DIY Projects to Boost Your Curb Appeal This Summer

Creating your own household décor is something that comes with a great sense of accomplishment. Transform your home with a few of these creative DIY projects. Your house can be the coolest on the block when you follow a few of these steps!

Light blue house with seating area out front.


Stacey Fleurime


Jan 21, 2021

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Time spent outdoors is a lot more fun when we enjoy our surroundings. There is something about beautiful scenery that just lifts our spirits. By taking on a few DIY projects this summer, you can have the kind of home that visitors love to compliment. One that strangers stare in awe at when they drive by. You can admire your own talents every time you approach your house. In this article, we explore twelve things you can do to enhance your home’s appearance all on your own. They include:

  • Planting flowers in homemade pots.
  • Creating outdoor drapes.
  • Decorating a new address plaque.
  • Replacing your doorknob.
  • Upgrading light fixtures. 
  • Creating outdoor seating.
  • Replacing your mailbox.
  • Installing window boxes. 
  • Painting your front door. 
  • Design a doormat. 
  • Add outdoor pillows. 
  • Create a branch ladder. 

Planting Flowers in Homemade Pots

Stick figures and flowers painted on a flower pot with pink flowers.
These little stick figures are so creative!

Flowers are well-known for improving a home’s appearance. They are stand-out elements when it comes to outdoor décor. You can take this a step further by decorating your flower’s containers. If you already have average plant holders, like terra cotta pots, paint them with your favorite colors. Paint designs on them if you want to get really artistic. You don’t have to use regular, store bought containers for this. You can use mason jars, paint containers, and even coffee bags! Your options are endless. Choose a container that is to your liking and start painting! 

While working on DIY projects to boost your curb appeal this summer, consider incorporating modern planter boxes for outdoors into your design.

Make sure you fill them with flowers that you love. We recommend you buy flowers that look good in front of your home. Mix and match flowers with the colors already on display on your porch. Make sure they stand out against the background. 

Creating Outdoor Drapes

Outdoor seating area surrounded by white curtains.
Such an awesome seating area.

Outdoor drapes are a great way to add color and personality to your front porch. Pick drapes that fit your porch well, but also help to liven it up. You can repurpose curtains that you would normally use inside. Grab some large curtains you aren’t using and take them outside! There are only a few things you need to set this up. Just make sure you have space for this installment. A tension rod would be the best curtain rod to use for this. You can stretch or shrink it to fit outdoor spaces. 

A great thing about curtains is that you can decorate even the plainest ones. You can always add a lot more character to any style of curtains. Add a pop of color to your curtains by adding trim. Use a color that contrasts the color of the curtains. There are a few different styles to choose from. You can go with pompom trim, fan edge trim, or tassels. 

Decorate a New Address Plaque

Gold letters that read 507 on a blue house.
Such a great color contrast.

Your address plaque is the first thing that anyone sees when they approach your home. It is unavoidable. Make it stand out! Address plaques are often ignored and left plain. You can make a great first impression with these few numbers on the front of your house. It can be an interesting statement piece that puts your style on display. 

You can use many different materials for this. As long as the materials are weather safe, you have many options to choose from. This is something that you can do with brass numbers purchased from a home goods store. If you are prepared to put more work into it, you can use wooden planks. You will have to sand them down and carve out the numbers. Once that step is over, it is time to paint! Choose a color that compliments the color of your home. We would prefer you use one that contrasts it so it can stand out from your house’s paint color. 

Replace your Door Knob

Brown doorknob on a brown door.
This is a decent door knob. 

If you have an old and dull door knob, it could be time to replace it. It is likely that you don’t pay very much attention to your door knob. It is probably not the first thing you think of when you are redecorating, but you can add a great focal point to your door with this adjustment. There are different unique knobs to choose from to make the impression you would like. 

Go for a knob that is somewhat neutral in color. Make sure the color stands out from the door in a way that matches up with the overall theme. You can have a bit of fun with your doorknob. You can choose from one of many unique door knobs on the market, or you can simply decorate the one you have now!

Update your light fixtures

Decorative porch light.
Good-looking lighting is great for the porch.

Changing your light fixture is something else that can add to your home’s curb appeal. There are plenty of creative things you can do with your light fixtures. You can select and decorate new casings for the lights that are already on your porch. If you have singular bulbs that aren’t at all decorative, do something to change it! A porch light can provide more than just illumination. If you don’t already have a porch light, you can make one! 

It isn’t difficult to put together your own porch light. Mason jars are a great choice for this project! Mason jars provide you with multiple options for different styles. You can use different styles and shapes of jars. You can even use hued mason jars to give the impression of colored bulbs without the price point. 

Create Outdoor Seating

White porch swing.
It’s always great to relax outside.

