5 Unusual Places to Spend a Night in Ohio

Make your overnight stay stand out by choosing a place where you can wake up and admire your surroundings.

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Jan 21, 2021

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An overnight visit is much more memorable when you stay somewhere unique. Find a place designed with every detail in mind, or somewhere that has its own historical significance to enhance your visit.

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The Little Red Tree House

Glenmont, Ohio

This treehouse cabin is owned by the Mohicans, a family-owned business who has rustic and beautiful wedding venues and unique tree houses and cabins to stay in. Originally, this treehouse was built for the Animal Planet/Discovery Channel’s show “Treehouse Masters” by world-renowned treehouse designer Pete Nelson and a local Amish crew.

The red exterior of the Little Red Tree House is reminiscent of 1800s red barns in the countryside of mid-central Ohio. The sunrise shines through the 5-foot stained glass window on the east side of the house, bringing blues, greens, and yellows in with the natural light. The built-in couch and cabinets are made from reclaimed barn timbers.

Guests can access the lofted queen bed by ladder. The bed overlooks the living room and the stained glass window. The bathroom has a sliding barn door. Windows look out to treetops so guests can live amongst the trees during their stay.

White Oak Tree House

Glenmont, Ohio

This was the first treehouse the Mohicans’ had, built by Pete Nelson for the show “Treehouse Masters” a year before the Little Red Tree House. White oak and hickory trees suspend the White Oak Tree House, allowing guests to look out over the Mohican Valley. Needless to say, the wrap-around porch has a beautiful view. The hillside connects to the cedar double-door front entrance by a bridge with grapevine railings. The cabinets in the kitchen are made from 100-year old barn wood.

The Old Vermilion Jailhouse

Vermilion, Ohio

This bed and breakfast used to be a four-cell jail in the back of a building. Its location in the center of Vermilion's Harbor Town Historic District combined with its old-fashioned, castle-like charm makes it the perfect place to spend the night during a historic-themed getaway.

The Caboose

Hocking Hills, Ohio

The Hocking Hills Caboose was originally built for the Seaboard Air Line Railroad, an American railroad company from the first half of the 20th century. It was made by the International Car Company, who specialized in making cabooses. They were one of the first ones to make cabooses out of steel instead of wood. The Hocking Hills Caboose was renovated in 2016.

The Golden Lamb

Lebanon, Ohio

18 different historical figures have stayed here. Each room is named after a famous overnight guest. Charles Dickens stayed at The Golden Lamb Inn during his first visit to America in 1842. The 10-foot rosewood headboard is believed to be made by the same manufacturer as the one who made the Lincoln bed in the White House. Each room at the Golden Lamb Inn has its own historical footprint.

Unlike most hotels, each of these places is unique. Make your overnight stay stand out by choosing a place where you can wake up and admire your surroundings.

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