Dine In or Take Out Delicious Food At These Top 8 Best Restaurants in Beachwood, Ohio

Are you around Beachwood, Ohio, or thinking about moving there and want to get a bite to eat? Try out these top eight restaurants there today!

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Sara Nuss


Jan 21, 2021

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Main image courtesy of Barons Bus. 

Have you ever been to Beachwood, Ohio? Beachwood is home to lots of different well-renowned medical offices, such as University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center, and even has offices from the Cleveland Clinic. This is a beautiful small town that many people enjoy living in where it’s a tight-knit community where lots of people know one another, the schools are great, and so much more.

If you’re thinking about moving to Beachwood, Ohio, or even currently live there or in a neighborhood around there, have you ever thought about the restaurant scene there? Beachwood is no stranger to good food. From pizzerias, to steakhouses, and so much more, Beachwood, Ohio will become one of your favorite places to go with lots of different delicious food to try out. Stop by Beachwood to see what it’s all about, and get a bite to eat at these top eight restaurants in the area today!

Continue reading to try out these eight amazing restaurants in Beachwood, Ohio:

  • Shuhei Restaurant
  • Cedar Creek Grille
  • Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse
  • Giovanni’s
  • Yours Truly Restaurant
  • Firebirds Wood Fired Grill
  • Blu, the Restaurant
  • BIBIBOP Asian Fusion

Shuhei Restaurant

Craving Japanese food? This is the restaurant to go to then to satisfy your hunger!

Shuhei Restaurant
If you’re craving Japanese food, then you need to try out Shuhei Restaurant in Beachwood, Ohio today! Image courtesy of TripAdvisor.

23360 Chagrin Boulevard | shuheirestaurant.com

We think we know just what you’re in the mood to eat, and if we’re right, then it’s some tasty Japanese food. If you come to Shuhei Restaurant in Beachwood, Ohio today, you can try out some of the best that the area has to offer. Shuhei Restaurant serves authentic  Japanese food and they even offer a sushi bar for all of the sushi fanatics. 

They have some amazing dishes that you need to try out, like sashimi, tempura, ramen, futomaki, gyoza, and so much more. Make sure to check out Shuhei Restaurant for some of the best Japanese food you’ll ever have in your life!

“The sushi is next level. I have been coming to Shuhei for years and it has never once disappointed. We always go to Shuhei for birthdays or family get-togethers.” - Yelp Review 

Cedar Creek Grille

Enjoy some steak, seafood, and so much more at this steakhouse with some great American classics!

Cedar Creek Grille
If you want to enjoy a juicy steak, or some delectable seafood, you have to try out Cedar Creek Grille today! Image courtesy of Cedar Creek Grille. 

2101 Richmond Road | cedarcreekgrille.com

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a steak, or seafood dinner on a romantic night out with your significant other, or even for a special occasion with your family. If you’re looking to find the perfect date night spot, or just a place to go to for a celebration, then you need to check out Cedar Creek Grille. Cedar Creek Grille is a steak and seafood restaurant that also serves lots of other tasty American-fare food.

They offer some tasty dishes such as crab cakes, lobster bisque, thai steak noodles, Idaho rainbow trout, veal meatballs, and even crab eggs benedict. With all of these choices to choose from, we guarantee you that Cedar Creek Grille is one of the best places to go, so make sure to check them out today!

“I recommend their lobster bisque; it's creamy, flavorful and the portion size is good. My mom ordered the Thai Steak Noodle Salad and I had their Chop Chop Salad. Both were great lunch portions and were delicious. I definitely recommend this restaurant for a lunch/dinner getaway!” - Yelp Review 

Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse

Seafood, steaks, and cocktails too? What could be better than this!

Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse
If you want one of the best steaks in all of Beachwood, Ohio, make sure to pop into Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse today for some good eats! Image courtesy of Best Steak Restaurant.

26300 Chagrin Boulevard | hydeparkrestaurants.com

Do you want to try out one of the best steaks that you’ll ever have in your life? If so, then you absolutely need to go to Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse! This place is known for its “best steaks in the United States,” but it is also known for its seafood dishes and cocktails too that perfectly complement your meal.

Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse has lots of your favorite fish and meat dishes such as filet mignon, jumbo lump crab cake, New York strip steak, the Hyde Park wedge salad, and so much more. If you’re in the area, you need to stop what you’re doing and check out Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse today!

“While we devoured every crumb of dinner we had to take our dessert to go. The added bonus to this fantastic meal and the ambiance is the terrific service.  We were treated so well from the moment we stepped in the door.  If only I could live this way more often.” - Yelp Review 


Craving the Italian side of food? Make sure to pay a visit to this restaurant today!

If you’re in the mood for some tasty Italian food, the best place to go to in Beachwood, Ohio is definitely Giovanni’s! Image courtesy of TripAdvisor.

25550 Chagrin Boulevard | giovanniscleveland.com 

We know what you want and it’s two words. Italian food. Italian food is always a perfect meal to indulge in no matter what time of day. From spaghetti, pizza, calzones, and so much more, you can enjoy everything Italian once you step foot into Giovanni’s in Beachwood, Ohio today! Known as one of the top 120 restaurants in the country, this exquisite restaurant is known for it’s great food, and beautiful ambiance when you sit down and have a meal here.

Giovanni’s is a great place to go to when you’re craving Italian food of all kinds. With offering dishes such as scallops, meatballs, penne pasta, Italian wedding soup, cavatelli, steak tartare, and so much more, you’ll be able to enjoy the sweet deliciousness that is Italian food at this restaurant. Make sure to check out Giovannit’s in Beachwood, Ohio today!

