Cozy Up with the Best Renovation + Home Design Shows on Netflix This Winter

Get some home design ideas while you wait out the cold weather!

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Bridget Houlihan


Jan 21, 2021

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Interior design of the inside of a tiny house
Image still from Tiny House Nation

Winter is a fantastic time to curl up on the couch with your favorite hot beverage and catch up on all your favorite Netflix home renovation, real estate, and home design shows. The online streaming service is just full of interesting shows that aim to help people change their interior spaces, see how others are building their dream houses, and even get some behind the scenes peeks at the home buying and selling process. The competition is fierce in some of these programs, but the prize is always well worth the hard work!

Many of the renovation and design ideas in these shows are something that anyone could copy with a little research, so if you find and idea that you absolutely adore, why not go ahead and try it out yourself? Who knows, you might surprise yourself with your home design skills. So grab a friend and prepare to binge on these interesting and helpful Netflix home design and home improvement shows!

Interior design of a rustic home with wood beams and an open space from Amazing Interiors
Image from "Amazing Interiors."

Home Design Shows on Netflix

These shows have hit the world by storm and are extremely popular. On some of these shows, contestants are set with an end goal, and are ultimately judged on their work by experts. It pits contestant against contestant-- and who doesn’t love watching a little rivalry? Other ones have an expert who travels from home to home and offers their assistance to the homeowner to create the space of their dreams. Either way, you’re in for an interesting and inspiring show!

Stay Here

Image of two hanging chairs overlooking an ocean from Netflix Show "Stay Here"

If you’re interested in learning how to best showcase your short term rental property to prospective renters, or just want an insider’s view on how it’s done, Stay Here is a fantastic show to watch. It couples design expert Genevieve Gorder and real estate expert Peter Lorimer who offer to assist property owners rent out anything from rooms, apartments, houses, and houseboats.

This show really digs into the growing desire of people who prefer to stay at Airbnb's as opposed to traditional hotels. Property owners are offered realistic and helpful advice from this team to turn their spaces into amazing spots that anyone would love to stay in.

Amazing Interiors

Image of a large interior open space with houses on the inside

You’ve heard the phrase, don’t judge a book by it’s cover, and that is exactly what you should not do with these properties! Amazing Interiors showcases the interesting and eccentric inside spaces that exist behind normal, everyday homes. Once inside these homes, viewers can revel in the interests and passions of the homeowner. This can range from a house interior that looks like a circus, the ultimate Chicago Cubs space, and even an indoor aquarium!

Even if these choices made by these homeowners is not your preference, it’s still an interesting view inside your average home. Makes you wonder what some of your neighbor’s houses look like on the inside!

The Apartment

A woman with paint samples on the wall pondering what is the best shade

This is design-style reality TV at it’s best. The Apartment is hosted by design guru Jamie Durie and contestants are tasked with redesigning apartments in the luxury high rises of Malaysia. Real estate is extremely expensive in this part of the world, so the show focuses on designs that can work in apartments and condos. Amateur designers are tasked with taking smaller spaces and making them into truly luxe spots. The competition and the drama can be fierce, but it makes for some must watch TV!

Although the series is new to Netflix, it has been one of the most popular reality TV shows in Asia since 2011.

A backyard facing a home with a large bay window taking up most of the side of the house
Some designs are larger than life, but are still so much fun to see how they develop! Image courtesy of Grand Designs.

Home Improvement Shows on Netflix

If you’re more in the mood for shows that treat viewers to building projects or fixing up and renovating spaces, then you’ll want to check out Netflix’s home improvement shows. Everyone likes to see how a house project goes from start to finish, it’s an interesting behind the scenes look at how the professionals on these shows make dreams into reality.

Grand Designs

A cylindrical home structure

One of the most popular home shows in Great Britain, Grand Designs now has four seasons available on Netflix. This show follows Kevin McCloud as he meets homeowners who are interested in building homes that are anything but ordinary. Their visions are sometimes completely impractical, which is where Kevin comes in and tries to convince them that their idea-- in its current form-- just isn’t feasible. He diligently works with them to try and best create their vision, however.

