10 Ways Barn Doors Can Make Your New Home Country Chic

Even Northern Homes Can Have a Little Southern Charm

a barn door


Melissa Pallotti


Jan 21, 2021

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Are you bored with barn doors? Don’t be! They’re a great way to freshen up your home with a little bit of country style. Check out this list of ideas to discover just how versatile barn doors can be.

With its rolling hills and grassy fields, Ohio appeals to the country mouse in all of us. Just because we live north of the ol’ Mason-Dixon line doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the quaint and cozy style of our southern neighbors. Barn doors are a simple and versatile, making them the perfect foray into country chic style.

If you’re not sure how barn doors could up your home’s style factor, check out these ideas for some inspiration:

  1. Upgrade your pantry
  2. Make your media console more dramatic
  3. Save space in tight hallways
  4. Improve the view from your laundry room
  5. Get creative with your window treatments
  6. Add some style to your study
  7. A baby gate that doesn’t clash with the rest of your decor
  8. Count sheep with a country headboard
  9. Hide unsightly storage areas
  10. Get funky with your fireplace cover


For whatever reason, country style and kitchens have been a perfect match for as long as we can remember. Walk into any store that sells kitchen appliances or furniture and you’re sure to find plenty of roosters and copper skillets. If you’re tired of the country kitchen staples, try experimenting with a sliding barn door on your pantry!

A pantry hidden by a light wood barn door
The barn door to the pantry really pulls together the other elements in this kitchen. Image courtesy of .loggr

In addition to being a beautiful addition to the heart of your home, sliding doors are much easier to navigate with arms full of dinner ingredients than traditional doors. You can thank us later!

Media Console

Whether you’re curling up to watch a hot new western like Netflix’s Godless or you’re just settling in to catch up on current events with the evening news, nothing puts a damper on the evening like a drab media console. Create a cozy space perfect for unwinding at the end of the day by incorporating barn doors into your home entertainment set-up.

A DIY media console featuring sliding barn doors on the front
Learn to make this simple and inexpensive media console with tutorial.icanfindthetime’s


We’ve all got that one hallway that’s just a little too close for comfort. Maybe you have to turn sideways to get through it with a laundry basket. Maybe every time you walk through it, your dog or cat has to squeeze in beside you. Regardless of why, having a bulky door there sure doesn’t help matters. Take full advantage of your home’s hallway space by freeing up some extra room with sliding barn doors.

A hallway entrance with a barn door that has a unique chevron pattern with different colors of wood
Save space and add style with a sliding door to your hallway. Image courtesy of Moutain Modern Life.Save space and add style with a sliding door to your hallway. Image courtesy of Moutain Modern Life.Save space and add style with a sliding door to your hallway. Image courtesy of Moutain Modern Life.Save space and add style with a sliding door to your hallway. Image courtesy of Moutain Modern Life.Save space and add style with a sliding door to your hallway. Image courtesy of Moutain Modern Life.Save space and add style with a sliding door to your hallway. Image courtesy of MountainSave space and add style with a sliding Save space and add style with a sliding door to your hallway. Image courtesy of Mountain Modern Life.Save space and add style b sliding door Save space and add style by putting a sliding barn door in your hallway. Image courtesy of Mountain Modern Life.

Laundry Room

Nobody wants to spend time in the laundry room, so most people don’t spend much time thinking about this room’s aesthetic. Adding a barn door is a quick and easy way to make any room feel more finished, so why not make the view from the laundry room a little more elegant, considering you’ve got to be there sometimes anyway?

A barn door painted white makes a stylish door for a laundry room.
Allison’s laundry room barn door is a great example of a sophisticated country chic style.Hello

Window Treatments

What do your mom’s window treatments look like? A lot like yours? What fun is that?! Revamp your living room with barn door window treatments. It’s a fresh and unique take on the barn door trend that will make your home feel more funky and fun instantly.

A green farmhouse with reddish wood barn door shutters.
You can use barn doors as a stylish replacement for shutters outside or curtains inside. The possibilities are endless!

Study Door

Fact: when you’re in a good mood, you’re more productive. And wouldn’t walking through gorgeous barn doors like these lift your mood as you settle into your study? You can even find reclaimed barn doors and rest assured that you’ve done just a little bit to save the planet.

Distressed barn doors slide away to reveal a beautiful study with wood floors and a small, antique looking desk.
These reclaimed study doors by Cedar Hill Farmhouse are equal parts stylish and eco-friendly.

Baby Gate

Let’s be honest: babies are cute. Baby gates are not. Whether you end up with the ugly plastic ones or the wooden variety that hasn’t been upgraded since you were a baby yourself, baby gates aren’t exactly the statement piece of your dreams. Luckily, barn doors can change that! Consider strategically adding half-wall height barn doors to your home for a much more elegant take on toddler safety.

A half wall height barn door gate serves as stylish toddler protection.
This amazing tutorial by Remodelaholic takes you through the process of building a barn door baby gate step by step.


Okay, so in this scenario your barn door isn’t really a door. But even if it doesn’t open, creatively incorporating a barn door into your bedroom decor can be an easy and inexpensive way to give the room a totally different feel. You can keep your barn door polished and stained or try a distressed look for something different. There are plenty of options to explore!

A partially completed DIY barn door headboard leans against a brick wall.
Shanty 2 Chic offers a great tutorial on how to DIY your very own barn door headboard.


Ample storage space is a must in any home because it keeps your rooms decluttered and allows your decor to shine. If you aren’t careful, though, those storage areas can still distract from your meticulously decorated rooms. Avoid that problem before it pops up by sliding a barn door in front of your storage solutions!

In a bedroom with wood floors and white walls, a simple sliding barn door hides a storage area.
Keep messy storage areas out of sight with a barn door, like in this solution by The House Diaries.


Think a barn door wouldn’t make a gorgeous fireplace cover? Think again! Metal grating is an elegant solution to your fireplace cover needs. Plus, if you’re not totally sold on country decor yet, this option is equal parts quaint and minimalist, which is sure to work with any style.

A white stone fireplace with an elegant but rustic looking wire grating slid in from of it.
This beautiful take on a fireplace cover by Porch would be perfect any home.in

While there are a lot of great ideas on this list, there are plenty of other uses for barn doors out there. Don’t be afraid to get creative with it! Have you tried any of these ideas? Do you have an awesome idea we didn’t mention? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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January 8, 2018
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