Creative DIY Paint Projects to Fight Boredom & Upgrade Your Home!

There is nothing more satisfying than creating a product with your own hands. Try out some of these awesome DIY projects to beat boredom and provide your home with some beautiful aesthetics!


Jarred Stoy


Jan 21, 2021

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Following through on a project that saves you money and allows for personal creativity can give an immense feeling of satisfaction. Whether you’re in it to save money, add a new flare to a boring room in the house, or simply pass the time, DIY (Do It Yourself) painting projects can be a fun way to jazz up a room while giving you something to do!

Knowing exactly how to create a beautiful aesthetic with whatever you’re trying to design is unrealistic for those who have not done it before. Even if they have, it can be a difficult process to get unique ideas flowing for a certain wall or piece of furniture. Luckily for you, we’ve assembled a list of some creative ideas to beat the boredom and spruce up the interior of your house! Within this article, we provide a list of ten awesome ideas for DIY paint projects. It includes:

  • Painting Your Front Door
  • Painted Staircase Risers
  • Chalkboard Wall
  • Chalkboard Calendar
  • Striped Pillow
  • Painted Mirror Or Picture Frames
  • Makeover Dated Furniture
  • Add An Accent Wall
  • Two Tone Wall
  • Bermuda Blending

Painting Your Front Door

An image showing a painted front door project.
Painting the front door is a simple way to innovate the front of your house. It also works as a great beginner project to hone in your painting and masking skills!

Make the entrance to your house inviting by adding a splash of color to your front door. Simply take the door off of its hinges and get to painting! Be sure to use quality paint that can stand the tests of time and look great for years to come. If you are unsure of what color would match the siding of your house, there are numerous ideas available online to provide some inspiration! 

If you want to take your curb appeal to the next level, you can go even further than painting your front door. Try placing a welcome mat in front of the door that matches whatever color you decided on. Even better, place some exterior lighting that highlights the new splash of color you added to the front of your home!

Painted Staircase Risers

An image showing painted staircase risers.
Looking for a way to jazz up an old staircase? Try painting the risers on the staircase to give them a pop of color and a whole new breath of life! Image courtesy of

Many homes, especially older ones, feature boring wooden staircases that were made decades (sometimes even centuries!) ago. If this sounds familiar, give your staircase a complete new look by painting the risers on the staircase like in the picture above. Simply mask off the tops of the stairs with painter’s tape and paint away!

Make sure you choose a color that compliments both the staircase and whatever color trend you have in your home. The best part of painting just the risers on a staircase is that you still get to see the beautiful wood of the original staircase. If you have a vintage staircase in your home, this is a great way to lighten it while still keeping that vintage feel only an antique staircase can provide.

Chalkboard Wall

An image showing a painted chalkboard wall.
A chalkboard wall is a great implementation for a child’s bedroom or even in a more upbeat section of the house. It allows guests to add their own unique aspects and leave more than memories!

Chalkboard paint is a newer invention of the past few decades that has become increasingly popular in modern homes. It is available at just about any store that sells typical housing paint. The unique aspect to chalkboard paint, as the name suggests, is that you can write on it with chalk just like a chalkboard! The chalk easily comes off by simply wiping it down with a wet rag. 

Chalkboard walls are great for children’s bedrooms as it allows them to add their own flare to their room. Even better, their friends that they have over can add their own messages to the board and soon enough there will be a whole collection of memories on display! You could even implement it in an entertainment room to be able to keep score on it for games like darts.

Chalkboard Calendar

An image showing a painted chalkboard calendar.
A chalkboard calendar is a relatively easy DIY project that looks super professional. Better yet, it gives you the ability to schedule your days on a unique calendar! Image courtesy of

Just like the last DIY paint project, this project features chalkboard paint. Instead of painting a whole wall with it, however, this project creates a useful calendar that can be reused for as long as you like. You can also make the calendar as big or small as you would like, which means that it can be added in just about any room or office!

Creating this calendar is a relatively simple project. Simply create an outline using thin lines of masking tape in a five by seven grid. You should utilize a ruler to ensure your lines are perfectly straight. After you have taped off a grid, fill in the squares with chalkboard paint and allow it to dry. Once you remove the tape, you’ll have a fully functional calendar to help schedule out your days!

Striped Pillow

An image showing a painted striped pillow.
Striped pillow cases are a super easy way to jazz up the living room and make use of those old throw pillows. Even better, you can utilize these on the patio to make an outside entertainment area feel unique!

