8 activities that you and your family must do in Logan, Ohio!

It’s time to bring the family together for fun activities in the quaint town of Logan, OH

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Javier Luna


Jan 21, 2021

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The city of Logan was named in honor of Chief Logan of the Mingo Indian tribe, an orator, and notable war leader during the 18th century. Located in southeast Ohio, Logan has a lot of activities for families. Here are the things that you must do with your family when you visit Logan, Ohio. 

Camping at the Old Man's Cave

A Natural Escape that you'll remember forever

A stone bridge above the waterfall. Image Courtesy of The Hocking Hills.

Camping at the Old Man's Cave

19852 OH-664, Logan, OH 43138 | 740-385-6841 | thehockinghills.org

Located on the southern edge of Hocking County, the Old Man's cave has five main sections: The Upper Falls, Upper Gorge, Middle Falls, Lower Falls, and Lower Gorde.

The gorge is a breathtaking experience for visitors to look into the earth's subsurface. The hiking distance across the gorge is about one-half mile, and the hiking across the Old Man's Cave takes about an hour. 

Camping at the Old Man's Cave is a fulfilling experience to connect with nature deeply. You will be in touch with different natural scenes like an immense and enriching green forest, a marvelous and peaceful lake, majestic waterfalls, and quiet, warm caves. Several activities are available near the campground, such as biking, fishing, and wildlife watching. During the winter, there is space to practice snow sports and have a good time with the family. 

Showers, potable water, toilets, and picnic tables are available for visitors. Campfires and pets are allowed. You can take your own tent, truck camper, or trailer, and up to 6 guests per site. Since there are several activities around the area, families usually visit this place for a couple of days and take advantage of this natural beauty in Logan, Ohio. 

Love this trail so much, and I have visited it over 10 times in the past 10 years. On this particular trail, you pass several caves, go through a couple of tunnels, climb hundreds of steps, and enjoy 4 beautiful waterfalls. This trail so peaceful, and I find something new every time I go. Yelp Review

Pointing out your favorite sharpener at the Paul A. Johnson Pencil Sharpener Museum

Are Pencil Sharpeners Art?

Pencil Sharpeners
A fascinating pencil sharpener collection. Image Courtesy of World Kings.

13178 OH-664, Logan, OH 43138  | +1 740-385-9706  | https://www.ohiomagazine.com/ohio-life/article/to-the-point

Are pencil sharpeners relevant? How different can pencil sharpeners be from each other? What are the design possibilities when it comes to pencil sharpeners? This cute little spot is a very short yet entertaining experience for many families visiting Logan, Ohio. It has a vast amount of pencil sharpeners. Some of them are very ancient, and some others are modern, silly, or curious. It is a great place to visit if you are around the area, your visit won't take more than 15 minutes, and it will blow your mind to see you many different pencil sharpeners are out there! This is also a great spot to grab maps and pamphlets of the area, in case there are specific spots that you want to know more about.

Went this weekend. a must stop to see!!!!!! What a hidden gem in the hocking hills! Snow, sleet, rain or shine the visit will put a smile on your face. Thank You Mr. Paul A. Johnson your passion of collecting is a amusement for everyone. Yelp Review

Hike at the Ash Cave

Whisper your secret, the cave will scream it!

Hike at the Ash Cave
A cave with a lot of history. Image Courtesy of Bud Schrader.

OH-56, Logan, OH, 43138  | +1 740-385-6842 | https://www.hockinghills.com/ash_cave.html 

Early inhabitants used this cave as a shelter and a place to ground corn and prepare meals during rainy days.

Large-flowered trillium, Dutchman's breeches, trout lilies, Jack-in-the-Pulpit, and jewelweed, are some of the beautiful plants you will see in this place. The 700 feet cave has a horse-shoe shaped and is 100 feet deep. Its enormous dimensions made it easy for inhabitants to have big gatherings. More recently, it has been used for Sunday worship services. If you visit the Ash Cave, make sure to find the cave's two spots that have "whispering gallery" qualities. This means that whispers can be heard in other parts of the "gallery" or the cave in this case.
It is one of the shortest trails in Hocking Hills, but the hiking trail is easy to follow, with picnic facilities, and restrooms. During the fall, you will see orange and yellow leaves falling from the trees. A beautiful scene that you and your family won't want a miss.

While one of the shorter trails in the Hocking Hills area, Ash Cave is absolutely breathtaking and fun to explore. Yelp Review

The Hocking County Historical and Genealogical Society and Museum

A special place to learn more about Logan's history

The Hocking County
Interesting tools, garments and vehicles from the last two centuries. Image Courtesy of The Hocking County Museum.

64 N Culver St., Logan, OH, 43138  | +1 740-385-6026 | https://hockingcountyhistorymuseum.org/home

Logan is a city with a lot of history, and much of this history is told across the objects displayed in this museum. An exhibit of Logan and Hocking County features a condensed history through four main chapters: The first settlers (Native Americans), the Civil War, the Hockey Valley Railway, and the Logan Centennial that ended in 1917 when the United States joined World War I. The exhibition shows military uniforms, coal mining, local clay, brick industry tools, mastodon teeth, and Indian artifacts. The museum is currently closed due to the pandemic, but the website is continuously updated, so make sure to stay tuned with the museum's updates if you are planning to visit. 

