7 Ways to Create a Resort-Style Pool In Your Backyard

When you furnish your backyard such that it looks like a resort, then you are investing in your well-being, family lifestyle, as well as your property.




Jan 21, 2021

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Meanwhile, turning your backyard into a resort-like arena will not require you to break the bank to travel to a fancy hotel. This is because you would rather begin to make use of the fancy area that exists within a minute’s reach.

Hence, if you are considering giving your backyard a significant renovation to replicate the attractive pools in some of the finest resorts in the world, then you should read through this article, as it will inform you about the design skill, creativity, and custom pool design characteristics that are essential to developing a resort-style pool in your backyard.

7 Ways to Create a Resort-Style Pool In Your Backyard

Water Features

The inclusion of water features, such as fountains and waterfalls is the easiest way to instantly develop a resort-style swimming pool. Interestingly, the sound and sight of flowing water can be likened to fancy hotel pools.

You can easily add a fountain around the patio or pool area. Besides, if you desire more luxury, including a waterfall will give you that, as a waterfall is capable of incorporating natural beauty into your pool area.

Elements of Fire

You can never go wrong with the mixture of water and fire, as the addition of fire features to your swimming pool gives a dramatic and attractive ambiance that can be seen in a lot of resort-style pools. Particularly at night, the flames from a fire feature tend to make for an attractive focal point in your backyard space. Your senses tend to become delightful as fire transforms your backyard into an all-night party space.

Furthermore, elements of fire can be added into your backyard space in certain ways, like as a poolside fire pit, metal fire bowl, or twin fire pillars. Likewise, you can illuminate your walkways through the use of torches. 

Rock Features

A lot of resort-style swimming pools are naturalistic to an extent, and feature some natural pieces, like grottos, and large rocks, with natural stone decks as well as patio surfaces. A number of these features can be added with the fountains and waterfalls you decide to incorporate into your space, so as to give you a resort-style swimming pool.

Elegant Pool Furniture


A way you can turn your swimming pool area into an at-home resort is with the aid of your patio furnishings. Classy outdoor furniture is a luxury resort staple and a necessity when you are developing a comfortable space.

Preferably, outdoor furniture should be attractive without sacrificing comfort. Together with traditional lounge chairs, your patio can be taken to the next level through the addition of cocktail tables, sun beds, or an outdoor sofa.

However, bear in mind that resort-style seating does not have to be limited to the edge of your pool. Hence, in order to scale up your furnishings to another notch, you can install pool loungers. Pool loungers will give you room to lay in the shallow end of your pool without necessarily dipping in the water fully.

Today, one of the design features that is highly sought-after in swimming pools is a wading area. Those areas are highly versatile and a lot shallower, compared to the standard 3 to 4 feet. They can be utilized as a play area for little children, as a splash pad for pets, or as a tanning ledge. It is worth noting that the different depths of your pool can develop various areas by which you can enjoy your swimming pool.

Tropical Landscaping

The surrounding area of your swimming pool is capable of having a huge effect on making your backyard space feel as though it is a resort. Including the appropriate landscaping design can make the area appear and feel like a tropical oasis. You can consider giving your pool area aesthetics with the use of trees, rocks, stones, boulders, and bushes.

There are lots of plants which can thrive in various climate types. For example, I'm tropical areas, various species of palm trees are resistant to drought and can supply shade for your pool, coupled with smaller plants and shrubs. Hence, to improve the tropical feeling in your area, you can consider including bright flowers and ornamental plants, such as hibiscus, fountain grass, and tropical birds of paradise.

Swim-Up Bar or Island

A swim-up bar or island is also a hallmark of resort pools. Bar islands or tables that have submerged seating could enable you and your visitors to enjoy snacks and drinks without having to step out of the pool. In addition, you can include an umbrella or canopy for extra luxury and protection from the sun.

An Outdoor Shower

The words already scream vacation vibes, and they are an excellent feature you can add to your pool. Interestingly, despite how simple outdoor showers are concerning their design, they can be styled in various ways. For instance, you can include one or two palm fronds in a large vase, make use of an accent tile to make the area outstanding, or mirror your choice of tile utilized in the swimming pool.

Create a Resort-Style Backyard Pool


The addition of a swimming pool to your backyard is a surefire way you can make your backyard have an oasis feeling. With the availability of various swimming pool designs, you will be able to find the style that works best for you, your lifestyle, as well as your aesthetic.

However, to bring resort living into your daily life through a swimming pool in your backyard, ensure you call on the right pool installers who will help bring your dreams into reality.

Dynamic sounds and sights are capable of creating an atmosphere that carries you away to a different place without leaving your property. Consequently, your new favorite vacation will henceforth be outside your backdoor.

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