12 Best Places to Grab a Bite in Victorian Village

The 12 Stops You Have to Make When Hungry in Victorian Village

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Victorian Village is located just northwest of downtown Columbus. A lively, well-established neighborhood, Victorian Village hosts a number of restaurants dedicated to serving quality food. Breakfast, brunch, and dinner are sure to delight when you go to any of these restaurants and eateries.

From bars and grills to lounges and steakhouses, Victorian Village restaurants will keep you well fed and entertained for days. Many of the restaurants featured also offer curbside pick up or online ordering--you can enjoy these great tastes and flavors in the comfort of your own home or head out for a night on the town.

Check out the list below and grab your foodie friends!

  • Hubbard Bar and Grill
  • Northstar Cafe
  • Basi Italia
  • Harrison’s on Third
  • Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse
  • The Guild House
  • The Rossi Kitchen and Bar
  • Forno Kitchen and Bar
  • The Pearl
  • Melt: Bar & Grilled
  • Lemongrass Fusion Bistro
  • Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

Hubbard Bar and Grill

Located: 793 N High St, Columbus, OH 43215

Food on the left and an interior of the restaurant on the right
Hubbard’s interior features contemporary light fixtures and gorgeous polished tables. Photo courtesy of Hubbard Grille.

Hubbard serves modern American cuisine in Victorian Village, drawing inspiration from seasonal ingredients to craft a delightful menu that reflects the season’s produce. With a casual and social atmosphere, Hubbard’s is the perfect place to meet after work or with friends.

If you’re looking for dinner inspiration, look no further. For a classic appetizer with a spicy twist, choose their jalapeno cornbread. Order a shrimp bucatini entree for a taste of Hubbard’s seafood, or get some Korean barbecued lamb. And no American dinner would be complete without a sumptuous dessert: apple bourbon upside down cake is sure to astound.

Northstar Cafe

Located: 951 N High St, Columbus, OH 43201

The Northstar sign and a chef making salad
Northstar is dedicated to leaving space for creative genius to take over and works hard to foster culinary excellence in their chefs. Image courtesy of Northstar.

Northstar Cafe is an environmentally conscious eatery dedicated to fostering environmental awareness. Northstar creates delicious culinary experiences by using locally grown, organic ingredients and artisan foods. 

In an effort to move towards an even more sustainable business style, Northstar donates to organizations dedicated to the sustainable cause. Their mission is to support sustainable causes while serving wholesome foods.

Come here for brunch and try their smoothie bowl and ricotta pancakes. Add a mint iced coffee for the perfect refreshing, nourishing brunch. 

Basi Italia

Located: 811 Highland Street, Columbus OH 43215

A variety of Italian dishes
Your meal is sure to arrive in an Instagram-worthy fashion. Take some pics before you dig in--or skip right to enjoying your delicious food. Image courtesy of Basi Italia.

Located in the heart of Victorian Village, Basi Italia is a can’t-miss restaurant for anyone looking for authentic tasting, innovative Italian and Mediterranean food. Basi is relaxed and casual, a great place to meet up with a group of friends or to take your family for a fun night out.

Whether you’re enjoying a weekly Wednesday wine tasting or one of Basi’s Italian inspired dishes, you’ll be drawn in by the welcoming atmosphere. 

Start off with their scrumptious grilled endive salad before moving on to their grilled blue point oysters--and don’t forget to order a delicious summer cocktail! And no Italian feast would be complete without a dessert of hand-rolled cannoli or a seasonal gelato.

Harrison’s on Third

Located: 335 W 3rd Ave, Columbus, OH 43201

A collection of food images and interior shots
A warm atmosphere and bar food that won’t leave you feeling greasy and gross--what more could you want on a Friday night? Image courtesy of Yelp.

Harrison’s on Third is a lounge/sports bar that provides an authentic bar experience with a hint of upscale atmosphere. This is one of Victorian Village’s premier neighborhood bars--and a short distance from many other fantastic restaurants and eateries.

