Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Home When You’re Ready to Sell

Give your house even more appeal with simple and quick tips.

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Jocelyn Burns


Jan 21, 2021

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Preparing to put your house on the market can be stressful when trying to think about how to make your home look the most appealing. There are so many easy tricks to give your home an edge when prospective buyers come in to check it out! Here is a list of inexpensive and easy ways to fix up your home to get ready to sell.

Displaying House Numbers

The house numbers on the outside of your house could be one of the first things a person may notice. Brass numbers that are gross and dingy is a simple thing that can bring down the home. A creative display will show you and your family care about the little details of the home. Moss covered numbers give your home a nature vibe, or even adding your numbers on front of a planter box. A DIY trick like this is something others may not even think of doing. For a bold statement, use neon lights shaped as numbers!

Exterior of home with house number

Staging Your Home

Evaluate each room and find what to change, instead of thinking of ways to change your whole house. Starting with the bathroom, clean up the walls. Mix a spray bottle with one part water and one part bleach to wash off the walls of the bathroom. If your glass shower door is grimy, don’t spend money on replacing it. Mixing one part muriatic acid and about 10 parts water and scrubbing with steel wool will make it look brand new. In the kitchen, stain your dated cabinets. Instead of replacing them all and spending all that cash, paint or stain the wood for under $200. Keep it simple in the bedroom by removing any distracting furniture or decor, this will give it a relaxing and comforting feel.

Clean & Staged Home / Dining Area

Paint Your Walls

Certain colors will attract buyers and colors have been proven to give people certain feelings. Knowing what feeling you want to give people in each room can be an easy way to impress the potential buyer. According to Zillow, houses with navy front doors sell for $1,500+ more than any other colored front doors. Making the kitchen a grey-blue color gives it a soft and welcoming feel, and has been reported to sell for a $1,809 premium. Paint the bathroom pale blue to bring in a fresh and soothing mood that is the best selling for bathroom colors.

Be a Neat Freak

You should expect people to be snooping around and looking for everything they can say no to, but don’t give them a reason. Channeling your inner neat freak instead of shoving your things into a closet is a great start. Common places that seem to attract junk are the kitchen counters, magazine racks, and fireplace mantels. Paying close attention to these areas will once again show the potential buyer you pay attention to detail.

Neat & Clean Living Room

Rearrange the Furniture

Try to give all of your rooms the most space possible. Think of a way that lets the viewers flow through the house easily. Put the bulky items in storage and understand that buyers want to see an open and intimate space. Going to different rooms and switching furniture from room to room could give a different feel that you never thought of.

Set the Tables

Set the kitchen table to paint the picture for the buyer. If they can see your family living there, they will be able to imagine their family living there too. Bring out all the stops for this, from good china to the best linens! Keep things simple by just setting two of the places and arranging a nice centerpiece. Another way to let the buyer imagine living there is at the front door. Add a welcome mat and redecorate your door numbers.

living room & office are w/ items on tables

Selling a home is a big deal and can be stressful. Paying attention to detail and making sure you are taking the time to make every room look great, selling should be an ease. Give the potential buyers a house to remember, but still make it inexpensive and easy on yourself!

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