Amazing Design Ideas Inspired by HGTV’s Fantasy Kitchen

Check out these amazing kitchen ideas that are sure to spruce up your space!

a unique all wood kitchen design



Jan 21, 2021

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Who wouldn't love to have a total makeover of their kitchen? We’ve all dreamed about that at some point, and probably have an idea of what type of flooring, cabinets, countertops, and appliances we’d love to see in the kitchen of our dreams. But what if you had the opportunity to make your kitchen renovation dream a reality? That’s exactly what HGTV is doing with their Fantasy Kitchen Giveaway. The lucky winner of the sweepstakes will get $250,000 towards the kitchen that most homeowners can only wish for!

HGTV Design Star winner Tiffany Brooks, along with culinary advice from Scott Conant, recently created an amazing dream kitchen together-- and in this article we’re going to show you some of the highlights of their design ideas. These timeless designs are easy to replicate, so keep them in mind when you’re ready to have your kitchen renovated. Even if you don’t win the giveaway, you can still create your very own kitchen of your dreams!

Kitchens are a Gathering Space

Image courtesy of HGTV. Make your kitchen into a great space to gather.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget in the daily hustle and bustle of life, but kitchens have always been a place for gathering and enjoying the company of friends and family. Traditionally the fire in the oven was always kept lit or at least kept the embers smoldering, which made the kitchen the warmest room in the house. Before central heating, this is why people tended to gather in the kitchen! Nowadays it seems that things haven’t changed all that much, as people still tend to gravitate towards the kitchen, and gather to talk and laugh while the food is prepared.

Optimize your layout

Interior design of a beautiful kitchen bu homes and gardens television
Image courtesy of HGTV. Is your kitchen a social space?

You can make your kitchen the best room in the house for company to gather (besides the living room!) by making some simple modifications. If you do a lot of entertaining, or just like to have your guests around while you cook, consider adding a table and chairs. By placing it in the kitchen area, yet out of the way of the cook, you can ensure that guests can sit and relax with ease-- and that you won’t miss out on any good conversations! A nook or cubbyhole is a great way to do this. Consider adding a small table with chairs, or even a bench or a booth with a table to increase the coziness factor. 

Sometimes we tend to forget that kitchens can have artwork as well! Make sure to incorporate some interesting designs that make people think of comfort and relaxation. This tends to make the overall ambiance of the kitchen more friendly, and not just a place for the cook and meal preparation.

Functional and fancy

kitchen cabinets and contents
Image courtesy of HGTV. Choose colors that compliment each other and pull the whole room together.

Now that your kitchen is starting to give off those welcoming vibes, it’s time to make sure it can still be a place that’s optimized for cooking. There is definitely a way to balance function and style, and one of the best ways to do this is with your choice of appliances. Go with a color that compliments your kitchen, but also doesn’t draw too much attention. Black or stainless steel are great options for this. You want your appliances to blend in, and let their functionality speak for themselves. Consider opting for smart appliances, that will let you set timers, oven temperatures, and refills from your phone. This increases your efficiency in the kitchen and lets you end more time enjoying the company of family and friends.

Appliances that work for you are important to your kitchen, but don’t forget about important-- but less glamorous items-- such as sinks and faucets. You can really pull the whole look of your kitchen together by choosing a faucet that matches the pulls and knobs of your cabinets. Many brands offer a touch turn on as well, which is especially helpful when you need a quick rinse. Allow a smart faucet to do the measuring for you as well, as most smart faucets can be programmed to measure up to five cups. Talk about a handy cooking tool!

Patterns and Color Galore

A kitchen designed with complimetery patterns
Try mixing and matching patterns to add texture to your new kitchen! Image provided by HGTV.

We all know that your kitchen needs to be functional, and with plenty of seating and some great smart appliances, you’re well on your way to a dream kitchen. But, why not balance all that functionality out with some design ideas that are sure to enhance the beauty of your kitchen?

All about the backsplash

HGTV interior designed kitchen with golden highlights and a marble wall with large scaled marble patterns.
A very geometrical kitchen design with straight golden lines as highlights compliments the organic lines of marble as a backsplash. Image provided by HGTV.

