2023 Celebrating Veterans Day in Columbus, OH

Places to Explore + Where to Visit around Columbus on Veterans Day!


Matt Lyons


Jan 21, 2021

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Veterans Day, a federal holiday in the United States, is observed each year on November 11th to honor military veterans of the United States Armed Forces. On Veterans Day, you can typically find various parades and ceremonies to attend in your community. Live in or around the Columbus area? Check out some activities you can partake in this Veterans Day!

City of Columbus Annual Ceremony and Parade

Location: TBD

Each year, the city of Columbus holds an annual Veterans Day ceremony and parade to honor the men and women who have served for our nation as part of the armed forces. MilVets (Military/Veterans Educational Foundation), sponsor of the parade, holds the event as a great opportunity to say “thank you” to service personnel who have helped preserve our freedom in our country. All central Ohio families are highly encouraged to join and participate, and this parade is also recognized by the Department of Defense as one of the biggest in the nation!

Ohio Statehouse

If you’d like to get a look at a very historical site along with some gorgeous and elegant scenery, stop at the Ohio Statehouse! The Ohio Statehouse in Columbus is situated on a 10 acre parcel of land that was donated by John Kerr, Lyne Starling, John Johnston and Alexander McLaughlin. All of these individuals were four prominent landholders in the Franklinton area on the west side of the Scioto River. 

The Statehouse was opened to legislators and the public in 1857 when the House and Senate began meeting in their respective chambers and most of the executive offices were occupied. The statehouse is built in a beautiful Greek revival style, which is most popular in ancient Greece and became most popular in the early and mid 1800s. 

National Veterans Memorial and Museum

The one museum in the ENTIRE country that honors all veterans from every branch of service is the National Veterans Memorial and Museum in Columbus, Ohio. Neither a war or military museum, the National Veterans Memorial and Museum takes visitors on a journey that tells the individual experience of veterans all over the world. The history at the museum is presented in a very unique and dynamic way, through photos, letters and personal effects, multimedia presentations, and interactive exhibits.  Each year the museum also holds some sort of ceremony on Veterans Day.

Thurber House

This historical site is open to guests to honor the late James Thurber, a renowned humorist, cartoonist, author, playwright, and journalist of the 20th century. 

Check out some more details about hours of operation:

Thurber House is open to visitors on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 1:00–4:00 pm.

  • Self-guided tours are free and always available during museum hours.
  • Guided tours are available on most Sundays, and occasional Saturdays ($4 for adults, $2 for students/seniors). To check whether guided tours will be available on your planned visit day, you should email the museum at least two business days in advance.
  • Large group guided tours (10+ visitors) must be scheduled in advance. Please contact the museum at least two weeks before the visit to be best prepared. Visiting hours are a bit more flexible for large group guided tours.

It’s also important to note that the Thurber House Museum has options for those who are handicapped/wheelchair bound on the FIRST FLOOR ONLY. 

How to reach the wheelchair ramp:

  • If you park on Jefferson Avenue: There is a slight curb (some wheelchairs can navigate this). The closest “ramp” cut is the entrance to the large parking lot on the corner of Jefferson Avenue and Long Street. Follow the sidewalk through the Thurber House front gate and around the left side of the House. The entrance to the wheelchair ramp is near the rear corner of the House.
  • If you park in the Thurber House rear parking lot: Follow the sidewalk between the handicap parking signs. The sidewalk will take you around the side of our multipurpose building, Thurber Center. Do not take the wheelchair ramp up to the porch. Instead, continue toward the street (Jefferson Avenue) and turn right toward Thurber House. Follow the sidewalk through the Thurber House front gate and around the left side of the House. The entrance to the wheelchair ramp is near the rear corner of the House.

German Village Historic District 

Since 1991, the German Village Historic District of Columbus has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In the 1880s, construction revolved around more of a frame and reflected styles such as Queen Anne, Italianate, Eastlake, Gothic Revival and Greek Revival. All styles of 19th century architecture! German immigrants who were prominent in creating the neighborhood worked as brewery workers, carpenters, tanners, bricklayers, and bakers. The dense urban fabric of the neighborhood includes commercial buildings, churches, and schools that are each integrated among a variety of different house types and styles.

