minutes to an hour. Gently rinse style, and admire your lush, glossy, stronger strands.

Win with the Right Hot Tools

For a lasting voluminous body and shape, the proper hot tools are indispensable allies—even more so after a daring climate shift. Invest in a high-quality ionic hairdryer with adjustable settings that seal in moisture instead of stripping it. Look for cool shot buttons to lock down that shape and minimize frizz. Humidity-proofing hair sprays and thermal protectant serums are a must, too.

Ceramic, tourmaline, and ionic styling tools like flat irons and stylers emit charged ions that smooth the hair cuticle with every pass. Concentrate heat on roots and mid-lengths to expand and create a maximum volumized shape. Just be sure to adjust the tool temp to your hair's new moisture state.

Shield and Hydrate During Transit

Even the most perfectly curated hair routine can be upended by extreme climate factors during travel days. Never underestimate the weatherproofing power of a sleek shielding serum or hair mist. Look for formulas rich in moisturizing tropicals like coconut, shea, and argan oils. Spritz everywhere—even your hairline and ends—before setting foot outside.

Humidity-blocking oils like jojoba and marula can be dispersed root-to-tip as well to create soft, glossy air-tight armor against atmospheric aggressors. Don't forget a water-resistant shower cap for surprise showers.

Unfazed Hair, No Matter Where

With these hair-venting strategies and brilliant product picks in your arsenal, your precious strands are destined to make seamless climatic transitions anywhere you go.

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