Car or plane: what to choose?

It doesn’t really matter where, let’s just travel.


Melissa Pallotti


Jan 21, 2021

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The destination of a journey in many cases matters as much as the process of traveling. We enjoy flying on the airlines or riding in a car. Sometimes a destination matters even less than being transported from point A to point B. Though traveling by plane is faster (and statistically safer), vibes that a car journey has had no rivals. You can rent a full-size SUV on a special using new Europcar coupon codes to let your family enjoy true freedom of movement. Yet a big airbus will haul you and your family half the planet in a matter of hours. 

Summer is a prerequisite for travelers around the world to pack up and set off on an adventure. Warm sunny days call in backpackers and beachside holidaymakers to enjoy the pleasures of life. Among marveling at the beauties of nature there could be a shopping session. They are as much enjoyable. Especially if accompanied by promo code, sales, and other special offers. 

Choosing between traveling by car and plane

It could be a luxury overwater bungalow located on the turquoise waters of Maldives. But summer isn’t the only suitable time to travel. For lovers of fall-dyed mountainous landscapes, a secluded cedar rough log cabin with a fireplace overlooks the Nenana River. The cabin looks forward to bringing its guests the warmth of the fireplace and the coziness of thick wool blankets on chilly fall nights. Evidently, fall delivers many dry warm days to allure you out of your cozy sweet home. But what will it be, a car or a plane, to reach the places of pristine serenity?


Each type of travel comes with advantages under its belt. Being in motion, and taken to beautiful places is a heart-warming and exciting realization by itself. But the way you reach the point of destination matters as much. Let's look at which one, a car or plane, suits your concept of travel the most. 

Advantages of traveling by car

Freedom of movement and choice

You can drop by beautiful places on your way to the point of destination. There could be a vantage point overlooking the marvelous Rocky Mountains or a neat roadside cafe serving mouthwatering kind-size burgers. 

Comfort and enjoyment come with every inch of distance

You can go all out and rent the avant-garde Range Rover Velar at Europcar. This frontline of automobile engineering brings excellent offroad capabilities, sublime comfort, and astounding performance on the road. Range Rovers have been known as being among the most comfortable cars in the world. You can transfigure what seems to be hundreds of miles-long boring riding into a plethora of joy and excitement.

Doberman Pinscher doesn't have to travel in a cargo compartment

Even a big dog can share room with the rest of its two-legged travel companions. You can open a side door window to let your four-legged friend stick a tough out and enjoy the cool breeze.

No weight limits and penny-wise carry-on sizes

You just switch to a full-size SUV if a sedan seems to be scarce in space for all your stuff. Europcar allows its customers to modify an existing booking and upgrade to a bigger, longer, and more powerful car. 

Advantages of traveling by plane

Believe it or not, it is the safest way to travel

Statistically speaking, an aircraft has always been the safest means of transportation. 

Saves time and money

You cannot reach the point of destination faster by anything but air. You can book a ticket well in advance for a low-cost flight and cover thousands of miles cheaply and cheerfully.

On-flight entertainment for all

No one has to drive a car. All family members could enjoy tasty meals and movies. If grown-ups happen to telecommute, they can pull out their laptops and use flight time efficiently. 

It takes you everywhere

An aircraft mocks every natural barrier and obstacle. No traffic jams slow it down as well. 

Final thoughts

A car stands for ultimate freedom. You can rent a serviced-tested vehicle that will take you thousands of miles away from where you are trouble-free. On the other hand, traveling by is the safest and fastest way of reaching the point of destination. It could also be cheaper than renting a car. What about traveling by plane and car during the same holiday trip? You can reach every corner of the planet by air and get in a vehicle rented at Europcar. It sounds like the best-case scenario for your holiday trip, doesn’t it?

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September 22, 2021
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