Everything You Need to Know About the Lexington, Ohio Blueberry Festival

Have you heard of the Lexington, OH Blueberry Festival? Here’s everything you need to know in 2022!

Lexington Blueberry Festival parade


Bridget Houlihan


Jan 21, 2021

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Image courtesy of Facebook.

When you think of summer, chances are you think of warm days, swimming at the pool, vacations to the beach, and backyard cookouts. But there’s something else missing from that list that gives off summertime vibes, and that’s local festivals of course! Festivals are some of the most quintessential summer activities that you can get, and there seem to be all kinds of festivals that pop up each year.

One of the most popular types of festivals center around a fruit or vegetable—we’re all familiar with the strawberry and cherry festivals of spring and early summer, as well as the pumpkin and corn festivals of the fall. But have you heard of the Lexington, Ohio Blueberry Festival? This festival is centered around those delicious berries, and all the yummy concoctions that they can create!

If you want to know a little more about this wonderful, family-friendly Ohio festival, then you’ve come to the right place. In this post we’re going to cover everything you need to know about the Lexington, Ohio Blueberry Festival in 2022, including:

  • The history of the Blueberry Festival
  • The 2022 lineup of events
  • Some of the vendors who will be attending the Lexington, Ohio Blueberry Festival

History of the Lexington, OH Blueberry Festival

How did this beloved event get its start?

Lexington, OH is a village that is located in the greater Mansfield metropolitan area in Richland county. It is considered a mostly rural community with about 4,822 people according to the 2010 census. The Blueberry Festival was first started in 2002, which means that 2022 will be the 20th year of celebrating community and, of course, blueberries. The festival was started because it seemed to be a good way to end the summer, and take advantage of the blueberry growing season.

The Blueberry Patch is known as one of the best blueberry plantations in Ohio, and one of the largest suppliers of blueberries in the area. They offer opportunities to self-pick blueberries from July until September. The organizers of the Blueberry Festival thought it would be a great idea to hold a festival in honor of these nutritious berries when they are at their peak in August.

The Lexington Blueberry Festival is held each year in late August, and 2022’s festival will kick off Thursday, August 17th and conclude Sunday, August 21st. Families from all over the area come and celebrate community, fun, food, and blueberries each year, and the festival has grown to encompass many events that make it a must-see occasion.

The 2022 Lexington Blueberry Festival schedule of events

What’s in store for 2022’s Blueberry Festival?

If you’re going to be in the Lexington area in late August, you should definitely make plans to try and attend the Blueberry Festival. Why? Because it’s four days of amazing events and some of the best blueberry-centric food you may ever have! Here’s what’s in store for the festival this year.

Blueberry Festival Pageant

Perhaps one of the most popular events that occurs each year is the Lexington, OH Blueberry Festival Pageant. Each year the pageant draws a large number of entries from a variety of age groups that the judges must whittle down to only six winners. Those age groups are:

  • Baby Miss Blueberry ages 1-2
  • Wee Miss Blueberry ages 3-4
  • Little Miss Blueberry ages 5-6 
  • Jr. Miss Blueberry ages 7-9
  • Miss Blueberry ages 10-12
  • Miss Teen Blueberry ages 13-16

There are four judges, and a winner and a runner up will be chosen for each category. The smallest contestants, 1-2 year olds, are judged 50% on their appearance, and 50% on their personality. The older contestants, 3-16 years old, are judged 33% on facial appearance, 33% on personality, and 33% on questions. The judges make their decision based on how the contestant presents themselves, if their attire is age-appropriate, if they are confident, show a sense of style, are poised, and are having a fun time!

The pageant is held in the Heartland Church, and the winners of each category are crowned on the main stage at the Lexington Community Park on Thursday evening. Anyone can enter the pageant, but an entry fee of $45-$55 is required.

All of the winners of each age group receive a cash prize, crown, and a sash, and the participants can march in the parade Thursday evening. However, the winners will also attend the Queen’s Luncheon on Sunday and march in the Blueberry Festival Parade afterwards, showcasing their crowns and sashes. 

This is a fun event that gives contestants the chance to not only display their summer dresses, but to answer questions and engage with the audience. 


Everyone loves a good parade, but did you know that the Lexington Blueberry Festival has two to enjoy? That’s right, there’s a parade to kick off the festivities, and a parade to close the festival.

Both parades are designed to foster a sense of community, and show off some of the great organizations that make Lexington a fantastic place to live. Parades are open to:

  • Color guards
  • Veterans
  • Fire, EMS, Police
  • Civic groups
  • Church congregations
  • School bands
  • School sports teams
  • Floats
  • Antique vehicles
  • Horses and carts
  • Bikes
  • Area businesses

Blue Lights and Bubbles Parade

When: Thursday August 18, 2022, 8:30pm

Where: Plymouth St., Lexington

This is the parade that kicks the festival off! It’s a great way to build excitement and see some of the local businesses and groups. This is a night parade, which makes it all the more unique. Participants in the parade can use lights to decorate their vehicle, float, horse and carts, or bikes to make them stand out from the crowd.

Every group that’s in the parade is eligible for judging so you can expect to see all kinds of amazing costumes and performances.

Blueberry Festival Parade

When: Sunday August 21, 2022, 2:00pm

Where: Plymouth St., Lexington

To end the festivities on Sunday, Lexington has an additional parade in the afternoon. Not only can all the groups and associations sign up to be in this parade too, but the winners of the Blueberry Festival pageants get to be in it too! 

