5 Ideas To Brighten Up Your Home’s Interior

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Some homes may feel smaller, gloomier, and more cramped than they have to–whether because of the lack of square footage, a poorly placed window, or wrong decorative elements. Fortunately, you don’t have to knock down walls or relocate to a bigger home to enjoy a brighter home. There are a few decorating and minor remodeling ideas you can try to make your home significantly brighter and more welcoming.

To help you start, here are some ideas to boost and brighten up your home’s interiors:

1. Paint Your Eaves Or Soffits White

The overhangs by your roof are referred to as soffits or eaves. They may be left as open eaves but are often covered with soffits. According to Hardie Boys, soffits act as insulators in your roofing structure and provide ventilation to prevent moisture buildup. It also helps protect your rafters and eaves from the outdoor elements. 

While it may seem they’re a less prominent element of your house, soffits can help reflect natural light into your home by painting them with white paint. And due to their strategic location being angled toward your house, the curbside appearance won’t be affected since you’ll only see it from within the home.

If you have yet to add a soffit, consider opting for light-colored materials like those at hardieboysinc.com. If you’re not interested in painting or changing your eaves and soffit into lighter colors, cleaning the area should help remove dust, dirt, and spiderwebs that can darken the room. 

2. Clean The Windows

One of the best solutions to brighten your home has nothing to do with renovations. A deep window cleaning removes accumulated dust and debris that may prevent natural light from fully entering. Doing so can help you make a noticeable improvement in the brightness of your interior. 

You can use store-bought window cleaners or create your own using common ingredients from your kitchen. To make a window cleaner, mix two parts of water with one part of vinegar and a teaspoon of baking soda. Place the mixture in a spray bottle to make cleaning easier. Another way is to use a long hose and spray clean your windows.

3. Add Mirrors And Reflective Surfaces

Adding mirrors and reflective surfaces for smaller homes or those with limited windows can help make them look bigger and brighter. 

Mirrors and other reflective surfaces can take the light shining inside and multiply it, ultimately maximizing the amount of light in a room. Strategically placed mirrors in critical areas, including living rooms and bedrooms, can allow light to bounce off, making even small rooms appear brighter and more spacious. 

Aside from hanging mirrors, you can also use glass or highly reflective materials. For instance, if you can’t add mirrors in an already-cramped kitchen, you can opt for glass tiles or highly reflective backsplash material. You can also add shiny elements, such as sconces, glossy cabinet pulls, and reflective appliances, to help increase natural light. 

4. Re-Painting Your Interior Walls

You can clean your windows or add as many mirrors as possible, but if your walls have a darker color palette, they can still contribute to a gloomy appearance. And so, to make your home’s interior look brighter and less stuffy, painting the walls with light or neutral colors can instantly transform the space.

White walls can open up a space, making it feel airier and brighter by bouncing light around the room. You can opt for shade variations such as cream or off-white tones to prevent the walls from feeling too bland or empty. You can also add bold and bright accent colors to liven up the area. For instance, you can create a statement wall by adding cheery shades of yellow, aqua, or fiery reds and orange to promote interest and energy.

5. Declutter Your Home

Sometimes, it’s not that your home is small or has limited windows. When your home feels cramped, it’s often because it’s too cluttered. Any room ruled by clutter and mess can instantly look drab and dark.  

So, you want to be more organized in your home and throw away any items you no longer need. You can start by tidying up your living spaces and keeping things off surfaces. For display shelving, don’t showcase all your possessions that can contribute to a messy look. Pick a few feature items you can display around your home for a cleaner and more minimalist look.  

However, decluttering your home shouldn’t be a one-time thing. Sticking to a regular cleaning schedule and decluttering routine can help prevent clutter from taking over your home.


Brightening up your home doesn’t need to be intensive and costly. You can take inspiration from the abovementioned ideas to brighten up a gloomy and less inviting space. Implementing the above tips should help make your living space look and feel airier and uplifting.

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January 2, 2023
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