Creating A Backyard Retreat: Integrating An Outdoor Pool Into Your Landscape

Building a pool in your backyard sets you up for blissful relaxation right at home. Read our blog for tips on designing a functional and aesthetic poolscape.

Shade Sails Vs. Traditional Awnings



Jan 21, 2021

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Lack of relaxation area is a common pain point for many homes. With a busy weeklong schedule, sometimes you just want to spend time at home and relax. These moments can be blissful, especially in a designated area for lounging and unwinding. A backyard ticks all the boxes for creating that perfect spot to kick back and relax.

Including a pool in your landscape is one way to spruce up your backyard. Nothing soothes a sore mind and body better than a relaxing dip in a pool. But simply adding a pool can sometimes clash with the surroundings and disrupt your backyard’s natural harmony. If you’re unsure where and how to start, you can follow the useful tips below.

1. Planning your pool paradise

The planning stage is critical. Take time to assess the practicality of your desires before embarking on the project.

  • Evaluate your space

The first step is assessing your backyard to identify the best spot for the pool. Make sure that the pool size and shape are compatible with the available space. Also, check the sun exposure. You’d want an open space where the sun directly hits the water for the better part of the day for natural warmth. That means it should be some distance from tall trees, bushy hedges, and the house.

It also helps to confirm that your chosen location isn’t too windy. Local regulations may also dictate where you can or can’t build the pool. For instance, you may not be allowed to build swimming pools near property lines, under power lines, or over septic systems.

Ensure there’s sufficient space around the pool where your family can relax under the shade of sails or umbrellas.  Browsing through the selection of outdoor umbrellas Brisbane lets you have an idea of the available types and sizes and how they can fit into your backyard design.

  • Choose the right material and features

You have a wide range of options when it comes to pool materials. Concrete allows you to mold your pool in non-conventional shapes. It’s highly durable, lasting up to 75 years if well maintained. On the other hand, fiberglass pools can be installed pretty quickly and have fewer maintenance requirements owing to their non-porous, algae-resistant surface. Finally, vinyl pools are a cost-effective and modern option.

Beyond the primary materials, decide what features you’ll add, such as waterfalls, fountains, or swim jets. These significantly enhance the experience in and by the poolside. Safety features—such as fences, clear signage, and alarms—are also necessary additions. 

  • Design the landscape

Make sure to create a pool design that complements the existing landscape. The shape and materials should perfectly blend with the other components defining your outdoor aesthetics. These considerations ensure your pool is visually stunning.

For example, in a rustic-themed backyard with a stone patio and lush greenery, a freeform, lagoon-style pool with natural stone lining and a dark finish seamlessly integrates, enhancing the tranquil, nature-inspired aesthetic.

2. Adding landscape accents

Beyond the swimming pool edges, there’s a lot to be done for a perfect look. 

  • Planting

Choose the right plants for your poolside area. Low-maintenance ones are an excellent option if you can’t commit to regular upkeep. Make sure they can thrive in the local climate and are resilient enough to withstand the unique environment near a pool.

Mix textures, colors, and heights to enhance the visual interest. Flowering shrubs are good for color, ornamental grasses are great for a soft touch, and cascading vines are perfect for elegance. Besides beauty, plants around your poolside area enhance privacy and act as windbreakers. 

  • Decking

A poolside deck lets you lounge, walk, and play around the pool safely. Slip resistance is a principal consideration when selecting decking material. Examples of anti-skid materials include textured concrete, natural stone, composite decking, and rubber tiles. 

You’d want to mix different materials for enhanced visual interest instead of using just one type and color. You can create different levels and designated spaces by creatively combining materials. Extend the decking beyond the pool edge to increase the lounging space.  

  • Ambient enhancements

Lighting is an all-time mood-setter. The right selection and mix of LED pool lights, solar path lights, string lights, lanterns, and spotlights will boost the ambiance and highlight decorative features.

Lights also promote safety around the pool, especially during the night, when visibility is vital to prevent slips and falls. With drowning being the leading cause of death for children aged one to four, you’d better be keen on safety protocols. 

Next, add comfortable seating. You have multiple options, including waterproof bean bags, hammocks, Adirondack chairs, and outdoor sofas. Sprinkle a few textured and colorful pillows for more comfort and decor.  

These landscape accents create an outdoor sanctuary where you can have cherished retreats whenever you feel like it. 

3. Maintaining your backyard oasis

Proper maintenance of your poolscape helps maintain its beauty and boosts longevity. Skim the pool surface at least once a week to get rid of leaves, dirt, and debris floating on the surface. Brush the sides to get rid of grime. 

Vacuuming does a more thorough job of removing dirt from the pool. Attach the vacuum cleaner to the filtration system and move it across the floor and walls. This gets rid of algae and dirt. It’s best done when the water is calm. 

Check chemical levels to help maintain the pool’s cleanliness. The ideal pH level is between 7.2 and 7.8. Use a pH reducer or increaser if it falls outside this range. 

Regular landscaping is also vital. Prune, weed, and fertilize your plants regularly. Clean your outdoor furniture regularly to prevent the accumulation of dirt and fading. You may also want to store them indoors during prolonged periods of no use.


Integrating a pool into your backyard calls for proper planning and creativity. Evaluate your space and choose a swimming pool that works well with the space in terms of size, material, decking, and landscaping. By carefully finding a balance between functionality and aesthetics, you can achieve the perfect backyard oasis you desire. As always, engage professional help for a more guaranteed outcome.

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February 2, 2024
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