2 Romantic Couple-Camping Destinations in Ohio

Getting into the great outdoors with your significant other is a great way to create lasting memories and build intimacy with the person who makes your life wonderful.

a cabin in the woods


Michael Calhoun


Jan 21, 2021

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Everyone knows that our lives are filled with routine: we wake up, go to work, and come home at the same times every day, and even when we’re home we tend to watch our favorite TV shows or read favorite authors. In the course of advancing our lives and careers, it can be easy to start going through the motions in many respects, especially in romantic relationships that take a great deal of time and energy to cultivate. What better way to break out of the routine and spend some alone time with your significant other than going on a camping trip? Spend some snuggle time alone with your special someone at these 3 amazing camping sites in Ohio!

Just like these amazing campgrounds, HER, REALTORS® are devoted to providing exceptional housing in the best locations of Ohio >

Old Man’s Cave Chalets

Located near the beautiful Hocking Hills State Park, these romantic getaway cabins are built to impress.

cabin in the woods at Hocking Hills State Park
‍Credit Old Man’s Cave Chalets

Named after the most popular site of Hocking Hills State Park, Old Man’s Cave Chalets is a beautiful collection of cabins perfect for a weekend excursion. With beautiful interiors, amazing views of nature, and plenty of activities ready to be experienced, Old Man’s Cave Chalets will leave an impression on you!

Delightful Decorations

cabin near fishing pond at Hocking Hills State Park
Credit Old Man’s Cave Chalets

This company’s website has an entire section devoted to romantic cabins, so it’s clear they know how to create the perfect environment for building relationships. The cabins are gorgeous, with every single unit being outfitted with hot tubs, romantic fireplaces, and exquisite beds and furniture. Some of the units, like the Ravine and Lily Pad cabins, have high-definition TV’s to enjoy romantic movies with your SO, and grills to cook up some delicious dinners for two. The Ravine cabin also has a delightful shower-for-two, and the Lily Pad has a fully stocked private fishing pond to spend an afternoon enjoying. The cabins can range from housing 2 - 4 guests, just in case you wanted to spend your romantic getaway with another interested couple, a great way to build on intimacy within your relationship, and amongst your friends. Plus, some allow you to bring your pets, so you can come along with your furry friends too! While the cabins themselves are masterpieces of comfort and design, the activities available to you are also exceptional.

Boredom Doesn’t Exist At Old Man’s Cave

young couple riding a red bicycle in a field

Prepare to be literally blown away by the amazing list of activities you can do at Old Man’s Cave Chalets. If you thought you were impressed by the cabins, their entertainment will make you want to rent a cabin today. They offer you chances to do some of the most romantic things people can ever do together: horseback riding, hot air balloon rides, painting and clay classes (like that movie where that one guy is the ghost!), and boating excursions. Any of these activities alone would be enough to build amazing memories that last a lifetime, but combining it with a nature cabin?? Be still, my heart! There’s also some great quirky activities to try as well, like gem mining, outdoor drama, and heritage tours. Check out the full list for everything the area has to offer, and definitely consider Old Man’s Cave Chalets for the vacation of a lifetime.

Getaway Cabins

This delightful cabin collection has a social atmosphere that will leave you with a few more friends than you came with.

interior of cabin with two couches, a coffee table, and a small fireplace
‍Credit Getaway Cabins

Isolation is a great way to develop intimacy; when it’s just you and your partner, alone, some of the most fruitful and engaging conversations have the opportunity to shine through in the security of each other’s presence. These are valuable experiences to be treasured. What sometimes gets left out are the experiences spent with others, even strangers, where you and your partner get to interact and be social with others as a couple, also strengthening your bond together and solidifying your identity as a couple. Getaway Cabins offers that opportunity, through their emphasis on creating a social and friendly atmosphere to engage you and your SO. They freely invite you to ask for assistance planning your stay, or even just for a friendly chat! If this is what you’re looking for, then get ready to be blown away by their cabin experiences!

Housing For Any Of Your Needs

interior of cabin with a bed, small kitchen, and small round dining table
‍Credit Getaway Cabins

This company is a little more subtle with their categories: instead of a category for romantic cabins, there are categories for cabins that house 2 guests, and a category for cabins that house more than 2 guests. I see what you’re doing, Getaway Cabins. If you’re looking for a cabin for just the two of you, then you’re in luck: they have 29 cabins that are exclusively for two people, and their range is big enough for anyone’s desires for the perfect getaway vacation. Nearly all of the cabins come with hot tubs and satellite TV. There’s no wifi though, you’ll be off the grid. Some of the cabins even offer wildlife feeding stations where you can get up close and personal with some critters from the woods! With over two dozen cabins to choose from, you’ll have a great time just picking out where you want to stay, and afterwards you can be dazzled by all the amazing excursions you can plan for your trip!

Did Someone Say Explore?

cave with small waterfall coming from above
‍Credit Getaway Cabins

Getaway Cabins is deeply rooted to nature and the outdoors, and it shines through in their suggestions for your stay. Their website shows you the best places to hike, trail, and bike throughout Ohio’s most scenic wilderness areas. If you’re drawn to the outdoors then you’ll fall in love with the state parks and trails that are truly breathtaking. Getaway Cabins is also of the International Dark Sky Association, meaning they stay committed to reducing light pollution throughout their properties. This protects fragile ecosystems that are disrupted through the presence of man-made lighting at odd hours of the day and night, while also providing you with some absolutely stunning views of the unmolested night sky. You’ll see the stars like you never have before as the inky blackness will seem filled with pinpricks that simply aren’t visible in our light-polluted communities. For sights you’ll never forget, with the partner you love, head to Getaway Cabins and find some of nature’s splendor.

We know you’ll have a hard time choosing between these two amazing options, but you (and your partner) will thank us for it later. You really can’t go wrong with either of these options, because with both you’re getting some of the best that Ohio has to offer. Happy camping!

July 9, 2018
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