25 Ways Realtors Can Market Homes with Retaining Walls

Retaining walls, often seen purely as functional entities, carry immense potential in property marketing when their benefits are illuminated rightly.

Retaining walls



Jan 21, 2021

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Retaining walls, when designed and built correctly, can be an asset to a property. They not only offer functional advantages like controlling soil erosion and managing water runoff but can also provide aesthetic value, transforming landscapes into terraced wonders and architectural masterpieces. 

For realtors, such features, if presented rightly, can increase the appeal of a home. Here are 25 ways realtors can leverage retaining walls to sell homes more effectively.

1. Highlight the Functionality

Educate potential buyers about the structural benefits of retaining walls, emphasizing their role in preventing soil erosion, managing water flow, and ensuring landscape stability.

2. Landscape Beauty

Showcase the aesthetic appeal. Well-designed retaining walls can create beautiful terraced gardens, adding depth and layers to the property’s landscape.

3. Increase in Usable Land

Point out how retaining walls can increase the amount of usable land, creating additional spaces for gardens, patios, or play areas.

4. Professional Photography

Invest in professional photography that highlights the retaining wall's beauty and functionality. Use these photographs in listings and marketing materials.

5. Drone Footage

Drone footage can provide a bird's eye view of the property, emphasizing the terraced levels and the enhanced landscape offered by the retaining wall.

6. Garden Tours

Organize garden tours for potential buyers, allowing them to walk around and appreciate the levels and landscaping facilitated by the retaining wall.

7. Emphasize Safety

Assure potential buyers of the safety aspects, especially if the retaining wall has been professionally designed and built, emphasizing its durability and long lifespan by utilizing steel posts from Brisbane or other surrounding areas. 

8. Increased Property Value

Highlight that properties with well-maintained retaining walls often have a higher market value due to added functionality and aesthetic appeal.

9. Showcase Past Seasonal Photos

If possible, present photos of the property across different seasons. This can show buyers the year-round beauty and advantages of the retaining wall, such as how it manages snowmelt.

10. Stage Outdoor Spaces

Use the terraces or levels created by the retaining wall to stage outdoor living spaces. Set up patio furniture, BBQ grills, or garden benches to help potential buyers envision the possibilities.

11. Highlight Low Maintenance

Talk about how retaining walls, especially those made of durable materials, require minimal maintenance and can stand the test of time.

12. Discuss Customization Options

For homeowners who enjoy gardening or landscaping, discuss how retaining walls offer a canvas for customization—from planting beds to decorative elements.

13. Organize Open Houses at Optimal Times

Choose times when the garden and retaining wall look their best—perhaps when flowers are in bloom or during a golden sunset hour.

14. Use Augmented Reality (AR) Tools

Utilize AR tools to help potential buyers visualize landscaping possibilities or changes they can make around the retaining wall.

15. Get Endorsements

If previous owners or neighbors have similar retaining walls, gather endorsements or testimonials about their advantages and value.

16. Highlight Drainage and Flood Control

In areas prone to heavy rainfall, emphasize how retaining walls aid in effective drainage, preventing flooding and waterlogging.

17. Provide Documentation

Ensure you have any relevant documentation handy—such as when the retaining wall was built, the materials used, and any maintenance or inspections done.

18. Add Night-time Appeal

Consider adding temporary lighting to illuminate the retaining wall during evening showings. It can highlight the structure and make the space look enchanting.

19. Use Social Media

Use platforms like Instagram or Pinterest, where visual appeal matters, to showcase the property with retaining walls. A beautiful image can capture attention and draw in potential buyers.

20. Feature Articles and Blogs

Write or commission articles and blogs on the benefits and beauty of retaining walls, featuring the listed property as a prime example.

21. Emphasize Longevity

Discuss the lifespan of retaining walls, especially if they are made from durable materials like stone or brick. This longevity can be a selling point for many buyers.

22. Show Cost Savings

Highlight potential cost savings in terms of reduced landscape maintenance and the prevention of soil erosion or slope-related issues.

23. Environmental Benefits

Discuss the environmental benefits—like preventing soil degradation, promoting groundwater recharge, and supporting local flora.

24. Host Gardening Workshops

Collaborate with local gardening experts to host workshops at the property, teaching potential buyers about terraced gardening on retaining walls.

25. Virtual Tours

Create interactive virtual tours where online viewers can explore the property and retaining wall in detail, appreciating its features from the comfort of their homes.


Retaining walls, often seen purely as functional entities, carry immense potential in property marketing when their benefits are illuminated rightly. They blend form and function, offering homeowners not just a solution to landscape challenges but also an opportunity for beautification and customization. Realtors equipped with the knowledge and strategies to showcase these walls can enhance property appeal, ensuring that homes with retaining walls are seen not just as houses, but as potential dream homes with terraced sanctuaries.

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