5 Tricks for Decorating Your Study Room



Jan 21, 2021

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A place dedicated for study purposes has various uses. Kids use this area to complete their homework and assignments in peace, and adults use this place where they can read, study and work from home. For these kinds of purposes, a study room should not just be about having a desk and chair to work in a confined place, rather it should be designed in a way that reflects a person’s character and individuality. So, it is needed to decorate this place the way the user feels productive and comfortable. It should depict itself as a relaxing space where one can easily concentrate on the task at hand and shouldn’t include distractions. If you are a research student and you don’t have enough study space and time to focus on your writeup we would like to recommend you a writing platform called peachy essay that could help you by providing dissertation writing services through the experts in your respective fields of academics.         

The place to study should be arranged in a way that a person feels motivated and inspired. Wrong decor decisions can lead to messy interiors which eventually instead of giving a soothing environment for study gives a loud, noisy, and claustrophobic environment. Therefore, we are here to guide you that with the minimalist budget and materials, you have on hand, you can easily decorate your study to reflect your style. Following are the four major factors that you should keep in your mind for decorating a suitable study room:

  • Finalize the room with the minimal footfall
  • Select the color palette of the soothing colors as they increase concentration
  • Keep your study area spacious and clutter-free
  • Invest in high–quality and ergonomic desks and chairs  

 So, we bring you 5 serenely soothing, creative, and inspiring study room decoration ideas for your home study.

  1. Organized Wall to Wall Bookshelf

Keeping a study room organized is a daunting task, especially if you are the one with lots of books and stationery. A great way to beautify the room while adding plenty of storage units is by furnishing it with a long, wall-mounted shelving unit.

The space underneath can be used for a wall-mounted desk and reading stools that can be folded and kept when not in use.

  1. Making Proper Lighting Arrangements 

Lights are a very important element of a study room. Different people prefer different lighting arrangements. While the kids may prefer task lighting, those working on a laptop may prefer dim to moderate lighting.

Therefore, a good idea is to choose smart lighting that can be changed and illuminated as per your mood and controlled using a smartphone. And they are available in many visually appealing designs too! Also, it is very important that your study area is well oriented to the window. If possible, the light always should enter by your left side or in front of it. If your room doesn't have a suitable light, we recommend you to buy one and don't mind spending money on it, as it is essential.

  1. Integrate Plants in Your Dorm Room

Including plants in your study room is the best way to decorate. It can be a challenge for some people, as taking care of plants is not an easy task. Take care of the details, so that everything is in the best possible way but don't worry if you see your room too empty, it will only be for a short period. It's not worth spending too much. There are companies that we all know that have very nice decoration things at very low prices. Our recommendation is to buy there the objects you need to decorate your study room.

The plants can make your room refreshing and provide you with much energy. You can also add fake plants in your room if you cannot give extra time to nurturing the plants. 

Adding plants in your study room gives fresh air around and soothes the mood of the person sitting in the study area. It also brightens the room and makes your study a good place to read without putting pressure on your eyes. Adding plants is a great way to decorate your study instead of investing lots of money in buying decoration items. 

  1. Optimize the space

Study rooms are usually small, and therefore you will need to have everything very well organized to optimize the room space. Keeping everything tidy will give you the impression that the room is bigger, so you will not be overwhelmed by the small space. Some tricks we give you to optimize the space are the following:

  • Don't leave spaces inside cupboards and drawers.
  • Use the space under the bed to store boxes and suitcases.
  • Take advantage of the doors to hang up hangers and put coats, towels, etc.
  • Always place the furniture close to the wall to gain interior space.

  1. Buy local souvenirs

One of the favorite activities for all students when moving to another country/city is buying souvenirs and local objects to give away to our friends and family when we come back home. Decorate your study room with these items as soon as you leave that place you will take everything with you to remember the experience. This is also a way to feel like a member of the new city/country you have moved to, and to become familiar with its culture.


There are plenty of options for decorating your study room, but it's very important to take care of every detail to feel comfortable and create a good working environment. Regardless of your tastes, if you want to optimize your study hours you should have a room that is ordered, minimalist style, and well-lit. Use personal details that remind your friends and family. It is very useful when they are far away. Also, combine them with local memories. These details will help you to motivate yourself during the toughest study days. Remember, less is more, when you are decorating the room, don't spend too much on something that's going to be temporary. Keep it well organized and your memories will stand out even more, you'll feel the warmth wherever you are.

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June 18, 2021
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