A seating area is a great addition to any outdoor space. It will liven up the appearance of your home and make a great space for you to entertain guests! It will need to fit into the space that you have, whether it is small or large. You can have a long seat or multiple short seats. You can even go with one small seat if there isn’t much space for more. Either way, it will add a great detail to your home. 

This DIY seating project will require you to purchase lumber and use a few power tools, but in the end it is a lot cheaper than buying a finished product. You can create an impeccable product that looks like it is store bought. You can make simple, wooden benches, or you can paint them. You can also add couch cushions. Choose your favorite fabrics to cloak them in. A small side table would be a good addition to this set up. 

Replace Your Mailbox

Cool blue and black angular mailbox.
This mailbox is cool and unique.

Your mailbox stands out apart from the house. Make it stand out in a good way by creating or decorating one yourself. You could build your own wooden mailbox, or you could paint the one you currently have. Go all out when you paint your mailbox. Use bold colors and make it fun! Incorporate different pictures and designs if you’re up for the artistic challenge. Have the most unique mailbox around. 

There are different ways you can add designs to a mailbox. You can paint designs yourself, but there are other ways to get intricate designs on your mailbox without putting in too much effort. Duct tape is a very effective way to do this. There are many different styles of patterned duct tape available for purchase. They will give your mailbox a fresh look. The stylized duct tape will make your mailbox look like it was painted by a professional. 

Install Window Boxes

A red window box filled with multicolored flowers.
These flowers look amazing in this window box!

Flowers can brighten up any area. You don’t have to limit them to the front lawn. Add them to your windowsill! There are great DIY window boxes you can create to place your favorite flowers in. One can easily be made from wood. Choose a type of wood that looks good against the color of your home. Choose one that can also handle the weather elements and stand strong throughout the season. 

Painting the wood is also an option. Paint it a bright color to contrast and compliment the color of your chosen flowers. If you choose red flowers, try painting it yellow. If you choose yellow flowers, try painting it green. It will look like a gorgeous medley of color. This all adds an amazing pop to an otherwise drab and empty windowsill!

Paint Your Front Door

Bright, yellow door against a brown house.
What a standout door! 

Your front door is naturally a focal point of your home. You can make it stand out more with a fresh pop of color. Paint your door to make your home appear more inviting. This project is a very simple way to add a different vibe to your home. Use a bold color that will make your house appear bright and charming. Pick something you will love approaching every day. Something that will turn heads on the street. You can even get really daring and paint the trim around the door a different color! 

Make sure that whatever colors you choose compliment the overall look of the house. This color change will add excitement to your home’s appearance. With a bright color on the front door, you can be reminded of summer all year long!

Design A Doormat

Multicolored cat faces drawn on each square.
This rug is adorable!

A welcome mat can be one of the most noticeable things about your front porch. People will look down at it as soon as they walk up to your door. Tie it in with the porch’s overall style for a cohesive look. You don’t have to go with the generic mats found in stores. Use your creative talents to make a mat you can’t find anywhere else! There are a few ways you can create your own welcome mat. You can keep it simple, or you can make it very unique. The possibilities for this are endless!

A welcome mat is very easy to customize. You’ll need to buy a blank coir mat, acrylic paint, and a foam brush. Think about whether you want to go with a traditional greeting or a captivating picture. Whichever one you choose will represent your personality to anyone who visits. Make sure that it’s a great representation!

Add Outdoor Pillows

Couch outdoors with blue and yellow pillows.
This looks so comfy.

Small pillows will add a great touch to any seating area. Placing pillows on the seating you have available will add a lot of color to your porch. This type of project is easy to have fun with because of its simplicity. If you don’t often use bold colors, this is where to splurge on them! These pillows are easily replaceable. They can even be switched up depending on the season. 

Grab a good number of cheap pillows that will fit your chairs. You will cloak them in different colors that go well together. Purchase many fabrics and experiment with different textures. Try different patterns on them and enjoy the way they change the scenery for the better. We recommend you choose soft colors to complement a bold color scheme and choose bolder colors if the rest of the porch is more subdued. 

Create A Branch Ladder

Branch ladder wrapped in leaves.
So unique!

A branch ladder would be an interesting and whimsical addition to your front porch décor. Give your front porch a rustic detail like this one for a cool look that can also be functional. You can use it to display a number of decorative items. We recommend that you use it to display flowers, throw pillows, or even throw blankets. If you have other items you would like to display, go ahead and add those!

This is a piece that will likely receive a lot of commentary. Passersby will be impressed by the unusual detail. It will contribute a unique style element to the rest of your décor and give your home a fun vibe. The best part about this is that it's made with tree branches! All you have to do is collect tree branches and large twigs and then put them together. You’ll have a statement piece on your porch in no time!

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