“Service is always great here and this was no exception. Our meals ranged from several pasta dinners to scallops and also some Italian pork cutlet. All of them were great.” - Yelp Review 

Yours Truly Restaurant

Come here to enjoy some of your favorite American comfort food dishes today!

Yours Truly Restaurant
If you really want to enjoy a great meal, then you have to try out anything at Yours Truly Restaurant in Beachwood, Ohio today! Image courtesy of Yours Truly Restaurant

25300 Chagrin Boulevard | ytr.com

Are you thinking what we’re thinking? Yeah, that’s right! There’s nothing better than some American comfort food dishes and if you want the best in Beachwood, Ohio, then you need to try out Yours Truly Restaurant today! Yours Truly Restaurant is known for not only its comfort food, but also its sweet breakfast menu, and its fire-grilled burgers.

Yours Truly Restaurant offers lots of tasty dishes that we know you’re going to love. They offer some delicious baked potato skins covered in cheese and bacon, chicken fingers, cheeseburgers, chicken wraps, mac n’ cheese, crispy chicken sandwiches, and so much more. Make sure to stop by Yours Truly Restaurant today to try out some great food no matter what time of day it is!

“They are so, so delicious. I have been coming here for years and I will keep coming back.  They also have other dishes that are great as well. You will not be disappointed.” - Yelp Review 

Firebirds Wood Fired Grill

Sit inside a lodge-like setting while you enjoy some steaks, seafood, cocktails, and more!

Firebirds Wood Fired Grill
If you want to indulge in some delicious upscale dining, then you need to check out Firebirds Wood Fired Grill today for all of your steak and seafood needs. Image courtesy of Yelp

211 Park Avenue | firebirdsrestaurant.com 

Once again, we are sure that you’re in the mod for some steak or seafood dishes, along with some other deliciously tasty options. If this is what you’re looking for, then you need to check out Firebirds Wood Fired Grill today! Firebirds Wood Fired Grill is the perfect place to go to when you want to be able to experience some fun, upscale dining experiences in a lodge-like setting for a unique ambiance and atmosphere. 

Firebirds Wood Fired Grill has lots of great food options that you can savor and enjoy. With cuisine such as prime rib, aged ribeye steak, grilled chicken, crab cakes, jalapeno deviled eggs, and so much more, we know that you’ll be in for a huge surprise as soon as you take your first bite. Now that you know that Firebirds Wood Fired Grill is a one-of-a-kind restaurant, that definitely means that you have to try it out today!

“The food was amazing. Steaks melt in your mouth. Will definitely be back.  They support Alex's Lemonade stand, a charity for childhood cancer. Just order the lemonade which is amazing and a contribution will be made. Atmosphere is very nice and the bar is well stocked.” - Yelp Review

 Blu, the Restaurant

Enjoy a seafood restaurant where everything is made and served fresh!

Blu, the Restaurant
Looking to try out the freshest seafood dishes around Beachwood, Ohio? Make sure to try out Blu, the Restaurant today! Image courtesy of TripAdvisor

3355 Richmond Road | blutherestaurant.com

Are you looking to sink your teeth into some of the tastiest and freshest fish around? Well, if you stop by Blu, the Restaurant, you’re able to just do that. At Blu, the Restaurant, they sell all of the freshest seafood that they can and prepare it in a unique way that will make you want to come back again and again. They also offer a seasonal menu that you can check out to try some seasonal fish dishes that are one-of-a-kind too!

With offering dishes such as lobster rolls, poke bowls, sesame crusted tuna, lobster thermidor, fish and chips, halibut, and even a seafood tower, you’ll be able to enjoy and never forget the delicious meals that you can potentially have if you stop by today. Make sure to check out Blu, the restaurant if you’re in or around Beachwood, Ohio today!

“Excellent place. Good food, great service and overall good experience. The cookies are amazing.” - Yelp Review 

BIBIBOP Asian Grill

Wanting some Asian fusion food? Check out this restaurant with the best in the area today!

BIBIBOP Asian Grill
We think that Asian fusion food is the way to go for dinner tonight, so check out BIBIBOP Asian Grill today! Image courtesy of Postmates.

511 Park Avenue | bibibop.com 

We think that we finally cracked the code on what you want to eat, and that is Asian fusion food! Asian fusion cuisine is so full of flavor with an Asian twist to it to give you something that you’ve never had before. At BIBIBOP Asian Grill, you get just that, and what’s even better about BIBIBOP is that it’s food if full of many healthy ingredients too! 

Offering lots of great food for you to enjoy, BIBIBOP Asian Grill offers lots of different ways to customize your meal. From choosing your protein, like chicken, steak, tofu, or even spicy tofu, to the rice you want, and lots of different toppings like lettuce, cheese, beans, carrots, cucumbers, and more, this place will remind you of chipotle, but better. Make sure to check out BIBIBOP Asian Grill today!

“My food was good and I would definitely come back again. The amount of food for the price is amazing.” - Yelp Review 

Whenever you decide to visit Beachwood, Ohio, just know that the area is incredible, with lots of things to do, places to see, and being known for its many renowned medical offices, Beachwood is the place to be. If you’re moving in the area, or you’ve been living there for years and want to find a new dining spot, or just try something new, we hope that we were able to help you find the perfect restaurant to go to with the top eight restaurants in Beachwood, Ohio today!

Is there a restaurant in Beachwood, Ohio that you love, but we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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