Columbus Areas With Homes For Sale In A Golf Course Community

Combine home time with leisure time, with a golf course right outside your door

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Diana Velasquez


Jan 21, 2021

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When you’re on the lookout for a new home, it’s important that you find the perfect house that fits not only your comfort but is in proximity to a community you enjoy. You might love your house, but you’re going to go outside at some point and you’ll be even happier if there are activities in the area you enjoy.

For golf lovers, a good golf course nearby is a must. One in the neighborhood, if not right outside your door byways of walking or golf cart trail.

Luckily there are plenty of towns near Columbus, Ohio that can provide this for you in fashionable homes located in golf course communities if not just a short walk away from the green itself.

Most of these homes are available in suburbs about a fifteen to twenty-five-minute drive from downtown Columbus, so you can enjoy the comfort of your own home and golf course with the city life just a short distance away when the need comes calling.

Check out these six neighborhoods with homes for sales on golf courses near you.

  • Sunbury, Ohio
  • Canal Winchester, Ohio
  • Pataskala, Ohio
  • Blacklick, Ohio
  • Galena, Ohio
  • Plain City, Ohio
A picture of a historic building with white columns and American flags in Sunbury, Ohio.
This small town outside of Columbus might have that country-escape feel you are looking for! Image courtesy of

Sunbury, Ohio

Sunbury, Ohio is a thirty-minute drive from Columbus, a little more of a distance than some of the other towns on this list but Sunbury provides a lovely sense of suburban isolation for those more fond of a countryside feel with the more urban amenities waiting in the wings.

A population of 5,000 and growing Sunbury has enough people to keep some stranger faces in the crowd but still remains a tight-knit community. 

Now, for the homes near golf courses. These homes range in price of course depending on the square feet but come in the range of around $300,000 to $500,000. Usually bigger family homes with big bright kitchens and three to four bedrooms with large yards.

One of the golf courses of choice in the area that these homes could share proximity to is the North Star golf club, an 18-hole, 72-par course, that includes 351.3 acres of extensive woodlands. Plenty to offer for a golf enthusiast. 

A sign for Canal Winchester, Ohio in front of an old barn and train tracks.
Canal Winchester is rich in history and activities for you and your family to enjoy along with a superb golf course. Image courtesy of

Canal Winchester, Ohio

This bustling suburb is only a short drive from metropolitan Columbus and has its own rich history and activities for families of all shapes and sizes at its fingertips for you to enjoy.

Canal Winchester was founded in 1828 after a local canal project led to the town’s prosperity in agriculture and as a transportation hub. It’s only seven miles long, with a population of about 8,000 but there is plenty of hustle and bustle here to enjoy.

Prices here for homes might be more pricey than other suburbs, because of Canal Winchester’s proximity to Columbus and its reputation as a historic and reputable town in which to live, but if you can spare the extra cash living here is worth it. 

Their gold club, the Westchester Golf Course, is a par-72 course that features a course rating of 73.6 and a slope rating of 128. It contains 6 lakes, over 50 bunkers, and 6 sets of tees.  All located on a 10,000 square foot putting green. 

If you’re looking for a home that’s within a short distance of the course your option is best laid in the Villages at Westchester community. A new and upcoming neighborhood where these recently built homes are at a central location from all of Canal’s and Columbus’ activities as well as the green. Check out these three home options in Canal Winchester’s golf community. These houses start at $311,990.

Pataskala Ohio Ranked Top US Suburb
Pataskala’s golf course the Cumberland Trail Golf Club is a dream, as well as their houses not far from the course. Image courtesy of

Pataskala, Ohio

Pataskala is a town spread out, but the atmosphere and the activity don’t match its country-like appearance. This is a community that would be welcome to have you, and you should be excited to join.

It’s less than a half hour’s ride to nearby Columbus, so it provides a nice buffer for when you’re ready to abandon the city-life and head back into a more nature and country-oriented vibe.

Pataskala’s golf course, the Cumberland Trail Golf Club, includes 18 holes with 60 plus sand bunkers, grass greens, and a handful of different water hazards. They also provide a practice range, a putting green, and a chipping area. 

If you're looking for a home in Pataskala make sure to check out one of these three options within close proximity of the golf course.

  • 568 Trail West Rd located at the Villas at Cumberland is 3380 sq. ft. and features 3 bedrooms, 3 full baths, and a finished basement. The site is fully landscaped and backs onto the golf course for easy access. Take a further look at this home that starts for $416,990. 
  • 181 Buttonbush Pl is a lower-priced ranch house of your dreams. It’s 2,696 sq. ft. and features 3 bedrooms, 3 full baths, and a finished basement as well as the previous home. This home is tucked more within the bounds of the Cumberland golf course, a bit of the beaten path for some privacy. Look further into this home that starts at $351,990. 
  • 101 Bucrush Drive is a single-family home located within a reasonable distance of the Cumberland golf course, in the same community as the other two houses. A ranch-style house with 3 bedrooms, and 2 baths, and a two-car garage. This home starts at a price of $350,990. 
Blacklick Woods (photo Connie Mastenbrook)
The hiking and the golfing lovers’ dream lies in Blacklick, Ohio. Image courtesy of

Blacklick, Ohio

If you are an outdoors enthusiast as well as a lover of golf, Blacklick, Ohio might be the perfect place to set down your roots for a new home.

