Enhance Home Value with Improvements Catered to Every Budget

It can be difficult to settle on home improvement projects that fit in your budget. Follow this guide to see all of the many project options that you can afford within a budget starting at $100!

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Emma Holt


Jan 21, 2021

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Don’t break the bank on improvements, work within your budget

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Whatever you have going on in your life, whether you landed a new job, decided to take some time off, or planned an extended vacation, there’s always a way to approach home improvements without going over budget. Increasing your home’s value can be rewarding and will definitely pay off when it comes time to sell and move on. In this article I’ve included home improvements for every budget beginning at $100 up to $10,000.

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Less is more!

$100 budget

With this kind of budget, it may be best to start outside, especially if you’re selling in the near future. Curb appeal is key and the first thing buyers will see. Even if you aren’t selling but want to “up your game” compared to your neighbors, they’re only going to see the outside instead of what’s inside. Outdoor lighting will help your home to appear taller as well as add symmetry to the yard. Adding some string lights to your backyard is a great way to get a whimsical feel.

Lighting isn’t your only option, though. Take on small landscaping projects from including a bed of flowers or mulching around trees and other plants to adding a few potted plants to your porch. These small projects will make a huge difference. Consider adding accessories such as new house numbers, a fresh coat of paint on the front door or a mailbox.We often suggest focusing on having a solid front door because if it is rickety, people may assume the rest of the home isn’t well-maintained.

string lights
Pretty string lights

Find out what needs fixed before potential buyers do

$500 budget

Paying to have your home inspected before listing would be a great way to determine what projects need to be done before potential buyers walk through the door. The last thing you want to worry about in the middle of selling would be to find out the roof needs some repair. It would especially be devastating if you’re on a time crunch to get moving. You may also want to consider painting the exterior, installing a fence for privacy and safety, power washing outside patios, decks and walkways, and tidying-up the garage. A fresh coat of glossy, durable paint in the garage can go along way!

white fence
Who wouldn't want a fence like this?

Let the creative juices flow and get your tool bag handy

$1,000 budget

Who doesn’t love a beautiful flat screen TV with a framed wall around the set? Create a window for the TV to sit in and add floating shelves below for decor or to store some of your favorite movies. One thing you definitely don’t want exposed are all the cords connecting to your TV, DVD player, XBox, or any other gadget.

Other projects to stay within the $1,000 budget include investing in a new front porch features, toss dated furniture, rugs, and even artwork, and paint the interior of your home. If you choose to paint, remember to stay within neutral shades that would appeal to most buyers. If you’re having difficulty choosing, ask a color specialist that can point you to what’s in style right now!

home depot
Any consultant at Lowes or Home Depot will give you expert advice

‍Bold projects that’ll transform your home

$2,000 budget

Now we’re getting into some of the bigger projects. With $2,000 you can do many things that’ll greatly improve the value of your home.We always recommend improving the interior lighting if you currently have low-lit wall sconces. Recessed lighting will give you a brighter, happier ambiance. Another option would be to remove a wall to give your home the open concept feel. When it comes to this project, be sure you insert headers for load bearing walls so the structure of your home won’t be affected. The clean up process is when the big bucks become a factor to consider. You may need to get a dumpster or find someone to haul away your junk. Other improvements you can make are updating your countertops and adding molding.

Living room
Gorgeous recessed lighting

Add some pizzazz to your half-bath or bathroom

$5,000 budget

Update your half-bath or put one in if you don’t have one on the first floor! Add some glamour by painting bold colors or adding a wallpaper with striking print on one wall. Complement the new-do with modern lighting or a clean faucet to match. Improving your half-bath or installing one can increase your home value by $7,500 or more!

Nice, clean look

Focus on the focal point of your home, the kitchen

$10,000 budget

The kitchen is arguably the most important room in your home and there’s so much you can do with it. Repaint or stain your cabinets and choose a backsplash with a decorative tile to finish the look. White is one of the most popular kitchen colors so keep that in mind even when you choose the tile. A clean, white subway tile would be a stellar choice. By dropping $10,00 into your kitchen, you could increase the value of your home by $20,000! If you’re not up to it or have bigger problems to address, then consider replacing the floors, updating kitchen appliances to stainless steel, or replacing windows.

Decorative backsplash to match! 

‍No matter what your budget looks like, there are always improvements you can make in and around the house. Gear up for smooth sailing through the buying and selling process by increasing the value of your home and getting the most bang for your buck.

August 17, 2017
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