Automate 8 Property Management Tasks Yourself to Reduce Potential Risks

Automating your property management tasks yourself is the answer to its cluttered and risky operations. Here are eight tasks you can automate yourself. ‍



Jan 21, 2021

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It’s incredible how cloud-based property management can save your operations today. You can not only automate your business yourself but cut down substantial risks. 

But is it worth the trouble? 

Yes, it is. You can automate day-to-day services through user-friendly apps, including rental, marketing, surveillance, bookkeeping, etc. It saves your time and resources while away, ensuring uninterrupted business operation and long-term customer happiness. 

Let us introduce you to the eight property management tasks that you can automate quickly. 

This article also covers specific minimized risks that you can achieve through automation. 

Eight Tasks in Property Management You Can Automate Yourself

Property management automation reduces manual labor and spaces daily, weekly, and monthly operations. It provides uncluttered communication and data-based market analysis. 

In short, you can have your renting made easy with many interactive and transactional automation features.  

Let’s have a look at the eight property management tasks that you can easily automate yourself: 

  1. Email Response 

Responding to a client’s query in time is a courtesy and a good business practice. A property management service is no different. 

Don’t leave your rental guests guessing, speculating, or worse, criticizing your business ethics and responsibilities when you’re busy, away, or ill.  

How can you make sure of that?

You can choose from various autoresponder apps to keep your business email sending out timely responses. Utilize other apps to respond to those inquiring about your business for the first time. 

Timely responses in business may seem like a small thing, but it counts in the long run. You can make sure that your existing and potential customers remain:

  • Loyal
  • Cooperative
  • Focused, and 
  • Satisfied 


  1. Rent Collection  

Business transactions are now more fluid, thanks to net banking, international payment gateways, etc. 

Why deprive your rental properties of such facilities? Add a reliable rent collection plugin to your website so your tenants can pay you immediately. 

Such apps have ‘notify’ options, so you and your tenants can receive payment notifications. The transaction history will be available for both parties, avoiding any conflict. 

No payments will be overdue this way. 

  1. Bookkeeping 

It can be hard to keep track of your daily, weekly, or monthly receivables and payables. Automation helps you access those records whenever you need them. 

Buying or hiring a bookkeeping app will reduce your tension. Invest today in such an automation system and let your daily operation run at a smoother pace. 

  1. Calls and Appointments 

Several smart apps can schedule appointments on your behalf. You just have to set your availability preferences for calls and meetings, and you’re good to go. 

An app based on your calendar and clock will give you preferable schedules that pose a win-win for all parties. It’s also effective in avoiding double-scheduling the same meeting, so no one wastes time and resources.  

  1. Auto Property Display 

What if your vacant properties could show themselves to the interested parties, including all features, amenities, etc.? 

Various property automation technologies offer services such as lockbox, virtual tour, auto email correspondence, etc. to make your properties more accessible to renters. 

Suppose you set up a lockbox in your vacant property’s doorknob. In that case, a potential renter can visit and access your property - without you or an agent needing to be present - by entering a one-time code or uploading a photo ID to the device.

Automated email and text confirmations are other ways to fix a schedule with an interested renter. 

  1. Maintenance 

Regular maintenance tasks include checking fire alarms, sanitary lines, CC camera, lawn mowing, etc. You can also conduct maintenance for vacant rental apartments, including pest inspection, gutter cleaning, bathroom updating, checking water lines, etc. 

On the other hand, the on-request maintenance may vary from fixing the window pane to electric wiring. 

Dealing with these tasks may be time-consuming and confusing, given various requests from several renters. 

Worry not, as your renters can send their requests to notify your maintenance crew in an automated maintenance app. The crew will get a ticket and a notice to schedule the task, and the renter will receive a confirmation. 

The crew will update the app when the job is accomplished. 

  1. Lead Generation 

Take care of the marketing and promotional aspects of your property management business with automation. You don’t need to be involved in marketing and lead generation 24/7. 