The best way to incorporate your sense of style-- as well as some eye-catching color--  into your kitchen is to choose an amazing backsplash, which should be anything but dull. A bold and patterned tile is a great way to accentuate the color and design you choose for cabinets. It’s a fantastic way to create a complementary relationship of color and texture in your kitchen. Once you have your color scheme for the backsplash, the professionals recommend going with a cabinet style that offers some dimension, as opposed to just a flat surface. This will not only allow your cabinets to stand out, but will create a nice overall look for your kitchen space.

If you tend to do a lot of entertaining, incorporating a beverage station into your kitchen is a great idea. This ensures that your guests can have access to cocktails and appetizers without getting in the way of food preparation. It also carves out another small space in the kitchen that is designed for a specific task-- which helps with the overall functionality. Break up the cabinets by including another area for your backsplash design-- this helps keep with the continuity of the kitchen, and also gives you another chance to put in a pop of color. 

A walk-in pantry sounds like something we’d all love to have in our kitchen, and it is well worth the space. This type of pantry allows you to store food items in an easy to find manner, so that they do not take up cabinet space. It’s also a great way to continue your color scheme, but perhaps to also mix it up a bit. Keep the colors the same, but opt for a different tile pattern for the backsplash. If you have dark cabinets and light flooring in the kitchen, choose a light color for the cabinets and dark flooring for the pantry. This ensures that the colors are the same, but not too repetitive. 

Don’t forget about flooring

A kitchen made of hardwood and dark stone floors.
This natural stone tiling brings a cabin feel to this woodsy kitchen! Image courtesy of HGTV.

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in choosing appliances, backsplash patterns, or the style of cabinets, and we tend to forget about another important element of any kitchen renovation process-- choosing the right floor. You don’t want your floor to draw a lot of attention, but you do want it to have a grounding effect and act as a balance for the other colors in the space. There’s nothing worse than having all the colors blend together for an overwhelming effect, so make sure to choose a floor color that will add contrast, but not in a glaringly obvious way. If you choose a darker color for cabinets, consider a lighter option for your flooring-- and vice versa. There are many options available that are more durable than wood flooring, so take the time to consider how much traffic your kitchen gets and perhaps opt to use engineered hardwood instead.

Flooring does not have to be lain in a traditional manner either-- consider different patterns of arrangement (such as herringbone or diagonal) that keeps the color constant but have more movement. This small adjustment can contribute significantly to your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Space and Storage are Key

built in pantry
Image courtesy of HGTV. Built-in storage shelves are a great way to add space and stay organized.

Make drawers work for you

Renovating your kitchen is the perfect opportunity to make sure each space is optimized and that there are plenty of storage options. Choosing drawers that have built in storage options is a good way to prevent utensils from becoming overcrowded and disorganized. When everything has its place, you won’t have to waste time searching for an item, or accidentally be poked by something sharp!

Organize your spices into a designated drawer-- where they can easily be seen all at the same time. Spice cabinets tend to be overcrowded and don’t allow you to see all the spices that you have available. By stacking spices tall instead of deep, you’ll never wonder where one is again!

Another great way to help your drawers stay organized is to incorporate a peg board-- which allows you to neatly stack items from plates to Tupperware. Because the pegs are movable, they can accommodate items of all types of shapes and sizes. Disorganized heaps of containers will be a thing of the past!

Utilize shelving

Built-in shelves for your kitchen are a great way to free up counter space and add more personal touches as well. Consider putting some smaller appliances such as a microwave or a coffee maker into one of your shelves, and save the counter tops and island space for food preparation, or even grabbing a bite to eat. Don’t forget to balance this functionality out with some personal touches, such as pictures or small pieces of art. It’s a good way to enhance the welcoming atmosphere of your kitchen.

It is important to stay just as organized in your pantry as well. If you have lots of open shelving, consider utilizing wire baskets or clear containers to help keep things visible. Labeling your storage units lets you know what’s inside, but it also adds a nice personal touch to your pantry as well.

These tips are a great starting point for your kitchen renovation, and are sure to make your kitchen the busiest room in the house! Take it from these design pros and make the kitchen of your dreams both functional and stylish.

August 21, 2019
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