Big Wheel Race

When: Saturday August 20, 1:15pm

Where: Basketball Court, Lexington

If you love a good race, then you’ve got to make sure you check out the Big Wheel Race! There’s no registration necessary, and both kids and adults can participate. There will be a few heats for each age group, and there will be prizes for all of the races. All participants get to ride on a provided big wheel, so bring your best racing legs! The race does take place on concrete, so make sure to wear any pads or helmets in case of a fall. 

people enjoying the Lexington Blueberry Festival
There are so many yummy festival food options to choose from! Image courtesy of Facebook

Blueberry Bash Games

When: Sunday August 21, 2022, 12:00pm-1:30pm

Where: Main Stage, Lexington

The festival gets in full swing on Saturday, with the annual Park National Bank Treasure Hunt. If you’ve always wanted the chance to search for clues that lead to a treasure, this is your opportunity! This is a family-friendly event that has various levels of competition.

This is also your chance to get in on some fun that features blueberries. There are all kinds of games that are sure to be a great time for people of all ages.

Car & Bike Show

When: Friday August 19, 2022, 4:30pm-8:30pm

Where: North Plymouth St., Lexington

Are you a car or bike lover? Have a sweet ride that you can wait to show off? Well then you’ll love the Car and Bike show at the Blueberry Festival! Be prepared to see some amazing vehicles and even enjoy a chat with the owner. If you want to enter, you can register your car or bike to be on display. There are all kinds of prizes, including:

  • Best of Show
  • Best Paint
  • Best Custom
  • Best Interior
  • Best Bike
  • Best Engine Bay
  • And more!

You’ll be right in the mix of the festival and can enjoy all the events happening on the main stage, food (with and without blueberries!), rides, and games. 


When: August 18-August 21

Where: Main Stage, Lexington

What would a summer festival be without live music? The Lexington, OH Blueberry Festival has plenty of amazing bands that include a variety of genres. Whether you want to chill out to the sounds of the Just Jazz Live Trio, enjoy the high energy of SLiCK31, mellow out to the soulful voice of Shawna Corder, or jam with Bullit, you won’t be disappointed.

In addition to music, the Blueberry Festival also boasts its very own magician. Don’t miss out on Michael Mage’s Magic Show!

Check out 2022’s full lineup of live festival music here

live music at the Lexington Blueberry Festival
Live music is one of the many attractions at the Lexington, OH Blueberry Festival. Image courtesy of Facebook


Where: Main Festival Area

When you come to the Blueberry Festival, you want to see blueberries. And this year’s food vendor’s do not disappoint! One of the best parts about the Lexington Blueberry Festival, is that you get a nice mix of foods that feature blueberries, and all your favorite fair foods as well. Whether you’re in the mood for blueberry cheesecake bites, want to try blueberry chipotle salsa, or taste a blueberry burger, this is the time to do it!

In addition to lots of blueberries on the menu, you can expect to find:

  • Gyros
  • Brats
  • Funnel cakes
  • Ice cream
  • Shrimp baskets
  • Hot dogs
  • Pulled pork
  • Onion rings
  • Candy
  • And more!


When: Thursday August 18, 2022, 9:00pm-11:00pm

Where: Lexington Community Park

Rounding out the events for this year’s festival is the popular Movie Night in the Park. Grab the whole family and enjoy a movie on the big screen while you enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery of Lexington. This year is featuring Disney’s Encanto

Local Lexington, OH vendors attending the Blueberry Festival

Stop by and enjoy something delicious and support local businesses!

The Blueberry Patch

items available at the Blueberry Patch
You can never have too many blueberry pastries or jams! Image courtesy of Facebook.

1285 W. Hanley Rd. | Mansfield | theblueberrypatch.org

The Blueberry Patch is one of the largest places to pick blueberries in Ohio. They offer visitors the chance to pick their own blueberries, or pick up buckets of already picked berries. Adjacent to the blueberry bushes is space for a delightful gift shop where you can pick up almost anything made with their delicious blueberries. They also have a winery and the Blossom’s Cafe has a wide selection of blueberry pastries, coffee, and teas!

At the festival, you can expect this perennial favorite to feature:

  • Blueberry pie
  • Blueberry cobbler
  • Cheesecake

Ohio Farm Direct

19488 Fred-Amity Road | Fredericktown | grassfedcheeses.com

One word comes to mind when you think of Ohio Farm Direct, and that’s fresh! Since the first building was built on the homestead in 1875, this family-run farm has been providing quality dairy products to the people of Ohio. A certified organic farm that utilizes permaculture to ensure its sustainability, you can be sure every batch of their cheese is made from grass-fed cows, and contains no genetic modifications or hormones. You can definitely taste the difference in their small-batch, hand-crafted cheeses.

Expect to find these delicious offerings from Ohio Farm Direct:

  • Blueberry cheese
  • Ice cream
  • Grilled cheese

Lerch’s Donuts

2312 Akron Rd. | Wooster | facebook.com/lerchsdonuts

If you have a sweet tooth, you need to make sure you stop by Lerch’s Donuts at the festival this year! They have all your favorite donuts, and even donut holes! They’re also bringing their blueberry lemonade to the festival this year, a perfect pairing for any yummy donut.

Check out the full list of food vendors here!

Make sure you make plans to attend the Lexington Blueberry Festival this year, you won’t be disappointed! What’s your favorite part of the festival? Let us know in the comments!

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