2022’s Hottest Real Estate Trends

2022 is shaping up to be a year focused on relaxing rooms, nature, and perfectly imperfect home design and decor

A Trendy Home Office


Kyle Reyes


Jan 21, 2021

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There is a constant flow of real estate decor trends. Certain design and decoration ideas are gaining in popularity while others are becoming less and less popular. The first month of the year is a great time to take a moment and look at the trends in home decor and, possibly, make some changes to your own home! Refreshing your home’s decor is a great way to add a bit of excitement to spaces that you’ve gotten used to, and home decor projects are a fun way to be productive on weekends! 

Read on for what is shaping up to be some of 2022’s hottest trends in home decoration and design! 

2022’s Hottest Trends 

A Well-Decorated Home Office
Creating a space in your home where you are comfortable is an absolute must as we continue working from home! Image courtesy of the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

We are approaching the new year and with it, the real estate trends are shifting. People looking to buy houses are focusing on different things all the time, and in the first part of 2022, many holiday decorations are taken down and renovations on design and decorations are common. These interior design trends have caught our eye as we prepare for the new year. 

Basic, Neutral Colors

Color palettes are the foundation of any new trend in real estate. As we arrive in 2022, natural and basic colors are rising in popularity. Bright, strong colors were getting a little too strong at the end of 2021, leading the trendy palettes to include strong colors in only the smallest form. Beiges, blues, teals, and greys are going to be popular palettes in 2022.

Basic color palettes have a tendency to never go out of style, which means there may be some spaces in your house that already have the basis of this color palette. If so, excellent! That opens up some time for you to take that space to the next level with trendy decoration and some plants. 

Accent Colors

Palettes are shying away from strong, bright colors, there is a lot of room for greens and pink accents, especially muted shades of them. Adding a rosy pink or a seafoam green as accents in your home’s decor pairs excellently with the neutral color palette and is expected to be very popular in 2022. When looking for a color palette, think of some that you find relaxing and pleasant to be around. Since the pandemic, we’ve all been spending more time at home. It is important to make it as pleasant as we can, and finding the right color palette is the perfect place to start! 

Round Shapes

A rising trend in much real estate is to soften the lines and corners in furniture and decor. For furniture, this is arising in sofas, tables, and chairs with rounded and softer edges. This decorative theme is rising in popularity as people are looking for less strict and severe-feeling rooms. 

Multifunctional Spaces

As we’ve spent time in our homes, many people are thinking about how to perfect each space in their homes. The idea of a multifunctional space has been around for a while as a room that can effectively accomplish multiple tasks. This does not mean doing work on your couch, but it could be the addition of a workspace into your living room. Adding a small desk and chair to your living room, or a comfortable chair to your office are great ways to add a bit of extra functionality to those rooms. 

As we are spending so much time in our homes, it is important to do what we can to make homes a place we want to and enjoy spending time in. Reimagining our home design, decoration, and function is a great trio of questions to ask yourself as we head into the new year!

Bring a Sense of Nature Into Your Home

Is there such a thing as too many plants? Well, perhaps, but the shift towards adding elements of the wider world into our homes is more than just adding more plants into your home. Fabrics and materials that inspire nature thoughts are becoming more and more popular. Materials like wood, stone, and granite coupled with linen, cotton, and ceramics in furniture and accent pieces will be prominent in many homes in 2022. 

Coupling these materials and fabrics with living plants is a great combination to lighten up a room and give it a relaxing overtone. 

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design focuses on the room’s connection to the natural environment through direct and indirect natural elements. It focuses on green and natural hues in the room, combining plants, natural light, and natural materials. Biophilic design, besides being a great way to describe a room’s decor, takes plants as a foundation and builds on it with indirect “connections” to nature. These indirect connections can be nature-related decorations and art, creative pots for your plants, and creating furniture and decor out of reclaimed material.

Reclaimed Material

Reclaimed and recycled materials are steadily growing in popularity, and that is not likely to change any time soon. There is more and more excitement around having eco-friendly materials in your home, as sustainability, in general, is also growing in popularity. In the hectic 18 months following the pandemic, consumers were purchasing whatever they could with less concern about it being a long-term investment. 

There is a lot of interest around reclaimed wood and stone in 2022’s real estate and home design trends. There are many ways to implement these reclaimed materials, many big ways and small ways, too! They can be mostly added as decorative accents or in bigger pieces of furniture and larger, more eye-catching pieces. The use of reclaimed materials pairs excellently with going for a biophilic design as well as on their own. Reclaimed materials are becoming so popular that adding them with another style adds an interesting depth to it. Regardless of what overall home design you are planning for 2022, think about adding some reclaimed material to your rooms. 