Enjoy their 60-inch flatscreens and exhaustive wine list or play a game of pool in one of their separate community pool rooms. 

When surveying their menu, customers should take note of Harrison’s house-made wings, a crowd favorite at this Victorian Village tavern. 

With pizza, tacos, salads, burgers, and more featured on their menu, Harrison’s has a wonderful selection of bar-food at an above average quality. On a game day, you can enjoy their funnel fries and loaded tots while watching the game with your friends.

Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse

Location: 569 North High Street Columbus, OH 43215

A close up of a steak and lobster dish
Sizzling steak and tantalizing seafood characterize this Victorian Village restaurant. Image courtesy of Hyde Park.

Located in downtown Columbus, Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse is dedicated to serving quality food, working from the ground up to ensure premium quality dishes. Named after local sports legends, their dishes are a mixture of classic and nouveau cooking styles--take a look at their menu to appreciate the variety and creativity of their meals.

In addition to mouth-watering steaks, Hyde Park serves seafood dishes just as delicious. With a bar, private dining, and public seating, Hyde Park is a great place to celebrate anniversaries or other big life events.

Start off your meal with an appetizer of wagyu beef carpaccio, and order one of their dry-aged burgers or fresh fish entrees next. Don’t forget to peruse their lengthy drinks menu either!

The Guild House

Location: 624 North High Street, Columbus, OH 43215

Sunny side up eggs in a gray dish
Beautifully plated dishes are a feast for the eyes and the mouth. Image courtesy of Guild House.

This artisan eatery functions as a guild, housing creative and talented chefs dedicated to concocting delicious American style meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their seasonal plates pair well with one of the international wines found on their drinks menu.

The Guild House is one of Victorian Village’s prime artisan restaurants, deserving of an entire night out. Get a variety of cheese plates and vegetable dishes to share before moving onto one of their scrumptious appetizers--like their pecan smoked trout. Try a lamb burger,topped with feta and arugula, and top your night off with a crisp meringue for a delectable finish.

The Rossi Kitchen and Bar

Location: 895 North High Street, Columbus, OH 43215

A pasta dish highlighted in the center panel
One of Rossi’s filling pasta dishes is highlighted above. Image courtesy of Rossi Kitchen and Bar.

This upscale Victorian Village restaurant features a full bar and lengthy wine list--and serves delicious modern American food. The Rossi Kitchen and Bar is laid back dining at its finest, serving high quality food in a relaxed atmosphere.

Their dinner menu contains some inspiring dishes: Geno’s meatballs and their burrata plate are a can’t-miss. Order from their pizza list--varieties like “the godfather” and margherita--or their list of pastas and plates. No matter what you get, tiramisu is sure to pair exquisitely. 

Forno Kitchen and Bar

Location: 721 N. High Street, Columbus, OH 43215

A spaghetti dish with mussels
Grilled bread is the perfect tool to soak up any extra sauce. Image courtesy of Forno.

Forno Kitchen and Bar, located just on the border of Victorian Village, serves contemporary cuisine in a contemporary setting--enjoy a full view of their custom stone fire oven as you dine. This is a great place to grab brunch, especially if you want pizza for brunch--their pizzas are made with fresh dough, handmade each morning.

Get a Mediterranean pizza (gluten free if you want!) with a fraise cocktail when you go out for your next brunch date. Or try their delicious chicken and waffles--add a salad if you’re looking for some greenery! If you’re stopping by for dinner, choose from an array of soups in addition to dinner specials. 

The Pearl

Location: 641 N High St. Columbus, OH 43215

Shots of the kitchen and of diners
This rustic atmosphere is perfectly oriented towards some of their more classic tavern dishes--like fried oysters and tavern fries. Image courtesy of The Pearl.

Enjoy made-from-scratch meals in a cozy tavern atmosphere at The Pearl, a self-proclaimed “culinary jewel” located near Victorian Village. Here, you can get fried PB&J and a pot-o-pickles to start you off before moving on to some house smoked salmon. If you’re feeling adventurous, their teriyaki octopus dish is a must.

