Don’t Leave Your Home Without Bringing These 9 Things to a Open House

Get the most out of your rental experience.

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Madeline Adamczyk


Jan 21, 2021

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Finding the right house or apartment to rent can be frustrating. To ease the stress and to make sure that you get the property that you want, you should come to any open houses have done some preparation. Even if you’re not sure that an apartment or house is right for you, by going to different open houses and bringing along these documents and by having a positive attitude, you can be sure to get the most out of your experience, even if all you got was practice. HER, REALTORS® believes that no matter what you’re looking for in terms of rentals, there are always steps to take that can ensure that you find your dream home!

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1. Positive Attitude

Act like you’re happy to be here.

Don’t be afraid to let your personality show, but keep an open mind when you see things in the home that need repairing or that you want to change. No house or apartment will be exactly as it looks in the pictures posted online.

2. Housemates

It’s important to have everyone’s opinion on this big decision.

It’s hard to convey everything about a rental through pictures and your first-hand experience. Let’s face it. You might forget something or not have the information needed to answer one of your housemate’s questions. Make sure your housemate(s) go with you to the open house so that all of their questions are answered on the spot, and they can see the features of the house or apartment in person. This way, when you’re in the deliberation period, everyone has their unique insight and opinions to bring to the table. No one can say they don’t like something about the rental after you make the decision to buy it.

Have Everyone Involved in the Decision
Relax knowing that you and your housemate(s) are all on the same page.

3. Phone

Put your pictures and notes in one place.

Take pictures of every room. Note what you like and what you don’t like or might want to change. Have your housemate(s) do this too so that you can compare notes with each other later. This is also important for weighing the benefits and costs of this rental with others that you’ve visited. If you want to take a camera and a notebook instead of your phone, that’s great too.

4. Completed Rental Application

Nothing screams, “I want this apartment/house” more than a completed application.

Be sure to complete the Ohio rental application before you go to the open house. It shows that you understand the process and are extremely interested in the rental. It’s less work for the agent or landlord, and it will make the process go a lot faster.

5. List of References

Show the renter that you’re a good person and housekeeper.

Have your current landlord’s information if applicable. This is your most applicable reference because you’re currently living there. It also helps your case if you have more than one reference. This can be anyone of your choosing, preferably someone you know in your professional sphere. Just make sure it’s not a family member or family friend.

6. Credit Report

Don’t leave home without it!

Usually, the landlord or agent will run their own separate report but free credit report here.

Come prepared with your credit report in hand

7. Pay Stubs

Show ‘em what you’re working with!

It’s up to you how you want to showcase to the agent or landlord that you are able to pay the rent. You can copy the last two payments that you’ve collected from your job to present, you can show a statement from your employer stating your annual salary or monthly earnings, whatever official documentation you have is fine. Bottom line is, you want to show that you’re currently employed.

8. Copy of Photo ID

Get ahead of the game.

The landlord and/or listing agent will need this to verify your information. Having a copy to hand in on the spot will make the process faster and show that you are prepared and highly interested.

9. Checkbook

Seal the deal!

A check might be needed for the agent or landlord to run a credit report or even for an initial down payment depending on the negotiation. You may even have to offer up more than you originally thought you’d have to in order to guarantee that you get the house or apartment. If you don’t have the money, you can’t call this place your new home.

This list isn’t all-inclusive, and document needs vary based on the landlord and/or the agent that you’re working with. After the open house is over, make sure you sit down with your housemate(s) if you have them, and go over the notes and pictures that you took during the day. See what’s important to everyone and weigh the pros and cons. If you take these steps, you’ll be sure to put a foot in the door (literally!).

October 14, 2017
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