You can schedule a group tour ahead of time, or just show up with your family. Visit this little gem with your family and learn about the rich history of Hocking County!

I love reading about the history of our small town and how it has changed over the last two hundred years. Thanks to all for the pictures and articles of our past. Facebook Review

Looking at the sky at John Glenn Astronomy Park

An experience for the whole family

John Glenn Astronomy Park
A place that is fun and friendly for people of all ages. Image Courtesy of John Glenn Astronomy Park.

20531 OH-664 Scenic, Logan, OH 43138  | (877) 403-4477  | https://jgap.info/

Neil Armstrong said: Shoot for the stars, but if you happen to miss, shoot for the moon instead. The night sky has been the inspiration of uncountable precious creations across the world: paintings, poems, spaceships, gowns, songs, and objects. But there's more. The John Glenn Astronomy Park needs to be added to this list! The vanishing sky of Hocking Hills inspired this park in the middle of rural southeastern Ohio. It is a great place to unplug yourself from technology, the city's noise, and the everyday routine. Sometimes all you need is to lay on the grass and look at the stars at night. 

Every night can be different as many factors like weather, pollution, and the year's time influence how many stars you can or cannot see. Make sure to check this site's website. They have a blog with a forecast on the movement of the stars, planets, and celestial bodies in relation to the Earth, and what you can expect to see each week if you decide to visit the park. 

Even though camping is not allowed in this park, it is open 24 hours so you can stay up all night enjoying the sky. There are also cabins and small resorts around the area if you're planning to stay late. Pets are welcome during the day, and you are more than welcome to have your telescope with you and go with a blanket, especially if you're planning to stay after the sunset when it gets chilly. This is a great opportunity for you and your family to take a break from computer screens, malls, and city noise, and have some time to be in touch with nature.

How wonderful that there is a place dedicated to stargazing! It’s wonderful and dark there, with little light pollution, so you can see the stars. Yelp Review

Buying a painting at the Dusty Blues Gallery

Place that happy moment in a canvas.

moment in a canvas
Fall late afternoon at Rose Lake. Image Courtesy of Dusty Blues.

14775 State Route 664 South Logan, Ohio, 43138  | 740-385-5830 | https://www.dustyblues.com/

This local business, founded by two award-winning artists, illustrates those happy moments that individuals, couples, and families have when they visit Hocking Hills. The gallery has wonderful wood art, handmade baskets, photographs, paintings, and postcards that illustrate some of the parks' most remarkable landscapes around Logan. Make sure to visit this gallery with your family and grab an artistic souvenir before you leave!

MAGNIFICENT photography of this BEAUTIFUL area and Dusty is very nice to talk to! Facebook Review

Kayaking at The Original Hocking Hills Adventures

Adrenaline, water, and action!

Hocking Hills Adventures
A very entertaining activity for the little ones. Image Courtesy of Hocking Hills Canoeing.

31251 Chieftain Drive, Logan, Ohio 43148  | 800-636-0386 | https://hockinghillscanoeing.com/

One of the most beautiful elements of the Hocking Hills is the river. The sound of the water moving, the way it interacts with the rest of the environment, and the opportunity of having fun with your family in this amazing place.

There are different kinds of river trips that you and your family can take here. First, we have canoeing, an activity that has remained popular for centuries. Canoeing requires little effort to maneuver, but if you want to work out those arms, you can put more effort and move faster. There's also kayaking, a very popular recreational activity. Many people prefer kayaking over canoeing because a kayak only requires one person, and it is easier to have full control. You can even see the natural Rockbridge from the 15 mile stretch of the river where kayaking is allowed.
Rafting at the Hocking River is recommended for young kids if you are concerned about them moving a canoe, as it might be too heavy. A raft has more room, and it can hold 4 to 6 people. Perfect for the whole family!
The Original Hocking Hills Adventures is a place where you should be for at least one full day. There are also go-karts rides, mini-golf, a classic 80's room with pool tables and videogames, and the Splash Pad, an outdoor playground where kids can play. They are going to love it!.

One of my favorite places to go every summer and spend a day on the river! You can rent canoes or kayaks at decent prices. They have 5, 7, & 9-mile courses you can take on the river. Staff is nice and the booking & check in processes are super easy. Yelp Review

Shopping at Logan

For collectors and passionate shoppers.

Shopping at Logan
Several kinds of objects with a lot of history at the Antique Mall. Image Courtesy of Inn at Cedar Falls.

12795 OH-664 S, Logan, OH 43138 | +1740-385-2061 | https://innatcedarfalls.com/blog/logan-antique-mall

This mall is open seven days a week. It has over 100 dealers that sell different things like jewelry, tools, books, bottles and jars, furniture, toys, and many vintage items of all kinds. The antique stores will have items from the 18th century, very exciting for passionate collectors or families looking for any kind of repurposed item.
Also, within walking distance from the Antique Mall, you will find the Midwest Glass Outlet, where you will see all kinds of glassware and accessories on all shapes and sizes. Check it out as you might see some unusual pieces that you might end up taking with you!

Loved this place! Lots of variety, stalls are well stocked and organized - fun little place to spend some down time if you're in Logan. Yelp Review

So now you know it! Next time you visit Logan, Ohio, remember that there are quite a few amazing places that you can visit with your family. Since most of them are outdoors and in a natural environment, use sunscreen, sunglasses, carry a change of clothes, and have the best time ever with your family!

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