In addition to complex and creative dishes for the adventurous foodie, The Pearl has plenty of kid-friendly dishes for the picky eaters. Grilled cheese, cheeseburgers, and chicken are some of the dishes kids are sure to love. And everyone is sure to want a slice of fresh made pie--made daily!

Melt: Bar & Grilled

Location: 840 North High Street Columbus, OH 43215

A large grilled cheese with meatballs on it
Called “The Dude Abides,” this monster of a grilled cheese is handcrafted with love. Victorian Village restaurants know how to do grilled cheese the right way! Image courtesy of Melt.

Gourmet comfort food perfect for a rainy day, Melt: Bar & Grilled is Victorian Village’s best restaurant for finding gooey mac and cheese and perfectly crisped grilled cheese sandwiches.

Filled with photos from local photographers, sports paraphernalia, and captivating murals, Melt will capture your attention and then capture your appetite. Featured in a number of publications--including Diner’s, Drive Ins, and Dives--Melt will have you fondly reminiscing about childhood meals over a dinner of their signature soups and gourmet sandwiches. 

Sandwiched between thick slices of bread, their grilled cheese masterpieces pair perfectly with any of their craft beers. If you’re feeling up to it, you can even try the Melt Challenge: a sandwich made with three slices of bread, 12 cheeses, and a big pile of fries and coleslaw.

Lemongrass Fusion Bistro

Location: 641 North High St Columbus, OH 43215

Sushi and roll dishes
These beautifully plated, colorful dishes would make wonderful wall art. You’ll want to come back again and again just for the pleasure of seeing how carefully everything is arranged and presented. Image courtesy of Lemongrass Fusion.

Watch as your chefs skillfully prepare your food at Lemongrass Fusion Bistro, a bistro blending Thai, Japanese, and Chinese cuisines. Try sushi, pad Thai, salmon entrees, soups and more when you visit Lemongrass.

Lemongrass features a great range of gluten free options that maintain their delicious flavor, so this fusion bistro is great for bringing gluten free friends and family looking for a fun lunch experience. Whether you order online or dine in, your food is crafted with precision and care.

Try their crab cake appetizer and monsoon shrimp entree before digging into some sushi rolls. In addition to your typical rolls, Lemongrass has a specialty menu highlighting rolls like the Jesse Roll, a spicy shrimp tempura and asparagus roll topped with salmon and orange masago.

No Meal Is Complete Without Dessert

Victorian Village’s Premium Ice Cream Shop, the Perfect Stop After a Big Meal

While many of the restaurants highlighted above serve their own scrumptious desserts and handcrafted marvels, for those yearning for something cold on these hot summer days, ice cream is the way to go. 

Thankfully, you can get your food and dessert all in the same neighborhood--Victorian Village happens to have an absolutely amazing ice cream establishment located close to all the above restaurants.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

Located: 714 N. High Street, Columbus, OH 43215

A colorful ice cream cone
Dress your ice cream up with some fun toppings, or keep it classic with a cone and a single scoop.

For two decades Jeni has been perfecting her ice cream. Using whole ingredients she crafts artisanal masterpieces fit for any ice cream fanatic. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams truly lives up to its name!

In addition to the shop’s impressive artisanal background, Jeni’s is committed to reducing their environmental impact. To that end, 95% of the shop’s products are reusable, recyclable, or compostable. The end goal? A completely zero-waste ice cream company.

Jeni has published numerous books, including the New York Times bestseller Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home. But if you don’t feel up to making your own ice cream, don’t worry--Jeni’s has a local delivery service to ensure that Columbus ice cream lovers never have to worry about running out.

Pick up a pint of Boston Cream Pie--or try one of their dairy-free flavors!

Victorian Village's restaurants--and ice cream shop--are all the perfect places to schedule your next dinner outing. Grab a group of friends to catch up with and enjoy checking out the Columbus area--but good luck choosing which of these stellar restaurants to go to! The perfect compromise? Visit each one!

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June 19, 2020
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