Blacklick is a small town of about 8,000 people spread out among the large swathes of parks and woodlands in the area, which have been kept as clean and undisturbed as they can be by the residents who are enthusiastic about their nature trails.

The Blacklick Woods is not far from the major town and provides a wide variety of hiking options for your leisure, and in a fit of comradery, the golf course is named after the same forest. 

The Blacklick Woods Golf Course located officially in the bordering town of Reynoldsburg, Ohio offers a traditional layout with tree-lined fairways. They also offer a learning course in case you want to earn some easy practice or invite some beginner golfers over. There is a full-service driving range, a 30,000 square foot practice green with three bunkers, and a 3-hole practice course.

For homes located near this course in Blacklick take a look at the three options below.

  • 9015 Farlington Drive is a 1,856 Sq Ft, one-story, three-bedroom, two-bathroom home located within walking distance of not just the Blacklick Woods Golf Course but a selection of hiking trails as well as a playground. The perfect home for a middle-sized family, take a further look at 9015 Farlington Drive that starts for sale at $444,870. 
  • 2709 Batesville Drive is a 2,546 Sq Ft, two-story, four-bedroom, and two-bathroom single-family home that in a similar vein to the previous home is a short distance from the golf course, hiking trails, and a playground. This bigger home with four bedrooms can serve a large family’s purpose starting at $450,460. 
  • 9112 Pickens Drive is the largest home on this list with 2,977 sq ft, two stories complete with four bedrooms and two and a half baths. And a three-car garage to boot. Located in the same community this house carries the same amenities as the previous, the golf course is only a short way away. Take a further look at this property that starts at $512,655. 
A sign for Galena, Ohio in front of a brick building servicing a coffee shop.
The only village on this list, Galena, Ohio is smaller than some neighborhoods in Columbus in terms of population, but that doesn’t mean it’s not the home for you! Image courtesy

Galena, Ohio

Galena, Ohio is located about thirty minutes north of downtown Columbus, located on the tip of the Hoover Reservoir its small village with under 1,000 residents to its name. The smallest place to live on this list by far, but that doesn’t discount its charm and isolation from those looking for a slower life in the suburbs.

The neighboring communities surrounding Galena can provide some more activity if this is something you are looking for, and once you’re finished with the more lively day and nightlife you can return to the quiet streets of this village. 

The Arrowhead Lakes Golf Course is a public course servicing the Galena area and all the golf players in it. Constructed in 1989, it’s an easily accessible course but not too far out of the way for anyone who goes looking.

A nine-hole course with a driving range, lessons available by appointment, as well as a pro shop, this golf course provides simplicity with a small local feel to it. Not everyone wants to live life in the big city and prefers a town where everyone will know you by name.

Galena is the best town on this list for those who prefer that option, so everyone looking for a sleepy Central Ohio village to call home should visit Galena. 

File:Clock tower - Plain City, Ohio.jpg
Like most suburbs of Columbus, Plain City has a history cemented in its landscape and the people that have migrated in and out of the area in the past two hundred years. Image courtesy of

Plain City, Ohio

It’s no surprise that another Columbus suburb like Plain City, Ohio is rich in not only its history but its dedication to the preservation of its natural landscape, with plenty of emphasis on local foods and farmers at locally sourced bakeries and markets. 

Originally settled by fleeing Wyandot or Huron Indians these people made their home in the area until they were driven out amidst the war of 1812. The town grew slowly until the later addition of the railroad in the area, but after both world wars the population in Plain City kicked up.

For the golf enthusiasts, the closest golf course is at the nearby Rolling Meadows Golf Club in Marysville, Ohio. But it’s not to worry, because the Jerome Village Pearl Creek community in Plain City is within the golf course’s reach for your leisure.

A simple and familiar 18 hole course, Rolling Meadows is that typical local club with enough community and a challenging course to keep you coming back for more. 

A man swings his club on a golf course as the sun sets.
A golf community that speaks to you is the most important part of your comfort when looking for a home not far from the course. 

Not everyone can have a home located so close to the thing that they love, but luckily the areas near Columbus have a lot to offer in terms of what you’re looking for in a home and a golf course. 

For many avid golfers, their hobby isn’t just something they do in their free time it’s a way of life. It’s something you do not just because you enjoy the athletic aspect but because of the community, you form around you at your local club.

All of these towns near Columbus boast their unique kind of atmosphere for you. Some you may like more than others, but the hope is that one of these communities has the perfect green for you to play on as well as provide a loving home to return to not too far from the club and tee.

Discover your dream home in German Village, OH.

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April 5, 2021
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