Everything About Buying Property in Dubai for US Investors

Dubai, the glittering gem of the UAE, is a hub of innovation, luxury, and futuristic cities.




Jan 21, 2021

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Buying property in Dubai can be a game changer if you are a US citizen interested in cosmopolitan lifestyles and business opportunities. 

But owning property in Dubai's dynamic landscape can be a real challenge. Documentation, new laws and regulations, and other factors can make the process overwhelming.

But we are here to make it simple for you. Here is everything you need to know before buying property in Dubai as a US investor.

Can A US Investor Buy Property in Dubai?

First things first. Can you own a property in Dubai as a US citizen? Yes, anyone can invest in Dubai properties, regardless of their nationality and religion. 

Citizenship is not a requirement for property ownership in the UAE. Many expatriates and international investors, including Americans, own property, especially in designated foreign ownership areas. 

In addition, permanent residency is not needed to buy property. Non-residents can purchase property in the UAE, but ownership doesn't grant residency automatically. 

However, the UAE offers a property investor visa if you buy a property worth at least AED 750,000, or $0.2 million. If you invest a whopping 2 million AED, or $0.54 million, you can have a golden residency visa for 10 years, permitting you to work and sponsor your family.

But there is no limit on the number of properties an American or any foreigner can own, as long as they meet legal and financial requirements. Similarly, the UAE government has not established a minimum investment amount. However, the property's value might affect additional benefits, like a property investor visa.

What Types of Property Can US Citizens Buy in Dubai?

In the UAE, American buyers enjoy the same property ownership rights as other foreigners, but they differ from those of local citizens. 

Freehold Properties

The UAE designates certain areas as "freehold areas," where non-citizens, including Americans, can own property outright. Outside of these zones, property ownership is typically limited to UAE nationals.

In freehold areas, Americans can buy apartments, villas, and other properties without nationality restrictions. There are plenty of freehold properties in Dubai for foreigners to step into this highly profitable market, such as

  • Downtown Dubai
  • The Palm Jumeirah 
  • Business Bay
  • Dubailand 
  • Dubai Marina

Leasehold Properties

So, in non-freehold areas, you cannot own property outright. However, you might have access to leasehold options, which allow you to lease a property for a set period, often up to 99 years. However, you won't hold the property's title.

Steps for Investing in Dubai Properties as a US Investor

Here is a quick and simple procedure to invest in Dubai properties as a US investor:

  1. Select a Real Estate Agent

When you decide to invest in Dubai properties, the process starts with exploring different property options. The best thing in your interest would be to contact a reliable property agent, as they are familiar with Dubai's diverse landscape and the complex legal requirements for owning property. 

  1. Set A Budget And Secure Financing

Next, you need to know the cost of buying property in Dubai. Many international buyers choose to pay cash to speed things up, but if you need financing, check out banks that operate in both the USA and Dubai. Another option is to team up with international mortgage brokers.

  1. Conduct a Thorough Due Diligence

Before finalizing your choice, it's crucial to conduct thorough due diligence and inspections on the properties you've shortlisted. Request essential property documents, like title deeds, to confirm ownership and legal status. 

In Dubai, the Dubai Land Department maintains records of property ownership. Therefore, it's essential to confirm that the seller has undisputed ownership of the property and check for any existing mortgages or disputes.

  1. Finalize the Agreement

Following these steps, you'll proceed to sign a sales agreement with the seller. This document lays out all the details of the sale, such as the price, payment plan, and any additional terms.

A comprehensive and legally enforceable contract is crucial, and it's advisable to have it reviewed by a legal professional who is well-versed in UAE property regulations.

  1. Get the Required Approvals and NOCs

As a foreign investor, you might have to secure specific approvals and No Objection Certificates (NOCs) from relevant authorities in Dubai before finalizing the deal. Your real estate agent and lawyer will assist you with this procedure and ensure that all necessary paperwork is completed correctly.

  1. Complete the Purchase

When it's time to transfer the property into your name, there are a few formalities to take care of. Typically, this means settling the remaining balance of the purchase price and officially transferring the title. The closing costs include the property transfer fee, agent's commission, legal fees, and possibly a mortgage registration fee if you take out a mortgage.

  1. Register the Property

Once the purchase is finalized, ensure that you register the property with the Dubai Land Department to formalize your ownership. Be ready to cover the essential registration fees and any other related expenses.

Final Words

So here you are, all set to invest in the lucrative real estate property of Dubai. Follow this guide to ensure your investment goes to the most profitable option. 

With the right strategy, the Dubai dream can become a tangible reality for US investors seeking growth and prosperity in the City of Gold.

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