Minimalism is again on the rise, with a focus on keeping air and space free in the room. This real estate trend couples well with the shift towards basic colors, letting the eye rest in the room without a strong draw of a powerful color or decorative presence. This trend is not the strong, complete minimalism, rather more of a conscious thought not to put too much furniture or decoration into any space. 

A Touch of the Japandi Style

A mixture of Scandinavian and Japanese styles, this design revolves around bringing natural elements into a calm space with muted colors and soft lighting. This style is an excellent example of a mixture of several trendy design ideas. There is room for multiple sources of lights, direct and indirect connections to nature, basic and natural colors, and rounded shapes. 

Office Space

With so many people working from home, having a comfortable and pleasant office space has gone up in priority for many homeowners and those seeking to buy a home. Working significant hours at a kitchen table or on a couch can negatively affect productivity and mental health. An office you can spend a full work week in is a must if you are working from home!

It is no surprise that home offices are getting so much attention going into 2022. There are a variety of ways to spruce up your home office for the new year. 

  • Keep it comfortable. Any room that you may spend 40 hours in every week should be as comfortable as possible. This could be the addition of a new chair, making it a bit more personal with some decorations, or changing the color palette of the room. 
  • Lights! Having multiple sources of light is a new trend that is here to stay! Adding in natural light if you can with overhead light and floor or wall lamps is a huge improvement in the mood of the room.
  • Rearrange furniture. Not every change has to result from buying something new! A fun, easy project is to reimagine what the room could look like if the furniture was rearranged. That can be refreshing on its own and open up a little more space in the room, as well!

Give it a Personal Touch With DIY Decorations

DIY decorations are shaping up to be one of the hottest trends in home decor in the new year. It is common for real estate owners to want to make the space their own, and a great way to accomplish that is with small (or large!) pieces of DIY decor. We recommend taking a trip to your local craft store for inspiration, as there are many easy DIY crafts that make for a fun weekend project! 

Changing Your Home’s Decor

A Trendy Home Office
Creating exciting spaces in your home is incredibly important whether you are planning on selling or not. Your own joy in a home is important, too!

For the normal household, it is not possible to keep up with the changes in design and decoration trends. It would be a constant battle to stay on top of seasonal color palettes and decoration trends throughout the year. When is a good time to change the design and decoration in your home? 

Preparing Your Home to Sell

If you are planning on selling your home, there is a long list of possible repairs and renovations to make it as attractive as possible on the real estate market. Utilizing design’s hottest trends gives your house a fresh and inviting look and makes it stand out from other properties on the market. With so many trends rotating in and out of popularity, there are plenty of options to decide how to decorate your home going forward. 

It is, however, important to keep in mind the cost of your planned renovations. If you are preparing your home to sell, think about what decor additions will pack the most punch when you put your home on the market. 

Refresh the Look in Your Home

Moving isn’t the only reason to incorporate the biggest trends in real estate into your home. While renovations and well-decorated spaces are beneficial for prospective buyers, they are also beneficial to you!

Design and decor changes in your home have a tremendous impact on the look and feel of rooms that you might consider a little stale after living in them for so long without any serious changes. These projects can be a lot of fun! Once you pick a trendy theme, the possibilities are almost endless on how you can realize your vision in your own home. 

Deciding what pieces to keep and which to replace, the changing color palette, and even deciding whether or not to change the overall room layout. There are so many ways to approach a design and decor change in your home, and so many trends in real estate to choose from. What room has been bugging you for the last year or so? Now is the perfect time to tweak it and make it a comfortable and relaxing space to spend time in!

Perfectly Imperfect Home Design

As we enter the new year, many trends are focusing on making a space yours, with unique pieces that are not from a catalog, and making your living space a home. The addition of crafts, plants, and exciting furniture, adds another level to your home design — it is perfectly imperfect. This overarching idea is likely to be seen moving forward in 2022. Spaces do not have to be perfect, with each piece in an exact spot with strong edges and angles. There is room to explore a space, adding imperfect DIY crafts and plants that are always changing. 

Make the most of the new year! If you are looking to sell your home, or refresh it, now is the perfect time to capitalize on the new real estate trends and redecorate! What trend are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments!

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