7 Signs That You Live in a Safe Neighborhood

The ideal home is not the property you live in alone. The neighborhood affects your security, comfort, and happiness as well. Therefore, if you’ve moved to a new location, learning about it is crucial.




Jan 21, 2021

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The truth is that you cannot determine the safety of an area just by relying on listing descriptions or looking at pictures. In addition, the community can appear calm during the day but something else at night. Some things also indicate that a location is safe for you and your loved ones. 

Let’s now take a look at the signs that you live in a safe neighborhood. 

Low Crime Rate

A low crime rate is one of the indicators that the place is safe. However, it can be tricky to spot a crime. Some crime-spotting tools will help you determine what is happening in your neighborhood. City websites sometimes have police-community engagement activities that can give you an idea of the potential crimes and how to prevent them. 

Besides official sources, use various websites that gather crime data for specific areas. These may help identify crime activity in certain locations, including your neighborhood.   

Check the presence of police in the location at different times. Police patrols show that officers take crime prevention seriously. But if there are many police calls at night, the area is unsafe. 

Low Number of Sex Offenders in the Area

According to research, around 800,000 people were listed on state sex offender registries as of February 2023. Oregon, Alaska, and Arkansas stand among the top three US states with the largest registries per capita, with Texas having the largest list of sex offenders (100,000 individuals) in the US.

If you live in one of the above-mentioned states, your concerns are especially valid. No one wants to be surrounded by convicted sex offenders. It’s particularly a problem for those who have kids. But how can you find out if there are any sex offenders in your neighborhood? You simply need to reverse search your address. 

Go to Nuwber, enter the address, and wait for the results. On this website, you’ll discover possible sex offenders within 3 miles of the address. You’ll also find their dates of birth, hair color, race, age, and marks, among other things.

High Level of Community Activities

Neighborhoods that host community activities, such as block parties and selling produce from their backyards, are usually closer to being called safe. These events bring families together and encourage everyone who lives in the area to know each other. 

Good social networks are crucial in times of crisis. They also allow you to bond with others and learn about living in the area. If you see that people often interact and communicate with one another, it is a safe neighborhood.

Flourishing Local Businesses

The presence of flourishing local businesses is a good indication of a safe neighborhood. People who feel safe and comfortable establish and run businesses in an area. Look for entrepreneurial activities, like restaurants, bookstores, beauty salons, and more.  

Visit several businesses to determine people’s feelings in public places. For example, if they look happy and greet each other cheerfully, take that as a good sign. 

Empty storefronts might signal that it is not the neighborhood you want to live in for long. Entrepreneurs may not want to run their businesses in unsafe areas. Instead, they close their stores and open them elsewhere. 

Major chain store brands open local stores in many areas. They spend tons of money and time researching ideal places, so if you notice several chain stores, it is a good sign.

Children Playing Outside

Kids play outside and have fun in safe areas. It means that their parents trust those who live nearby. 

Parents will only allow them to play outdoors when the locality has no potential dangers. Therefore, check if little ones are biking, playing with friends, and more. 

Some communities focus on creating kid-friendly places. If advertisements and public amenities target kids, rest assured that your child will be safe in the location. These can include community pools, biking lanes, parks, and sidewalks. 

Neighborhood Watch Groups

A neighborhood watch group is a sign that the residents want to keep the place crime-free. It is a group of people in the area who report any suspicious behavior to the police.

Neighborhood watch groups are an effective way of not only preventing crime but also reducing fear in the community. The police usually give these groups crime information and instruct them in various crime prevention techniques. 

Residents form groups based on geographical units, such as apartments, blocks, or neighborhoods. When people actively report to the police suspicious activities, it prevents criminals from harming the community.

These groups also teach citizens how to identify and report criminal activities in their areas to local law enforcement. 

Street Lighting

Several factors influence crime rates in a location, which include socioeconomic conditions and environmental design. Street lighting is an essential part of environmental design. Adequate street lighting can reduce crime activities, like vandalism and theft. 

Good street lighting makes it easy for police officers to monitor places, preventing illegal activities. In addition, well-illuminated areas provide a sense of safety to the residents.

Many people feel unsafe walking in dark places. Besides street lighting making you feel less afraid, you can also see other people at night, and they can also see you. 

Criminals do not like places where they have a high chance of being caught. Therefore, criminal activities are not rampant in neighborhoods that invest in street lighting. 


Safety should be your priority in a neighborhood. A safe area allows you to live comfortably and peacefully in your home, knowing there is little or no crime around and your children can play outdoors without worrying about danger.  

Learning the signs of a safe neighborhood will help you make the necessary living decisions. Some indicators include a low crime rate, a low number of sex offenders in the area, a high level of community activities, flourishing local businesses, children playing outside, neighborhood watch groups, and street lighting.

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