It’s an interesting and realistic view into the world of home construction-- where projects take years not months. Sometimes the plans change, and it’s never a straight line to end result. There’s also a refreshing variety of homes on this show as well, so it’s never the same construction twice!

Fix It and Finish It

Fix it & Finish it show on Netflix

If more realistic fixer uppers are your choice of home improvement shows, then Fix It and Finish It would be the perfect binge worthy show. This show treats viewers to how host Antonio Sabato Jr. helps families in need of a little fixer upper help. Each episode finds him in a new city, with a new family. Whether it’s a space in their home, a cabin, or an RV, the home improvement team gets to work and finishes the job within one day. At the end of the episode, the new space is revealed to the grateful family.

It shows that with just a little creative inspiration and some elbow grease, you can transform an entire space in just one day. That’s something that anyone could try out in their own homes!

A hip designed trailer
Would you be able to downsize your home into less than 500 square feet? Image courtesy of Tiny House Nation.

Real Estate Shows on Netflix

People always seem to be interested in the world of real estate, whether it’s watching agents close a deal, or understanding what buyers go through in order to get the home of their dreams. Recently, real estate shows have expanded into some interesting niche markets, such as tiny houses and cabins. You’ll definitely learn something new after indulging in these shows!

How to Live Mortgage Free

How to Live Mortgage Free netflix show

For most people, the dream of home ownership is only a reality with the help of a bank and a mortgage. But there are some people who have devised creative ways to avoid this common practice. How to Live Mortgage Free follows real estate expert Sarah Beeny as she showcases people who simply cannot afford the cost of down payment and a mortgage or ever-escalating rents. There are some very creative ideas shown, from making an apartment out of shipping containers, to downsizing to living on a barge boat, these people are doing all they can to avoid the long term commitment to a bank.

All the episodes incorporate the advice of architects and design experts to work within the budget of the subject-- as sometimes the plans need to be adjusted. It’s a great watch if you’re curious about downsizing or just want to see some innovative home ideas!

Tiny House Nation

A tiny house in the middle of the desert

As you may or may not be aware, tiny houses are a thing-- and more and more people are getting on board for this downsized lifestyle. Tiny House Nation follows John Weisbarth and Zach Giffin around the U.S. to meet people who are interested in living in a space that, at max, is 500 square feet. They help families prepare ultra customized houses, some which appear closer to doll houses than normal single family homes.

There are many reasons why people might want to downsize so extremely, they are cheaper, more environmentally friendly, and offer ways to showcase the homeowners creativity. Whatever the reason, this show offers viewers the chance to see how a tiny house is created-- and decide whether or not they could live in one!

Cabins in the Wild

Cabins in the wild

Following closely on the heels of the tiny house movement, Cabins in the Wild is about contestants that are tasked with creating unique livable one room cabins in the Welsh countryside. Dick Strawbridge and Will Hardie judge the entries of eight teams who construct from scratch their own version of a cabin. Building on these ideas, the presenters will also build their own cabin as well.

The teams are made of architects and designers, and while there is no cash prize, the winner is allowed to keep their cabin up and offer it for booking to the  public. It’s a unique way to stay in the Welsh countryside, and truly elevates the humble cabin to a more luxurious experience, while retaining the cozy size.

Sara Beeny's Selling Houses

Selling Houses Netflix show - a bedroom

Sometimes one of the hardest parts of the real estate process is trying to sell your home. There are many things to consider, from what repairs to make, how to make your interior appealing, and perhaps most importantly, what price to ask. Selling Houses offers viewers the chance to see how sellers go about this-- and how each situation is as unique as the homeowner. Sometimes homes just need some cosmetic fix ups like fresh paint, but other times, there are major repairs.

Each episode presents to the viewers three sellers who are all looking to sell as fast as possible. They are allowed to check out each other’s homes and get inspiration for some creative ways they can make their own home stand out to buyers. It’s an interesting way to see how sometimes a little outside inspiration is all that’s needed to close the deal.

Home design and home improvement shows are so easy to get into, and they showcase some really creative and innovative ideas. This winter, make sure you to make time and catch up on all these great Netflix home shows!

December 23, 2019
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