During World War I, many German immigrants living in a suburb of Columbus felt uncomfortable as anti-German sentiment was continuing to grow. Things got to the point of banning the German language around the area, resulting in many immigrants leaving the city of Columbus. Many of the residential blocks in the neighborhood began to rapidly decline, leading to what eventually became German Village today.

Goodale Park

Goodale Park is surrounded by Victorian Village, which currently exists as a cluster of homes with some charming features of architecture. Goodale Park is one of the oldest parks in the entire country. Goodale Park contains an extensive playground along with several tennis courts, however the park's main attraction is the view of the Columbus skyline and the serenity existing alongside a scenic pond including a gazebo and a historic park shelter. 

The park is named after Dr.Lincoln Goodale, who was a prominent and charitable pioneer who was also the first physician in his later years. He died May 1, 1868, and donated the 40 acre site July 14, 1851, to be kept as a public park and place of pleasure and peace among residents of the city.

Schiller Park

Found in the German Village, check out Schiller Park! Schiller Park is one of the oldest parks in the City of Columbus, with Goodale Park being the oldest. Originally called Stewart's Grove by the early settlers, the name of Stewart's Grove became City Park. In 1891, it was renamed Schiller park after the famous German poet Friedrich von Schiller. The community center, picnic areas, softball diamonds, fishing pond and stage for the Actor's Summer Theater are some of the different areas you can visit. Also catch a glimpse of the beautiful landscaped gardens all around!

Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens revolves around nature based exhibitions for those of all ages. The Conservatory owns the largest collection of glass artwork by Dale Chihuly in a botanical garden and is home to internationally recognized light artist James Turrell’s Light Raiment II.

Kelton House Museum & Garden

This next historical landmark of Columbus will open your eyes a bit more to the days of the Victoria era! The Kelton House Museum & Garden incorporates elements of the Greek Revival and Italianate styles and was part of the Underground Railroad. Rooms are decorated to display the style and materials that were available during this time period, with most of the furnishings that visitors came across were owned by the Kelton family. Fernando and Sophia Kelton were original owners of this house/museum, who were both abolitionists from New England. 

Martin Luther King Performing and Cultural Arts Complex

The King Arts Complex first opened in March 1987, and  is located near the east side of Columbus. The complex serves as a major anchor for development in the King-Lincoln District, with the King Arts Complex hosting a variety of different cultural and educational activities as well as community facilities. Kings Complex works to engage central Ohio through performing, cultural, and educational programs of high artistic merit. The overall goal of the complex is to increase and spread knowledge involving the significant contributions African-Americans have made to the culture and history of America and all over the world.

Places to eat around Columbus, OH

After a day after adventuring and visiting new historical sites and museums around Columbus in observance of Veteran’s Day, stop by for a bit to eat at one of these best food places around the area! Some may even offer a Veteran’s Day discount to members of the military, so make sure you double check.

Asterisk Supper Club

If you’re looking for a bit of a fancier dining experience overall, you should stop by the Asterisk Supper Club! Enjoy a social dining experience with a menu featuring high tea and a number of other sandwiches and delicacies.

Kuyu Ian’s Bistro

Filipino family owned restaurant, Kuyu Ian’s Bistro, serves delicious renditions of Filipino classics such as fried bangsilog, stir-fried pancit bihon, and some halo-halo for dessert. You can even check out a Filipino grocery store next door, Chuchay's Supermarket!

Mikey’s Late Night Slice

1st location

2nd location

You can’t go wrong with a solid pizza place, right?? Stop by Mikey’s Late Night Slice to enjoy some of the best pizza in Columbus. Also, the restaurant currently stays open till 2:30 a.m, hence the name!

Where Will You Visit?

Columbus is home to a number of great historical sites, landmarks, and museums that are perfect to visit when remembering veterans and some parts of their history. Which of these spots seem most interesting to you, let us know in the comments!

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