6 Tips For First-Time Home Buyers

It’s the most exciting time for you, besides maybe if you plan on having a kid, but this is great too! You’re finally going to buy your first home, and it’s an exciting feat that can also make you quite anxious and nervous.

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Jan 21, 2021

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It’s the most exciting time for you, besides maybe if you plan on having a kid, but this is great too! You’re finally going to buy your first home, and it’s an exciting feat that can also make you quite anxious and nervous.

To combat these negative emotions it would be great to have some prior knowledge on how buying a home would go, or to even get some tips from people who are well versed in this and have done it before. Luckily for you, there are experienced people all over the world and the internet, and this article brings six tips for you first-time home buyers!

Set a Budget and Start Saving

A budget is largely important when you are seeking a home, same with saving. A budget would describe how much you are willing to invest into a home, a down payment on a loan, or just the overall average of what you want to spend.

This works hand in hand with savings, as your savings would set your budget and set how much you can spend thanks to having that money in the bank. Savings can be difficult, but it is highly important for the feat to become accomplished so you can get your home easier and without too much stress or hassle. 

Look into First Time Buyer’s Assistance

Many states and cities offer first-time buyers assistance or other programs that are there to help you get your home or a loan with ease! Some of the loans offered can help as they have reduced down payments, different or less interest rates, and can even reduce or remove the closing costs on home purchases.

Each state has its own assistance program that can be used for differing reasons from purchasing a home for yourself, a vacation property, or even to buy a home to rent out and earn potential income. However, most of these programs are more geared towards family dwellings and purchasing a home for yourself, not for profit. 

Find a Great Real Estate Agent


Real estate agents can make or break the process of purchasing a home, as the agent is usually the one who will deal with all the legal matters, or even if something goes wrong they will work to fix it. These agents do get paid a portion of the purchase cost, so different agents will charge different amounts per their deals. 

A great agent will want to help you get your home, and make the process seamless and easy so you can get on with your life as happily as possible. 

Find a Loan with Little to No Down Payment

Let’s be honest, you will most likely have to get a loan to purchase a home unless you saved up a vast amount of cash just for a home. The good part is, no loan is the same, and most home purchasing loans are set for long periods such as twenty or more years. And, some even come with little to no down payment.

Finding a loan with different rates and down payments often comes to the bank or financial institution that is loaning you the money, and can even be based on your credit score. Often, the better your credit and the more trusting you are, the less of a down payment or rate you will have. Buyer’s Assistance often offers great mortgages with little down payments, and credit unions are there to help build credit not tear you down. 

Increase Your Credit Score for Better Odds

Your credit score is the main way banks or other financial institutions check your credit or your worthiness of getting a loan and what they can and can’t give you with different rates or down payments. And, increasing your credit can take quite some time especially if you already have missed payments or any other negative remarks. 

Increasing your credit can also be an easy task, where all you truly have to do is make payments on time, pay off loans, save money, and use credit cards but pay them off and don’t max them out. It takes a long time for your credit to go up, but it does not take long for it to go down. The higher your score, the better loans will be offered. 

Never Skip Pre-Approval Letters

When you are preapproved for something, it means that the bank, union, or whatever you are applying for, has already looked at basic documents to see how much they are willing to give you just from small information such as your W-2, previous applications, and so on. These pre approval letters don’t guarantee you anything, but they are a great way to see the area around what you’ll be given or earned. 

You can use these pre-approval letters to see the amount of a loan a bank is willing to give you before you apply for it. This allows you to then look around the market and see what kind of home you want to buy the allotted amount, giving you a greater idea of the market and what you can afford. 

Feeling Confident on Your First Home Purchase


Buying a home for the first time doesn’t have to be scary or nerve-racking. Indeed, it can be quite easy, seamless, and calm as long as you know what you are doing or have come prepared. 

Before you go out and start looking for loans, think back to this and indulge in some of these tips that are here to help you: Start saving so you have a good chuck for a down payment, look into assistance programs that will help you get a great loan, or if you want to do it yourself look into different loans from different banks to find the best rate and down payment requirement for you, work on increasing your credit score, and look into pre approval letters.

Good luck and happy home hunting!

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November 1, 2020
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