Automation will gather the data of the interested renters from the online ads and help you decide how your business is doing. 

Furthermore, hiring a lead generator service for your rental service will cut your workload significantly. 

  1. Quick FAQ Access 

Adding a Frequently Asked Questions section and a live bot to your business site can keep your business active around the clock. Any interested customer inquiring about your services can receive informative and sound answers. 

Make sure you work diligently while filling in the answer sections with practical, fact-based, and quality answers. Thus, you can relax while your FAQ and AI bot interact with customers for you.  

Three Risks You Can Cut down by Property Management Automation

We’ve looked at the particular tasks you can automate in your property management business. This brings us to the next relevant segment: shrinking the risks.

Property management personnel engage in responsible tasks related to sensitive information, documentation, and communication. Let’s see how you can cut down risks on those aspects with automation. 

  1. Inaccessible Files and Documents 

Think of the daily situation when you’re denied access to your office files, but your owner or supervisor wants you to update a file immediately. You can ditch this problem by installing a remote access app on your cell phone or personal computer.

Also, curating and recording the property inspection data is a crucial task. It’s something you may not be able to accomplish within your office hours daily. 

Again, the remote access app can get you the file access to get the job done from your home. 

Put simply, being outside the office isn’t an issue anymore. 

  1. Data Overlapping 

Cloud-based data analysis app is a savior since working with spreadsheets is painful sometimes. You will find it challenging to handle a high volume of data on a spreadsheet.

Using a cloud-based data analysis app will help keep an organized record and prevent data overlapping and confusion. 

  1. Communication Handling  

Avoiding the tenants’ and owners’ messages, calls, and emails may put them off. However, you may find it overwhelming to attend to every call or email. 

The solution is to create a tenant or owner portal through the available app so you can navigate and respond to the messages efficiently. 

Seven Benefits of Automating Your Property Management Tasks

  1. Remote Inspection

Inspecting your properties remotely through devices can save you enough time that you can end up inspecting ten more properties monthly. 

Remote inspection apps let you generate and save inspection reports on your device for future reference. 

  1. Regular Performance Reports

Curating data and uploading performance reports of your properties on a real-time portal can help the landlords, treasurers, etc. view them regularly. 

The interested parties of your property don’t need to make calls and messages multiple times due to real-time reports’ visibility and transparency. 

  1. Error-free Digital Documents

Working continuously with documents, numbers, tables, etc. is an arduous job and always poses a risk of mistakes. 

However, digital documents such as performance reports, bills, inspection reports, etc. will reduce human errors and ensure more reliable documentation and records. 

  1. Time-Efficiency 

You can utilize the time that you used to spend on property visits, email correspondence, maintenance, etc. on more important tasks. 

Saving time this way can enhance your efficiency and productivity. 

  1. Daily Efficiency

When you have a dashboard of your daily task, you can streamline the specific tasks accurately. 

It’s more practical to accomplish each job perfectly rather than juggling several tasks at a time. 

  1. Customer Satisfaction

Although you’re automating the customer correspondence in your property management operation, it doesn’t necessarily take you off the line of communication totally. 

Since you’ve utilized your time efficiently, you have ample time to attend to special clients with special requirements and formalities. 

  1.  Productivity Boost

Automated business operations are proven to be more productive than conventional ones on many levels. It works as a physical and morale booster for your business. 

Automation in property management can give you valuable insights while helping you make data-driven decisions for the business. 


Whether you’re the owner, manager, or employee, you can automate your property management tasks yourself to speed up its operation. 

Indeed, automation can bridge the distance between you and the customer while getting the jobs done perfectly. Why waste time, resources, and potential customers when automation can handle the extra jobs for you?

Wouldn’t it be wise to utilize automation that could supervise and tackle the major sides of your business while reducing specific risks? 

Think about it and identify which areas of your business could most benefit from automation. 

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May 26, 2021
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