Don’t Let Neighbors Keep You From Your Dream Home

We've all been there with neighbors and have experienced at least one of these 4 types. Learn how to deal with them so they don't scare you from your dream home.

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Emma Holt


Jan 21, 2021

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Dealing With Every Kind of Neighbor

So you just walked through your dream home and couldn’t help but notice your potential new neighbors. Of course, who you’re going to live next to should play a factor into choosing your next home, but don’t let it completely ruin it for you!

In this article, you’ll learn how to handle some of the most difficult neighbor archetypes:

  • The neighbors that may or may not own a lawn or garbage can
  • The potentially harmful neighbor that measures property lines
  • The ‘richer than you are’ neighbor
  • Saving the best for last:  the complicated neighbor

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The Messy Neighbor

We all know the type or at least have been able to point one out. Sure, they’re probably extremely friendly, they just never seem to mow the lawn and have rusting tools or car parts all throughout the yard. Many people fear moving in next to this kind of neighbor because of the resale value or just for their own sake of looking at the eye sore every day. The best way to handle this neighbor is to simply communicate with them! You can never be too sure what someone else is going through and they may just need a helping hand!

messy backyard
We've all been there!

The Dangerous Neighbor

While we hate to say it, sometimes it’s best to avoid some neighbors altogether. The only thing you really need to know about this type of neighbor is their boundaries so you never cross them. For instance, they may be protective over their meticulously manicured lawn so don’t make the mistake of letting your dog step a paw over there. It’s sad but true- you never know what could happen. Stay aware of your surroundings but don’t get too consumed with worrying.

The “I’m Rich & I Know it” Neighbor

The worst thing about this kind of neighbor is their constant competition with you. They’re always getting a new addition, mowing perfect lines in their lawn, or building a man-made waterfall in the backyard. What do you say to these people? “Excuse me, you’re making me look bad.” They’re typically not doing anything wrong so the best thing to do is just deal. Your home may not be the star on the street but at least it’s a little better than being next to the messy neighbor! Don’t let the green-eyed monster take over on this one, it’s not worth it.

That's one intimidating neighbor!

The Difficult Neighbor

This, unfortunately, is pretty common. They’re the neighbors making your life far more complicated than it needs to be. Keep to yourself but remember to always smile and say hello so you don’t come off as unfriendly. First impressions are everything and it’s a shame that rushing to work that one morning without a wave may pin you as hostile but hey, people are sensitive! If things escalate or there always seems to be a petty complaint, the best way to deal is to talk it out as calmly as possible. Be reasonable and come up with a solution that pleases everyone involved.

No matter where you’re looking to buy, you’ll more than likely run into at least one of these neighbor archetypes, if not more. That’s why you can’t let it alter your decision when it comes time to choosing a home. Go with the one you love even if you don’t like what you see across the street or next door.

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