Looking for a way to lighten up a room or add a splash of color and originality? Try innovating your old throw pillows with a fresh new striped look! This DIY paint project is a bit more tedious to follow than the others on this list, but the end product is more than worth it!

To complete this project, you’ll need to pick out a single or set of pillows you want to paint on. You can either pick one that has a base color and use that as a background color, or completely change it by first painting your own base layer of color. After that, tape off evenly spaced lines either vertically or horizontally depending on your preference. Once it is taped, fill in the gaps with fabric paint. Be sure to use fabric paint so your pillow accepts the paint nicely and to ensure it will not fade after some time.

Painted Mirror Or Picture Frames

An image showing a collection of painted picture frames.
By painting any number of frames and displaying them together it adds a sense of completeness to the room. You can even paint your mirror frames to lighten up the bathroom!

If you have a set of paintings, mirrors, or portraits that are beginning to look outdated, give them a breath of life by painting their frames. You could choose whatever color compliments either the painting itself or the rest of the room, it is entirely up to you! For bathroom mirrors, try picking a color that compliments the color palette of the sink and cabinets.

Simply mask off the mirror or canvas with painter’s tape and then paint the frame whatever color you chose. This is a great way to spruce up a room that has a bunch of art-work on display. Even better, it is much cheaper than going out and buying a bunch of new frames for your collection. This project gives you a way to save money and something to do in the meantime!

Makeover Dated Furniture

An image showing a dated piece of furniture's makeover.
Painting old furniture that has not aged very well is a great way to save money. On top of that, it can add a whole new aesthetic to dated furniture that you might have thrown out! Image courtesy of

As with the last project, this DIY painting project is a great way to make use of seemingly outdated furniture. The project itself will be unique to whatever piece of furniture you decide on, but the concept is always the same: save some money by giving old furniture a makeover!

Choose a color palette that matches the room the piece of furniture resides in. If you are going to be putting items on display on the piece of furniture, consider matching the color to those items. You could even simply put on a new clear-coat on wooden furniture to give it a more modern feel. No matter what direction you decide to take with your piece of furniture, you’ll be saving a bunch of money by not having to replace the piece of furniture which can get very expensive!

Add An Accent Wall

An image showing a blue accent wall.
Accent walls have become commonplace in many different styles of homes. They make the room pop by adding just a splash of color! Image courtesy of

Adding an accent wall is probably the easiest way to completely transform the aesthetic of a room. The splash of color it adds can add a whole new vibe to the room. The process itself is the exact same as painting the rest of the room just in a different color.

There are tons of different color palettes to choose from, just be sure it matches the overall theme of the room and of the house. You don’t want a neon pink wall in a rustic-themed home (or maybe you do, it’s up to you!). Implementing an accent wall into a bedroom is one of the easiest modern home trends to follow and the look it gives off can completely transform a room!

Two Tone Wall

An image showing a painted two tone wall.
A two tone wall is a unique take on a typical accent wall. You could even extend it to all the walls in a room like the picture above! Image courtesy of

A two tone wall is very similar to an accent wall except that it comes in, just as the name suggests, two tones! With this concept, you can utilize another color in your accent wall to give your room even more color. The process is exactly the same except for the fact that you’ll need to mask off a separator for your top and bottom colors. Other than that, follow all of the typical do’s and don’ts of any accent wall!

Two tone walls can even be implemented to every wall in the room, just like the one pictured above. This is a unique style that adds color to the entire room. Whether you choose to paint one or every wall, the splash of color you’ll get will revolutionize the room!

Bermuda Blending

An image showing the beauty of Bermuda blending.
Bermuda blending is a more difficult technique that may take a bit more time. It’s all worth it, however, as it provides a beautiful aesthetic like the one pictured above! Image courtesy of

Bermuda blending is a very unique concept that results in beautiful designs like the one pictured above. The process itself is surely the most difficult on the list, so be sure to designate a significant amount of time. 

The process involves combining four different shades of blue with a contrast color (yellow was used above). The colors are then all blended into a beautiful pattern starting with the lighter blue and progressively getting darker. Finally, the contrast color is blended in to finish off the look. More complete guides are available online, along with some tips for sealing the product to ensure its longevity. Bermuda blending creates a beautifully complex pattern and may be perfect for your next DIY painting project!

An image to show the endless possibilities of DIY paint projects.
No matter what your choice of art style is, there are a million different DIY projects out there! Just be creative and, most importantly, do it yourself!

We’ve given you a list of ten different ideas for DIY paint projects! Try out any number of them and spruce up the house with some awesome aesthetics. Even better, come up with your own DIY project to give you that great feeling of self-satisfaction that can only come with a DIY project!

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